2020 Thoughts!

Ever since 2020 began!  It’s been setting up new challenges every day.  Two months into the year and we were all dealing with a pandemic that even more than six months later doesn’t seem to end.  As the year moved ahead! We lost a legend and one of the best actors in our Hindi FilmContinue reading “2020 Thoughts!”

summer experience !!

These 20 days working with MTV INDIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL’S  was an experience ,worth sharing and so let me tell you about the behinds the scene action that go on before we finally air the show on television ,There is a lot of co-ordination thats needs to be looked into ,right from the production teamContinue reading “summer experience !!”

One night stand/Date rape 

The peer pressure can sometimes lead to circumstances, which can change your life within few seconds of the moment. The teens too can be a difficult time for the guy & girls because it’s here where a lot of hormonal change that happens which in biological terms known as puberty and teens phase is knownContinue reading “One night stand/Date rape ”

Love is in the air!

Love is the common factor that can bind us yet we so often take for granted. We live in a world where we differentiate so much amongst people. Right from the colour to the appearance and to their social status that we forgot that the most important aspect of judging a person is how heContinue reading “Love is in the air!”


Bollywood is ,one such place where relationship with actors and co-actors change more frequently than their   Films  on Fridays .There are a few relationship in Bollywood which have been the most talked about for quite sometime but haven’t been forgotten by people ,These are “TigerMates couples  “Who are  also known as the perfect couplesContinue reading “B-Town!!”