2020 Thoughts!

Ever since 2020 began!  It’s been setting up new challenges every day.  Two months into the year and we were all dealing with a pandemic that even more than six months later doesn’t seem to end.  As the year moved ahead! We lost a legend and one of the best actors in our Hindi FilmContinue reading “2020 Thoughts!”


Is media responsible for shaping the society as a group and  as an individual? Think about it?  The media informs us of what is  happening around us,By feeding us with information which they believe might interest us. There is so much happening around the world,In our country,State and city.That isn’t reported or becomes a eyeContinue reading “MB-MEDIA BYTE !!”

Free Speech!!

Is media responsible the way we precive the world, the political issues and our country and the issues around. Think about it?  There are so many things happening all over,But only a few get highlighted and are spoken about,But what about the others? Do we only see Public interest and Television rating to highlight theContinue reading “Free Speech!!”