What I Talk about Running, When I talk about Running by Murakami.

Yes, This would be after ages! Where I have been a fan of not just somebody’s craft but the person itself. So, you might think I would be biased and defence on my analysis for this book reviewing. What I talk about” Running by Murakami “is a Memoir by his on admission.

The only reason I was eagerly wanting to read this book is – How many Writers write their own autobiographies and How many write on the process & their passions.

Murakami had first titled his book “What I Talk about Running When I talk about Running” After being inspired by a short story collection from his favourite writer Raymond Carver.

The Book describes his first instinct of starting to run. He feels he started late at thirty-three he began started learning, And that was because he wanted to in shape and running practically needed no investment besides a pair of shoes and tracks and he wasn’t good with team sports and admits he is a loner. “ I am the type of person who doesn’t find it painful to be alone”

The book also highlights and makes you feel, He was in many ways a late bloomer. He wrote his first book at the age of Twenty-nine. He had this idea he could write stories after witnessing a baseball game And so his first novel was “Hear the Wind Sing”

He has completed a total of twenty-six marathons and has also done ironman Triathlons that involve (Swimming +Running + Cycling ) 4 km (2.4 miles) swimming,180.25 (112 miles) cycling and 42.20 km (26.22 miles) of running. Done in the same order and ultramarathons that’s more than the 42.20 km.

And he describes his process & fears of just following his passions.

And do you know why the running is a race called marathon?

I had never found this piece of information in any of the travel articles until I read the book and it’s so-called because first it’s a place in Greece that’s 42.20 km ( 26.2 miles) And the history behind is the information : Military runner was delivering news to Athens about their victory over Persians at Marathons and hence it’s a standard Marathon is 42.20 kms (26.2miles) long.

Now coming back to his writing. Murakami enjoys being a writer as he is a quiet person who doesn’t seek validation and relies on his inner motivation.

And Murakami believes to be a writer one should possess the qualities such as a talent (An inclination with some skill)

Should be able to focus (Being able to concentrate, and having patience to staring at blank pages and to patience to write for about months ) And Endurance – Writing can be difficult and uncertain but if you can overcome this it would pay off the patience you have invested in the profession.

The book is humorous and funny in many ways, And if you are a runner or into sports you would immediately click with them


  • Just like every other book – There is a playlist of Murakami that’s he has for his running and he uses a traditional music player and not an iPod as he believes you can’t mix music with computers to just like it’s not good to mix friends, Work & Sex.
  • There is a City named Murakami in Japan in Niigata prefecture ( Just like we have states Japan has prefecture and there are a total of forty-seven in Japan), no it’s not named after him, but after the Murakami castle. They have a marathon which Murakami participates in.
  • They are three translators Murakami works with – One translates the music and the other translates the story.
  • An Israeli illustrator, Noma Bar designs all his covers.
  • There is a playlist of Murakami Vinyl on Spotify.
  • He has a stamp that goes with his signature.
  • And for all those who have read his works surely know he once owned & ran a Jazz Bar in Japan.
  • This Book has taken a decade to write & publish and rightly so he doesn’t believe in deadlines.

Being Mortal By Atul Gawande

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

A Book that I have been wanting to read for a while. That was written in twenty fourteen And what better than a pandemic to understand from a doctor on why “Being Mortal” is important and how we aren’t ready to face it and it’s consequences and during this time it’s an apt book to read.

Being Mortal is on the subject of “Death” – Yes, It questions why in medical we don’t discuss death as important as a “life” and how should we deal with the topic of death.

And the book questions us with some thought-provoking questions –

  • If independence is what we live for, what can we do when it no longer be sustained?
  • The real Issues with Nursing homes & how they are solving this problem?
  • What exactly is the job of one in the medical field – Only to ensure the health & Survival? Or is it also to teach & look into the well being of one?
  • Is it true – Once someone loses their physical independence – A life worth of freedom is simply not possible?
  • And Scientist advances have turned the process of ageing & dying into medical experiences & why is it medical world prepared for or in today’s context wasn’t prepared for it?

You must surely read this book once not only because of what all it makes us question. But because a Doctor himself has shared his thoughts & Experiences on how unprepared we are to face Reality.

This is a slightly Emotional, Dull and emphatic read. But A Must Read

Made In America by Bill Bryson-Book Review


Made In America by Bill Bryson.

Bill Bryson is an author, I discovered accidentally while reading “Neither here Nor there “a book on his travel journeys around Europe a couple of years ago. Then read “Down Under “- A book on Australia. Though he is better known for his book “A Walk in the woods” The author’s book that I haven’t read is about A Journey the authors goes through wanting to find peace and rediscover himself. By going on a trekking trail with his friend Stephan Katz.

And after nearly two years I read another book written by Bill Bryson

“Made In America” A book that fascinated me as soon as I had undertaken the journey of neither being here nor there. But, being a very heavy book with a lot to grasp it needed a lot of time. And what perfect time than now to have read this book.

“Made In America “who should read this book & why?

Made in America is about this whole new world discovered and how did it come to be called America. It’s for someone who likes to know about history, The past of America and the future of where it is going.

You need to read the book to know how English as a language was altered to have suited the American.

You need to read to understand again and again America is a land built with immigrates who have migrated from centuries ago and is the land of just a small population of natives.

How the modern-day luxuries- The Escalators, The Automobiles, The Restaurants, Ice cream, Chocolates, Whisky’s and Air conditioner’s had come to existence in this world.

Yes, It’s perfect to call them luxuries today with the pandemic making us aware of what privileged life we live as a human. And how well the Americans have marketed, Branded and Advertised things that were invented in The United States of America and Things that weren’t but made the people believe they were the ones who had thought about it.

The Made in America book takes you on a journey about Americans with a perceptive from an American’s Eye and questions you America you thought it was or it is.

Some Of The Lockdown Reads!

The Gaze by Elif Shafak

The Gaze was the first book that got me interested in Elif Shafak as an author. As the story idea is different – It’s about a couple who change their genders one day and go out for a meal only so that the society doesn’t judge them anymore.

And a Turkish Writer writing this story with Turkey as a backdrop. What more would you want in a story? The Gaze becomes my third read instead of first as this book was difficult to be found so I began with forty rules of love and then read The Bastard of Istanbul both of these are lovely too and the bestseller for the author.

Night Boat To Tangier by Kevin Barry

Night Boat To Tangier by Kevin Barry has been a book that on love, Drugs and Sex and this book particularly interested me was because not just the blurb of the book sounded interesting, But also because I had visited Morocco, Marrakech about one and half years ago and thought this would be a story that I could relate to after visiting the country. The book is good! But doesn’t really hold the story right till the end.

Blockchain by Stephen Williams

The Whole concept of blockchains was something that I wanted to know more about, Ever since it became the thing to watch out for in the next few years. And the interest became after watching a google talk of Alex Tapscott explaining the revolution of Blockchain. The Blockchain by Stephen Williams is a great read telling you about the blockchain like you are dummy. Simple & Easy to understand without using much of the technical Jargons.

Hygge by Meik Wiking

Hygge is a Danish way of living Like the Ikigai is finding the purpose in your life in Japan. a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of comfortable with feelings of wellness and contentment. Hygge is a lifestyle that’s very popular in Denmark and teaches you the importance of lighting in Danish culture. A must-read if you like books on cultures and loved “Ikigai”.

Personal Book Review – Becoming & Charles Chaplin !!


Becoming by Michelle Obama

I Wouldn’t have really read this book. But, The moment you read It’s written by the former first lady, You know it’s going to be a great read. As it’s going to have things you wouldn’t know about their lives and you also get the chance to know the White House from an insider, The whole architecture, The protocols and the life behind the camera as a president and more importantly Michelle Obama’s journey in life.

Charles Chaplin – Autobiography

I really don’t like reading artist biographies or autobiography’s who have been part of the entertainment industry. For one they could be totally biased, one-sided and slightly boring to read. But Charles Chaplin I have been wanting to read for a long time, a couple of days before we went on national lockdown (25th march ’20’ ) I was about to place an order from the e-commerce website, But did not. Also, having read most of the books that I had already ordered and now worried I had no books to read, First I began scrolling from my contacts and messaged a couple of my “friends” if they could lend me some books. After having waited for too long for them to reply, I browsed through my library at home once again! Maybe there is a book I haven’t read and guess what! I found one of the first editions of Charles Chaplin which was tearing apart and I began reading the book, It was one of the best books I must have read on cinema and actor as it teaches you so much about what goes behind an actor during his preparation and how much effort is it to “Act” and being a superstar of the “silent Era” This fascinated me and within five days I had finished reading the book. Right from his childhood to him coming back from Hollywood and visiting his roots in The UK to him finally settling down in Switzerland to have been married numerous time. About five times and having eleven kids to getting the longest standing ovation in the (Twelve Minutes long ) history of academy awards Charles was one hell of a “Charlie.” It’s a must-read for all and besides Charlie, if you want to read another book on an actor you must! And must read Naseeruddin Shah Memoir – Then one day!