Quiet !!!

Quiet-The power of the introverts In a world that can’t stop talking by Susan Cain .
A well researched ,stimulating book on the minds of introverts and extroverts and the thin line that separates the two .Examples of some well known personalities to Relate with and identifying oneself ,1st person narration makes the book even more interesting .
A book that makes you understand that being Quiet is all right and normal .
Susan Cain the author and the force behind the Quiet  revolution was 1st introduced to me by her Tedtalk by the same topic power of introverts a few years ago ,but today the book has helped me to understand the power of silence ,this is one book you must read in 2016 and it would change the way you see things .
What are you waiting for ?
Start your new year ,With a new you .

Pandeynioum -Book Review 

Pandeynioum -Piyush Pandey on advertising .The Title comes from a whatsaap group that was created by the same name for the family .And the book

was a great read ,since it’s about his time at ogilvy ,and giving some of his best work in the field of advertising ,that we even recall today The one like the Fevicol ads ,the fevi quick fishing advertisement to give a few examples ,the book by Piyush Pandey also gives you the insights on the importance of experiences in life ,observation and how sports and games like cricket can teach you a lot on planning and running a company .

Also the quote “carnival outside the boundary lines ,pure cricket inside “to describe IPL cricket even more it all began sums up the passion for cricket ,Piyush Pandey

Also quotes like “don’t let the child in you die ,He or she is a genius you are not.” tell’s you the source of his inspiration .

Last but not the least the more insecure you are about your idea the less you will share it and the less the possibility for a good idea to became a great one.
The book is a must for all advertising students and ones looking to make memorable ads in advertising .

Talvar-movie review 

Talvar -The most controversial case reopenes . The story that sent shock waves across the country in March 2008 ,when Arushi Talwar a teenager was killed in her house with her parents sleeping in the room next door The case became the talk of the town after the discovery of the servant being killed too.But still the case was messed with the police ,with no proper investigation in the case ,the CBI ego wars also messed up the case further .This is the bitter truth of the country where nothing can be done the right way .The story was filmed and shown with neutral perspective and the star cast couldn’t get better with irfan khan & kokana Sen being part as the familiar faces .The 122 minutes story was directed very well by Megha Gulzar , produced by Vishal Bhardwaj .The movie also tell us how the country still hasn’t changed much in handling cases like these ,the recent example being Indrani Mukherji’s case .The story remained true while portraying the complete incident .

Fitness !!! 

Last morning ,I got the opportunity to face the reality check on my fitness level by attending an interesting session by Abbas Ali the celebrity trainer for shahid Kapur and and owner of Bodyholics gym in Mumbai ,This session was a functional training session with weights ,body weight and mental power to exceed the limit you can go through, the session was a two hour workout and the workout was explained in detail with form ,technique and the working muscle behind the exercise The gym was a spacious place and well managed ,the interesting point was the washroom named with estrogen and testrogen.even the taps with their raw finish gave a fun ambience

A good working day by Fitternity and  team .
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The Intern !!!

The Intern -what if you are a 70 year old retired ,and then you don’t expect the retirement ,to be the way you thought it would be .And then suddenly you want to go and work again .And so this 70 year old Robert di Nero goes and Works in a new startup as an intern ,through a new senior citizen programme .The movie is full of moments of laughter and understanding how a business needs time to grow and how much time is consumed when we only work.
A good choice for Sunday afternoon show ,after being in two minds ,since our first choice “Everest ” was houseful and the “Intern ” made our Sunday .
The star cast was another thumbs up for the film.Robert di Nero timely expression ,made the movie more exciting to watch ,AnnE Hathaway the main lead on who the movie revolves around too did a good job in the emotional scenes .
The story too of how 70 year old’s ,being traditional have their calculators,suitcase, the simple mobile phones showed how these objects have become classical forgettable tools ,in the modern world .
Scenes ,where the actor’s want be part of the new generation ,being on the social networking sites also showed ,if we can just tell them how to use the basic features they can be good learners.

A great movie ,with a simple story.
The intern.