Quiet !!!

Quiet-The power of the introverts In a world that can’t stop talking by Susan Cain . A well researched ,stimulating book on the minds of introverts and extroverts and the thin line that separates the two .Examples of some well known personalities to Relate with and identifying oneself ,1st person narration makes the book evenContinue reading “Quiet !!!”

Pandeynioum -Book Review 

Pandeynioum -Piyush Pandey on advertising .The Title comes from a whatsaap group that was created by the same name for the family .And the book was a great read ,since it’s about his time at ogilvy ,and giving some of his best work in the field of advertising ,that we even recall today The oneContinue reading “Pandeynioum -Book Review “

Talvar-movie review 

Talvar -The most controversial case reopenes . The story that sent shock waves across the country in March 2008 ,when Arushi Talwar a teenager was killed in her house with her parents sleeping in the room next door The case became the talk of the town after the discovery of the servant being killed too.ButContinue reading “Talvar-movie review “

Fitness !!! 

Last morning ,I got the opportunity to face the reality check on my fitness level by attending an interesting session by Abbas Ali the celebrity trainer for shahid Kapur and and owner of Bodyholics gym in Mumbai ,This session was a functional training session with weights ,body weight and mental power to exceed the limitContinue reading “Fitness !!! “

The Intern !!!

The Intern -what if you are a 70 year old retired ,and then you don’t expect the retirement ,to be the way you thought it would be .And then suddenly you want to go and work again .And so this 70 year old Robert di Nero goes and Works in a new startup as anContinue reading “The Intern !!!”