summer experience !!

These 20 days working with MTV INDIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL’S  was an experience ,worth sharing and so let me tell you about the behinds the scene action that go on before we finally air the show on television ,There is a lot of co-ordination thats needs to be looked into ,right from the production team to knowing  exactly how many cameras would be needed for the show,the sound for input and output ,and that’s not all what time shift is needed ?,will it be a 12 hour shift if its 12 hour shift ,when does it start .The co-odination for the guest judges ,what time is the car needed to be sent ,what time are the expected to arrive ,what are their requirements ,also the co-ordination for the lighting where does the light needed to be placed ,how light is needed for the perfect shots ,the costumes colours that might or might not suit the background ,The size and design for the setting for the art direction team to make the sets where the maths that you learnt comes in use .If  you thought this is all ?think again ,the number of people today on the sets  required are from caterers for food to analyzing the, cost to  be added on daily bases with cancellation of any shoot ,These  are the  few of the points .But the most important ones are  Time management to get things rolling on time and not just getting blank footage of nothing happening to the rehearsals to get the perfect output .And now here it comes the most basic requirement which we keep hearing  wheres the script ? A script to outline exactly whats happened in the day and dialogues to have the catch phrases for the challenges being summarized .Oh!!! how could  I forget this the moments of all the shoots being stalled for conflicts of interest just because we hit the wrong notes!! any guesses what this is ? EGO ,yes being egoistic for all the wrong reasons ,oh!! might be the right reason for the one who felt hurt .If you are egoistic you cannot be in this field because here ,we are a team working to live one mans dream .
And to conclude all that glitters is not gold ,and being transparent and having effective communication skills are much needed here .

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