NBA In India !


NBA in India was like IPL in the USA.
some of the iconic basketball players like Lebron James, kobe Bryant, Magic Jhonson and Jordon  are of the players and the only team you know is Lakers from Los Angels and nothing much. just like in our Cricket you know and must have heard about Sachin, Virat and Dhoni  who are  some of the legends  from the games. but it’s more about the experience, the carnival( Music, cheers, Madness, the energy the moments, And Deepening your knowledge about the game.)
The NBA  game has 30 Teams divided into Eastern into (Atlantic,Central and southeast and Western teams are divided into (Northwest,Pacific and southwest )  about 80 odd games are played  over a period of six months from November until April. Each game has  
4 quarters of 12 minutes, With time out breaks of 5 minutes and a fifteen minutes break at half time. Well in all it goes on for about 120 minutes to 180 minutes.
Each player was a  minimum 6”2 and  posses the ball for twenty four seconds, Before he could  pass the ball to another player or take a shot at the basket.  There were moments where a lot of the fans felt like minions and dwarfs if they would have stood against the players. The sprints, the dogging of the ball, the accuracy and sometimes the miscalculation of the shots made  the crowd roar and brings them on the edge of their seats and Scream and Cheers. The game  was all about what you actually experience with hundreds of people all there to witness the sport and sinking the feeling of having brought a sport other than cricket brought to our nation, At   the prefect time to introduce a sport that has a potential market.
The Match between Indiana Pacers vs sacramento kings was the first ever official game of NBA in India,Mumbai held on the 4 and 5th of Oct.  It was a great experience, Playing the virtual basket ball game during the breaks and winning Book my show vouchers  worth 500.   Jerseys and merchandises Were  disturbed randomly in the stadium,  And lucky contestant were  part  of  the  the real basket ball moment, with  jersey and Attire making them feel like the players out there. As part of entertainment act Kings united, the Winner of  an American Dance show from India  performed  during the break, To grabbing nachos and cola for the “Real American NBA experience in India.”
To be honest, those one twenty minutes of action, had many moments where we were lost with what’s was happening on the court, As when you are experiencing a live match there are so many distractions out there, you just want to enjoy the Experience, where as the telecasted matches focus on the game rather than the experience. This was my NBA experience in India, now I am pretty sure what a “Foreigner”  goes through while watching an IPL or a cricket match without having much idea about the sport or want to experience and know what the game is all about.

Pandeynioum -Book Review 

Pandeynioum -Piyush Pandey on advertising .The Title comes from a whatsaap group that was created by the same name for the family .And the book

was a great read ,since it’s about his time at ogilvy ,and giving some of his best work in the field of advertising ,that we even recall today The one like the Fevicol ads ,the fevi quick fishing advertisement to give a few examples ,the book by Piyush Pandey also gives you the insights on the importance of experiences in life ,observation and how sports and games like cricket can teach you a lot on planning and running a company .

Also the quote “carnival outside the boundary lines ,pure cricket inside “to describe IPL cricket even more it all began sums up the passion for cricket ,Piyush Pandey

Also quotes like “don’t let the child in you die ,He or she is a genius you are not.” tell’s you the source of his inspiration .

Last but not the least the more insecure you are about your idea the less you will share it and the less the possibility for a good idea to became a great one.
The book is a must for all advertising students and ones looking to make memorable ads in advertising .

The World Cup performance 

Indians are crushed by the Australian in Australia once again ,some things in history don’t change .

Like today we couldn’t chase  300+ against Australia even after playing in their country for the last 4 months  ,chasing is surely are biggest weakness ,losing a toss is another thing that goes wrong with us .

The  team hasn’t improved at all ,about 12 years ago ,2003 World Cup final we just scored 234 and today too 233 on both occasions we were playing against the same team and had a good start but could not make use of it ,they were  too dependable on the top 3  batsmen and if they don’t performe  ,the middle order tends to collapse under pressure and added to this if the captain doesn’t perform it’s total disaster.

The fighting spirit is just not there 330 was not difficult ,they made it look difficult and the battle was lost with 4 down for 100 and not taking off when needed ,also Mostly everybody expected India to make it in the semifinals with the way there were placed and there were no surprises with other team too being part of the later knockout stages and the semi too were expected to be played amongst these ,only the hype of India playing against  pak kept the fans on their toes to watch the QF between the host and the visitor .

But the semi final was the real test ,the real World Cup and the real battleground which mattered ,but couldn’t be won .

Ok I agree we could not win 8/8 matches this World Cup ,today must not have been our day ,but what do you have to say about the loss by 95 runs and with 3 overs to spare and no where close to the target .

And what do you have to say about the missed opportunity that changed the game ?

Do you believe you were over confident this time ?for this real test .

If we were champions ,why dint we show it .has the Midas touch from our captain disappeared ?

One night stand/Date rape 


The peer pressure can sometimes lead to circumstances, which can change your life within few seconds of the moment.

The teens too can be a difficult time for the guy & girls because it’s here where a lot of hormonal change that happens which in biological terms known as puberty and teens phase is known as the adolescent. Here I talking about this time and later in life when we hunt for a partner desperately but we might not really know what we are in for. Is it just the mind saying I have found somebody to show off to my friends and then the guy taking advantage? Or is it mutual admiration from both ends that see a future in the relationship if not in the long run but in the short run till you find the right one. Sometimes to find a companion is good enough. One can’t hit a bull’s eye in a go. So you keep trying by going out on date. And this also helps you fulfill your sexual desires. Like the girl who kissed a thousand toads before she met her charming prince. But are being used in your pursuit to find your Mr Right.

You might not know the answer until a situation arises and you might be taken advantage off especially when you are a girl. A blind date or a one-night stand can lead you to a disaster. This happened  to friend of  mine. She was very excited to meet this guy who she met in a chatroom. She bought a new dress to impress him since he claimed he was a son of a millionaire. They had dinner at a restaurant and then he got her drunk to the core at a pub. As an unexpected turn she was forced to fulfill his dirty sexual desires. She was too weak to retaliate. She was made to feel ugly almost like a whore. Her dreams, her youthful charm, her innocence, they all crashed in that one hour of extreme sexual molestation. She was looking forward to a healthy romantic relationship but she could barely walk out of the apartment that she was taken to by this self-proclaimed millionaire son. She was in physical pain but more of emotional trauma since she felt abused and emotionally cheated. So friends be very careful… you could be next. You too could become a victim of date rape. It could be even your boyfriend who you are seeing for a long time. He could lose control of himself and treat you like a prostitute. He could force his ugliness down your throat. Don’t take it lightly cause the scars that remain may torment you for a long long time. So stand up for your rights as a girl, as a woman. Don’t succumb to exploitation of any sorts just out peer pressure or to look socially uptight. A date is a romantic evening to share love and not to be used like an object of physical abuse or to pass on emotional trauma. Live to love and make love. Don’t make a love a means of living.

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ORS-Officiating replay system


Remember the UDRS-Umpire decision review system ?which was in the news for a while since It wasn’t accurate and the BCCI too was against the system , this was a while back ,and now in 2014 another technology advancement in the game is happening… the game might have ORS-Officiating replay system where there would be instant replay for non-match umpires ,this will allow the umpire to have more control over the replay he sees instead of depending on the replays provided to match umpires by the official broadcaster.This will not only give real-time replays but  other tech tools and total control over camera angles ,the system is intended to eliminate broadcaster bias ,speed up the Drs process and prevent howlers .This will only make the game better since The chosen official to provide the feedback for the ongoing Pak -lanka test ,simon taufel is working independently of the third umpire ,he receives 16 real time feeds from the match and also has a hawkeye engineer to assit him.the third umpire receives replays from the broadcaster in 30-40 seconds while taufel using ORS receives the signal in real time.But will this be accepted by BCCI and others since it will be expensive to adapt and many members  countries and broadcaster may not be willing to pay the extra cost.