Coffee tasting session

The coffee tasting workshop.

An idea that came about,during my journey from nashik to mumbai by my co-passenger.And suddenly it all got me excited to share my love of coffee with coffee lovers.

To my surprise there were quite a few interested in the session. And on the day of the session,Most of them turned up hour session turned into a two hour session.

With about six different types of coffee and how to use different types of coffee makers,With some cakes and cookies.

A Sunday,That turned out to be an ideal Sunday in many ways.Looking forward to make this a regular workshop in the future.

A lot can happen over coffee and it can switch on  the best in you!


2017 Reads!!

1984- By George Orwell’s .There is a reason why it’s called a classic and a book you must read.The period when the book was written nearly 50 years ago and even today 50 years later  you can relate to it. The book was on my shelf for nearly 1 and half year.

Into the water:Paula Hawkins the girl on the train Writer is the next mystery thriller writer which you must read once to get hooked.

Pancake in Paris: A book that was on my reading list for about 2 years ever since I heard about it.This book is about a journey you would like to savour and has a long after taste lingering.

Shoe Dog: A brand that you aspired in your childhood is a story of confidence and believing in yourself and chasing your dream by telling yourself Just Do it.

Kohinoor: A diamond that wasn’t forever for India and what’s all is it about! Tracing the historical roots.

The prisoner of geography: Book for the wandering mind to know why the relationship of love-Hate are their amongst the countries and why some of the harsh decisions cannot be taken.Even if they have to be taken.

Men without women by Murakami: Is a short read,telling you what  the world without the opposite sex and vice Versa could be.

These are some of the books I enjoyed,while there are a few others too. But,these were worth mentioning.

Movies to watch 2017

December is here and countdown has begun,The top chartbusters,places to travel,top restaurants and many more such things. But,Here are the movies you couldn’t have missed this year. 2017,The rise of small budget movies.and comman man stories. And The true acting Abilities.

Hindi Medium: A story about a couple who get influenced by the money power in Delhi and aren’t exactly a couple well versed with the English language. And to what extent they will go to give their child the best education in a English medium school

Toilet Ek Prem Katha :A love story,That is based on the fight for a toilet by a newly married girl and  it is depicted  in a very engaging and entertaining way.

Tumhari Sulu: A story of a woman who is enterprising in ways to do something in life. From having ideas of starting business to becoming the RJ for a radio channel. A story about how life’s could not be the same again for a married woman who starts working and a story of everyday life.

Secret Superstar : Girl dreams about being a singer.And the story of how much one struggles within the family for having a dream,and how much the mother scarifies for her daughter.

Bariley ki barfi: A story About a Girl who reads the book” Bariley ki barfi” and instantly falls in love with the writer,As she believes the character resembles her  fantasies ,great characters makes  the movie,Enjoyable.

Shubh Mangal Savandan:A humorous story of the central character being impotent and what exactly is it A very funny movie.With some nice one liners.

One click one world !!

Have you ever wondered,If you didn’t  have the choice to browse through books from amazon,But instead you entered the world of “brick and morter “store of the amazon world and you suddenly feel lost once again not knowing,Where to begin your search from.The store also,gives you an insight to the world of amazon,Their entree into the Information world and how they plan to be tough in the competitive field.Coming back to the books,You just keep Wondering,How do I look for the book that I am searching for

The amazon website has made life so easy.

Just click on search ,the titles and you get what you were looking for.

Here  I am again,Wondering what genre does my book belong,How am I possibly going to find that one book,I am looking for? Without it even being in any of those list of popular books,Bestseller,authors to read or for that matter if you like this book from this author,you might like these.The store made me only feel,How technology has made us more impatient,When we all would be lost otherwise,in a bookstore.

Taftoon- Bar &Kitchen review

Tatftoon Derived from the Persian word meaning “burning” is a catchy name and foodies delights it’s non-Vegetarian offering are very delicious and it doesn’t disappoint you at all

The New restaurant in town was a mighty surprise from the Restauraner of Haqq Se and Oye Kake.A complete makeover in terms of the interiors. Very modern feel.The moment you step in,You wonder are you in an indian food restaurant or have you come to an Asian food restaurant.

The colour combination of the door with the green door and blue side walls is very appealing and welcoming the green tiles as soon as you enter are a good welcome.Could easily become the selfie wall .

The whole feel is warm and welcoming.

The food the Gulati Kebas served on coin parathas with banana leafs on the bottom is very delicious.

But,The signature dish here would be the chicken Harrisa. Small size Roti with stuffed chicken and Harrisa a must try.