Time Please !!

Time-Why should one use it effectively? And why should we keep a watch on the time?

And what is time exactly?

Time is just a way of keeping a tab! On how long you should take to complete the task! And how long you took to finally complete it

Time let’s you realise what’s your priority and how you must start your day .

If,Time isnt there.We wouldn’t be able to do one thing right and won’t be interested in giving  100 % to do things.

Time is the only non-renewal source.It doesn’t come back!

The same time can appear twice in a day! But,The time wouldn’t still remain the same.

We all are passing our time and believe,We are being productive,Using our  time well and making a difference in our life as well as others.

But,Isn’t time only part of the “Time Pass Theory”? 

Think about it ?

Why do we do anything at all and not do nothing at all ?

We are all tied down to the “ life cycle

We are given Birth – to be part of the world.

We then go to school- study what we like our to study something’s that we are forced to like.

We go to college –Here 75% study the opposite of what they want to study.

Life begins- And sometimes we aren’t all that good to handle it.The other interest,That keeps us going with our life is questioned about ever now & then.

And then we are only living a life to pass our time.Until we realise we could thos time too.

But,The question remains- why is it important to do anything  all ? To keep our self busy? To be occupied? To be satisfied.


A decade in Social Media

Social Media,It’s been a decade since I have been  on the online space ,officially part of various social media platform.The oldest being the social networking site  and The most recent being Snapchat.And in between  part of various other platforms which did not survive too long to be part of the decade evolution.

In this  past decade the platforms that I have been part of ,are Facebook and  twitter.Twitter took over my Interest ,because  of interactions between the people who you thought you wouldn’t be accessible to Facebook for having  different friend circle as part of a platform.while enjoying the best of both the worlds .I Jumped into WordPress as a blogger,blogging my experiences of life and experiences worth sharing . It then summed up my life   as WTF !! WordPress,Twitter and Facebook . 

But, Wait ! Then Instagram took over as soon as Mobile cameras became the most handy camera’s of our time.Messaging became more convenient through WhatsApp and the online world evolved .Each applications becoming a mirror application of one another. Trying to be the one stop app.But,yet we like our apps for their own reasons.

I have been surviving on so many platforms. and the reason, I believe is the personality each of the apps portrays . My  Facebook friends won’t be interested in blogging articles or my Instagramers won’t like “thePhotography element missing from my photos of the picture perfect landscapes around the world.

The platforms that  I am part of enhances my personality perceive me Unconsciously in the following ways below:

Twitter-An intellectual/Influencer

Facebook-Anti Social

WordPress -A Critic

WhatsApp-Can’t talk WhatsApp only too busy to make and take  calls.

Instagram -A Photographer

LinkedIn-The  networker.

But,Each of these platforms tells me one thing.

That my friends circle too should  also be split into  different groups! Imagine having only a group of intellectuals or being part of an anti-Social group only How boring and monotonous it  would be.

Unriped Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Premier hotel in Bengaluru wasn’t our first choice , being a Indian based hotel chain, In fact wasn’t an option at all unless,We started looking for options around the venue of our event.
Our only choice was a lesser known hotel Shilton Suite.
I wish,If we could have stuck with that option. we wouldn’t have any expectations at all.
But,We decided to go with a familiar name and stayed at the “Lemon Tree Premier “ until the day of the event arrived we had no clue about the citrus punches,we would experience And that our experience would be more like a fresh lime soda order gone wrong with too much of salt and no sugar. Or were we dealing with so unriped lemons which had just become part of the growing tree for the hotel chain.
After repeatedly watering them with message of do’s and Dont’s.They couldn’t still be nourished and that’s when I realised.
I was dealing with A bunch of unripe Lemon  from the tree.
From the Names not being on the list (For which I had earlier mentioned too,On the invoice  that was sent to me)
To not having a single room from about 6 rooms,I requested for early check- ins, to not having rooms either ready for late check-ins.
May be all they wanted was, to check in at the check- in time (2 pm) to get the rooms.
The final billing invoices too had my second name totally mismatched from another team members of ours, to have the Spelling of my second name totally misspelled for the detailed bills. This has to be the worst experience of dealing with an hospitality group.That is “Make in India “ and “Made in India .”


Etiquette:What does this word really mean? How much does one really believe in the norms of etiquette’s today? Is this just a word in the dictionary? Or a code of conduct to be followed for a select few?

I am sure,By now you must have guessed these aren’t the etiquette that are followed at dining tables that I am talking about.But,Simple acknowledgements for greeting sent across to you.

What really ticks are mind to not acknowledge gestures of gratitude?

Why are really so obsessed with only believing that their is an X percentage of humans existing in this world?

What is the ego within us,stopping us in appreciating the world,That is beyond our world too.

We,All love quotes.But,Very few of us live by them and even a far fewer number people actually live by it.Only because we keeping coming back to the question why should we do it for them? What really is the benefit I could get in return? And this is the reason why “the society”,We aspire to live in.Will never change and we rarely Question ourself is the society I really wanted to be part ? But,Never really are vocal about it as we fear,Be the only one in the battlefield.

Uncommon Types-Some stories by Tom Hanks!


#UncommonTypes- Some Stories by Tom Hanks.


How fascinating and curious one behaves, 

When one Reads the title of  the book. 

Oh! This sounds interesting,The cover is creative and then the last thing you notice is the writer/Author. Unless You already know which book you are looking for .

Uncommon Types-Some stories, Inspected the book  carefully,Going through the cover,The blurb and pausing to wonder what might this book be about ? As they rightly say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover “ The title could be something and the the story could be altogether something else. 

After  a month,Thinking it over,Do I really want to read this book? For who do I want to read the book? for the author who has written it ? or for the story.

Started reading the book.And Was interested in reading it only because it was about typewriters and written by some one  who is interested and passionate about the tool.

And I was fairly disappointed with the book.Not,Because it was Bad or because it was too much to grasp.But,May be because my expectations were set high on this Read,as its written by  A very well established and known Hollywood celebrity “TomHanks” On a tool which he is passionate about.Being  a writer too,The typewriter font (American Typewriter/Courier)being my favourite,I felt this book would be more driven by the central subject,But most of the stories,Had the very small part played by the main subject “Typewriter” a total anti-climax to a wonderful thought on the subject.

The writing styles through the book was innovate,With having all different types mentioned and  Photo for reference,The sound of typewriter being emphasised on most of the stories, was written well.And I could relate to it as a couple of years ago,Had the privilege of writing and experiencing the typewriter. .

The Newspaper Layout for the journalist story was done well.All in All there was great value and emphasis on  the designing  and very little seen into the “content” it provided.

May be,The publishers too were so drawn to the name who was writing the book “TomHanks” must have felt restricted to criticise the written matter.

it’s for the same reason why one feels not to read books on specialised subjects written by the experts ,we believe they are who could give us the right insight in the particular subjects.