Singapore Then and Now!

“Each journey is an Experience of the past”- Robert Better

This quote truly summaries my whole experience of Singapore!

Read the blog and you will know why & how it’s the perfect quote.

The City has a lot of memories to live by.

The City was the first ever trip abroad.

First ever trip on a long flight journey.

Singapore was the first time,I clicked  photos for Visa’s and the Beginning of Passport Pages getting stamped.

The complete experience of trying to kill time on the flight journey,mostly trying to sleep and getting handed over  the Kids Kit to keep myself busy.

To landing in a land,And witness  all the luxury sportcars being driven around on the streets .Which once I only had  the opportunity to play with as miniatures.

Singapore wasn’t the city that I had explored today, when I visited 13 long years ago for the first Time. 

That trip 13 years ago was with the cousins and more activities were planned for kids our age.

The Night Safari Experience,Butterfly Garden,Sunway Lagoon waterpark,Seal & Dolphins show ,Lazer show at Sentosa Island. And doing all the crazy stuff like puffing our hair with colourful hair colours  .Driving around streets with no Garbage being disposed on the streets to understanding how Strict the laws are there.No Chewing Gums.this was in 2005. 

2011 again we visited Singapore,But this time,only visited the Universal Studio. 

The Only one we have visited since then. 

Not even been to the LA one,When we last visited Travelled to the states.

And Saw the city as a developed and changed with Metro’s being planned and relived the whole experience of our first trip,By not exactly doing the same activities.

But,the familiarity of knowing this city around.

The streets,The Stores,The Malls.The Places where we dined. And 2011 trip

Was the first trip to have experienced Christmas in foreign land and in a city where they are known for all the decoration and lighting for Christmas. 

Coming to 2018 and while planning the family vacation for Japan. Coincidentally My Aunt,Found Our first Passport size photos of our trip to Singapore. It was then going through all of those memories that we decided on a long Layover we do a Stopover  while returning from Osaka. If we could spend the time exploring the city and see how much it has changed or remained the same. 

The city,For starters has now been ranked as the World’s Most Expensive city to live in. The city has an excellent Public transport system like all the Europeans nations with Subways and Buses moving on all directions to The cars & Home becoming the most expensive assets to own. 

This time too we enjoyed the view of the Merlion Park.  And explored another side,the Sultan Masjid street that has a beautiful mosque, cafes and restaurants done up in Morocon style. 

This was the Heritage Tour we had journeyed on.And thanks to the great initiative by the tourism board to encourage influx of tourism by giving an experience to all who would like to know why should I visit Singapore! And a better way of spending time in the city rather than killing time at the airport by taking the Singapore tour from the airport itself. 

Hoping European nations too begin doing this if they haven’t. And hoping to enjoy another Day in Singapore on my Next Vacation.


Is this beach or a dumping ground for plastic?

Its one of the most famous beach of Mumbai ,and its in the suburb of Mumbai ,its also seen as a tourist attraction for many ,for the locals as well as visitor .Its also one of the places visited by most people on the weekend Sunday being the most crowded day.

Here celebraties,Dogs and people go for there morning or evening walks ,mostly the one’s who stay in the area .

But ,Now on my recent visit to the beach I felt I was walking in a plastic dump yard .

right from the entrance to the end of the beach there is only plastic everywhere , you don’t even know whether its the same beach where you would walk,Run,play cricket,volleyball,football or catch catch for that matter .Its highly disappointing to see a recreational site to be harmed with plastic all over .(see the image below)Imagethrough this post,I would like to create the awareness for difference its high time ,that we start caring for our environment and most importantly the beach because of the plastic its become unhygienic and with this the pets are falling ill .Also there are just one tractor cleaning the mess ,there should be just a few to keep tractor and helper who have the responsibility to keep the beach clean .

Drifting in Tokyo!

“Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that’s how we’ve got to live”.

After travelling to most of the Metro cities in the World.London.Paris.NewYork.Sanfrancisco.HongKong and Now Tokyo.

Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions.It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most.”– Roman Coppola

Cities of Japan like Tokyo,Kyoto,Nara,Kōbe and Osaka all have different characteristics Tokyo is too big you can feel lost here! With population of 30 Million only in this city! It is the most Populated city in the world. 

Kyoto- Gives you a sense of living in a small town, being Very homely.

Nara – Just like we did it,a day trip to get away from the fast paced life and enjoy a day at our pace with Deer’s  and Nature  all around.

Kobe -Is the place you would like to spend around the Harborland having Coffee at Nishimura coffee shop (Kobe’s popular coffee shop chain) and authentic Kōbe beef for your meal. Kobe just like Osaka is a loop, A circle. You can explore the city in 24-48 Hours. 

Japan is America Mad.They love America so much they have named a street in Osaka on it.Amerikamura -That showcases American Fashion brands.

Kyoto & Osaka are very good for authentic Japanese cuisine They offer Cuisine from around the world also . And the food is simply Umami.

They understandings of English language is “skosh”,But that doesn’t stop them from helping you.

Japanese are the most Helpful & Friendliest people You would come across.If you are Lost or don’t know your way  to your destination,they will drop  you to the point first and walk back and continue their journey.

And if they themselves don’t know the way! They feel pity and helpless for you and wouldn’t mind asking people who know the Way.

Technically they are very sound,They have started using projectors for Directory for Directions.

The Wifi is still very spare,But with Rugby World Cup  coming up in 2019 & Olympic coming in 2020 they are making improvements in wireless internet connectivity.

There love for Packaging and simplifying things is so creative & Practical.That you would wonder how did they even think about it.

Just one Scare of a terror attack -And they Haven’t had Dustin’s on streets and yet are one the cleanest city in the world.

They have been the best in so many things and they know it.But,They don’t have the slightest of Ego. Daikan,Panasonic,Hitachi,Toshiba,Honda,Kawasaki,Lexus,Casio,Seikko,Yamaha music instruments,Gaming devices from Nintendo and Mario And all your camera’s Canon ,Fujifilm to name a few . And How could you forget the Whiskey that have become rare in the world.Hibki and Yamazaki have become so limited Even in Japan you couldn’t find. And when you do find it’s 50 ML and Limited to one per person.

Japanese,I guess are suffering from Karosh (A Japanese term that describes death by overwork)As they have to be competitive with the world and you find them taking Naps on the subways.And May be because they believe in kaizen or the Toyota  Way principle they are still one of the top countries.

The Royal Experience!!

Wonder! why, Did the site Not be used for Recreational purposes Earlier.

The Very fact of the Opera House being under Restoration for about 8 Years.

Shows,the Royalty with which the Opera House which had the term  Royal prefixed when King George V  inaugurated the building in 1911 while the building was still under construction.

The Opera House Has the Grandeur and a presence of state of the art Architecture and feel to it.

It can be one of the few victories of discovering and successfully restoring a stage for Art & Cultural Purposes .

Having been More than a century Old The Royal Opera doesn’t seemed to have the ageing effect.

It’s Surely very competitive to International standards & International Opera Houses around the World.That The Unesco Community has awarded the Stage with a  Asia- Pacific  Award For cultural Heritage Award Conservation. 

An Important Symbol of Art & Culture would have been lost forever,In 1993 Itself,Hadn’t the restoration plans been implemented  in 2008 and executed  for the exterior and the interior restoration from 2011 and complete restoration done by 2016. We wouldn’t have been able to experience the Royal Highness.

The Experience of The Royal Opera House was further enhanced by the Play we watched there “Siddhus of Upper Juhu” A Light-hearted Comedy play with Character portraying life in a Metro of a Parsi-punjab Couple who have moved to the Juhu Surburb and Life of a working couple.

The Night Ended with, Pizza’s for Dinner at TheQuarter A Dining space in the compound of  Royal Opera House.  Live Music playing in the indoor space and The outdoor open space had a lively feel to it.

,We could only Show our Support by visiting the most beautiful site for the events, It has to offer for all of us who live here in the city and in the country. As it is the only existing Opera House in our country.

Social OutBurst!

The outrage of social media platforms sharing your personal information and Data hasn’t gone down too well,With a whole lot of us. And I wonder why?

We ourself like giving all information,when & where we were on weekends,liking news articles and writing message on our profile walls to know what’s on our mind. Then why are we so shaken with this news?

The very fact,Of you searching something online and then going across on to your social networking site,and getting tailored made ads.Should have striked you,What’s happening with your data.

And when celebrities are too being outspoken,I wonder is it all another publicity stunt.

The Bombay times,Is one newspaper which publishes what,You want it to feed. And other entertainment newspapers do the same too.Then why the #DeleteFacebook.

When you are happily sharing your post with hundreds and thousands of your friends.

What difference does  it make to you.

The difference is ,If personal data gets leaked.But, What personal data are we fearing? We are too pleased to have everything a click way.

Rather than being worried about social media platforms using our data.

We should see,How we could share the minimum/least information on online platform.