Sunday Read!! 

Neruda- An autobiography movie on the well known poet (Pen Name)Pablo Neruda who was Chilean poet-diplomat and politician who was actually called Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. The movie was heavyly based on his novel the underground.A great thriller where He (Neruda) is directing A determined police inspector played by (Gael García Bernal) who is searches for Chilean politician Pablo Neruda that’s him  played by (Luis Gnecco) after he goes into hiding in 1948.

The movie was interesting as even during the late 40s-50s the artist expression was under threat and almost 70 years later very little has changed.

The artist even during those times were forced to hide and escape regularly. 

The Movie also made me notice a strange observation ,the artist of the 50s were part of communism,whether it was Dalton Trumbo a well known screenwriter who has written movies like “Spartacus, “”Roman Holiday “” The brave one “and many more.He was even forced to write movies under many Pen names.

Neruda too was being hunted for his influence as a communist and his poetry which occasionally he wrote under many pen names.    

Dalton Trumbo too was in exile for a long time.

 Trumbo and his compatriots would not be permitted to work in the industry, unless they disavowed Communism under oath.

 Trumbo wrote 30 scripts under pseudonyms, for B-Movie studios such as King brothers productions. In the case of Gun Crazy (1950), adapted from a short story.

Trumbo’s role in the screenplay was not revealed until 1992.

 2011, the Guild gave him full credit for the script of Roman holiday.

Coming back to neruda 

On March 4, 1945, Neruda was elected a Communist Senator for the northern provinces in the Atacama Desert .He officially joined the Communist Party of chile four months later.But within no time was forced to go into hiding

Two stories,of two very little known personalities,Who were part of times where the freedom they had was little,But their passion and effort to continue doing what they enjoyed should surely be noted.  

Truman Capote 

  A story of Trunam Capote a writer who after reading an article in the newspaper of a crime story,Was motivated to investigate the story and became part of the investigation why did these boys murder the kanas family?He travels to Kansas with his partner to research a murder case for his new book. Soon, he shows compassion towards the killers and develops a relationship with one of them.

His relationship with Nelle Harper Lee, Yes the author of “Killing a mocking Bird” is shown how they were such good friends and would support each other.

The investigation of the crime helps Truman Capote to introduce a new style of writing and the nonfiction novel, which is simply putting a true story into the form of a conventional fiction novel and thus his most well known work in ‘In Cold Blood’ was published. 

Trunam Capote is also known for writing “The Breakfast at Tiffany” first as a book,Then as a film starring Audrey Hepburn.

The other known fact about him is he dropped out of school early and taught himself to Read and write 

Capote based the character of Idabel in Other Voices, Other Rooms on his Monroeville neighbor and best friend, Harper Lee.

Did you ever read her book, To Kill a Mockingbird? I’m a character in that book, which takes place in the same small town in Alabama where we lived.


Into The Water-Book Review!


Julia it’s me.I need you to call me back. 

Please,Julia.It’s important…’

Now Nel  is dead.They say she jumped.

And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good,To care for the teenage girl her sister left behind. 

Into the water is a thriller written by Paula Hawkins,The Author of the bestselling book “The Girl on the Train” 

The style of writing  in this book is similar to the one she first wrote,Giving us an insight to the characters by having characters speaking about their thoughts,Views and action Individually.There are more characters introduced in the beginning itself this time,Making it slightly difficult to follow who it might be the muderer.  

Book is  written in four parts each part ending with the question what happens. And you just cannot keep the book down and want to continue reading.

A good thriller but not as good as the first one “The Girl On The Train”

The thing with reading thriller is you could guess who might be the killer.But as you read along it becomes difficult to register all the information and makes it interesting to read.Where as watching thriller your mind cannot stop analysing what might happen next.And occasionally you guess the suspense even before the story concludes.


Parched – Movie Review!! 

A story set in a village, of Rajasthan a typical story of the rural India where the age-old traditions and Practices like child marriage,Dowry,Marital rape and mental abuse is practiced.

Starring Radhika Apte playing Lajjo,

Tannishtha Chatterjee playing the character of Rani,who’s son Gulab played by Riddhi Sen is married off to a child bride Janki played by Lehar khan.

The story continues with the struggle of these ladies as they are seen as ones who should be at home and cook food, and shouldn’t be allowed to read or work as it’s seen as a threat to the men.

But,they find the courage and are trying to change the way of living in rural India.

The movie directed by Leena Yadav,Produced by Ajay devgn is surely a movie to watch to know how india is still the same in rural areas,But the change is there in urban India.

The problems in a diverse country like India is far too many.And that’s why the curiosity remains of everyone to visit this country.

Hindi Medium -Movie Review!! 

Hindi Medium,A topic that represents Indian general population in a big way. The 29 states , cities and village all speak our national language and their state languages But,Still metro cities and specifically our national capital is more concerned if we cannot speak in the English Language.

A story that was well written and made,Narrating to what extent will parents go to get the Best for their child.

Top Educational institutes have made education a business.

A few highlights of the movie were how little do we bother if a foreigner cannot speak English the correct way.

But,we are ever ready to insult our citizens,If they make minor mistakes.The poor do not get the opportunity to showcase their talent and the newly rich too might have the swanky cars and huge houses but not the class.

But, If given the opportunity to have their kid being educated they too would do to be at par with the others.

But the competitiveness is driving people to take extreme routes.