Reading- Reader!



There is so much that goes into breaking down the story, The thought, the idea – Where you can look at a simple story from your point of view and your personal experience, the difference & Similarities you felt before you read the book and travelled to the authors country to reading a book after travelling to the authors country to living the authentic life of the story you read- Behaving like the characters you loved the most and travelling and believing you are living in that city or travelling to the exact locations of where the story takes places to compare how the author has matured over time by comparing his previous works to the most recent works. 

Reading can enrich you in so many ways! It can make you look at the same things through a tunnel vision or through an experts eye and give you clarity by reading similar topics from other authors. 

Reading makes you imagine a certain thing and when you travel to that particular place, the reality is different or the same vision you were shown by the author. 

Reading can give you insights about locals otherwise you would be Oblivious to. 

And when you are part of a reading club – You can associate with so many things through the experiences of others as well as yours. 

Djembe Expercience!

The first social outing for the year!

Began with an evening at a friends place with about eight more couples invited for the evening. The Evening felt like “The invitation” as the couples that were invited that evening were from different backgrounds.

The evening was all about first breaking the ice between all of us incase we did not know anyone or were meeting some of them after long.

But, The highlight of the evening was “Drumming Circle” Where an organisation “Drumwithfreedom” Had carried twenty odd Djambe drums – A style drum of drum that origins from African. djembe comes from the saying “Anke djé, anke bé” which translates to “everyone gather together in peace”

djé” is the verb for “gather” and “bé” translates as “peace.”

But the catch here was we the guest were involved in being part of the activity right from starting first with right hand than to left hand and later coordinating all that we learnt repeatedly until all are hands went Red. 

This was a wonderful experience as it broke the monotony of a typical social event,Was a New experience and was in many ways great to share how we all felt by doing this activity as a team and as an individual. 

What a way to start the year and the decade with another “New learning” and a New experience. 

A little history about the instrument.

•In the 1980s, a number of Guinean djembefolas started hosting tours to Guinea, allowing djembe students to experience Guinean culture first-hand.

•Djembe players use three basic sounds: bass, tone, and slap, which have low, medium, and high pitch, respectively.

•The combination of rhythm and the differently pitched sounds often leads an inexpert listener to believe that more than one drum is being played.

•The djembe is headed with a rawhide skin, most commonly goatskin. Other skins, such as antelope, cow, kangaroo, or horse can be used as well. Thicker skins, such as cow, have a warmer sound with more overtones in the slaps; thinner skins have a sharper sound with fewer overtones in the slaps and are louder

A typical evening just like how I had experienced:

Musicians form a circle, with the centre of the circle reserved for dancers. Depending on the particular rhythm being played, dances may be performed by groups.

#LFW 2019 !

Lakme Fashion Week was something that I always wanted to experience to know why do people rave about it so much,And what happens in a fashion show. But,Then again I had to wait for a couple of years to witness #LFW.

At the entrance , outside they have photo opportunities with Branding all over, A cafe styled counter and everybody drinking and smoking and soaking in the light showers with an Ariel view of Mumbai. 8th Floor they had designers participating and showcasing their collection. These weren’t the one’s that were going to showcase their collection at the show. These were talented designers, Who were part of the most talked about fashion show. 45 minutes before the gates open to the auditorium, where the “Runway” Show will happen. We are all Queued up. The Queue was long, We are coming in .Moments later,We hear there is a slight delay, as the models aren’t ready.

We are literally Warming up ,by sweating it out waiting for the gates to open.

Gates open,Guest are making their way into the auditorium,As we reach the gates we are stopped. And Preferences to the Guest who have a designated seat number, make their way to the auditorium, We just hoped we shouldn’t be sent back home, If the auditorium is filled up to the capacity. Minutes later we make our way through the auditorium.Looking at the stage, the lights the people out there who have come to watch the show. And the whole ambience.

The Set, Was like a night at the Desert. With Metal Catus and bushes.

The Music began, The Models started making their way through and posing for the Paparazzi. The Collection was subtle and colourful by the designer. The designer was Kunal Rawal. Who’s one of the Men designers I admire for the collection and style. The style is normally Indian,Elegant and simple. The collection he showcased was known as Confluence. Right from Shirts, to jackets to pants all so simply stylish. In the End It was the best evening to attend the lake fashion show and that too of Kunal Rawal – who’s collection of classic Indian wear is the best in the business.

Unriped Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Premier hotel in Bengaluru wasn’t our first choice , being a Indian based hotel chain, In fact wasn’t an option at all unless,We started looking for options around the venue of our event.
Our only choice was a lesser known hotel Shilton Suite.
I wish,If we could have stuck with that option. we wouldn’t have any expectations at all.
But,We decided to go with a familiar name and stayed at the “Lemon Tree Premier “ until the day of the event arrived we had no clue about the citrus punches,we would experience And that our experience would be more like a fresh lime soda order gone wrong with too much of salt and no sugar. Or were we dealing with so unriped lemons which had just become part of the growing tree for the hotel chain.
After repeatedly watering them with message of do’s and Dont’s.They couldn’t still be nourished and that’s when I realised.
I was dealing with A bunch of unripe Lemon  from the tree.
From the Names not being on the list (For which I had earlier mentioned too,On the invoice  that was sent to me)
To not having a single room from about 6 rooms,I requested for early check- ins, to not having rooms either ready for late check-ins.
May be all they wanted was, to check in at the check- in time (2 pm) to get the rooms.
The final billing invoices too had my second name totally mismatched from another team members of ours, to have the Spelling of my second name totally misspelled for the detailed bills. This has to be the worst experience of dealing with an hospitality group.That is “Make in India “ and “Made in India .”

Being Human !!

The concept is nice,about having human books (HumanBeings) who are stories,And would like to speak about a specific chapter from their life,Or the whole book could be about them. But, it Could have been more interesting as in stories .

Each reader(Participants) gets to choose his books from the library and has 20 minutes to be the part of a group who too would be interested in knowing the HumanStory. The Books that I read, I Had the time to read only 3 from the shelves,But many off the shelves.

 First one A story about a girl who’s story was about a journey of a restless mind. 

And it was just like any other story Fighting sucide attempts and over coming it. 

The second one about the helpline service available for the sucidal cases and about him,Why did he begin this initiative and the other passions of his life.

The last book was interesting as it was an fascinating story about how the circle of life was complete for him after being born in Mumbai later landing in Belgium village,Travelling to Amsterdam and coming back to this city. And Manages to solve the puzzle of his existence.