Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !

Sacred Gamesbased on the Novel by Vikram Chandra who’s plot – A Gangster and Cop story and the Corruption that lies within the system of Politics in the country.  The first episode Premiered last night and set high expectations from the makers. The Casting is one of its kind ,since we haven’t really seen SaifAliKhanContinue reading “Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !”

TigerMates personal book review !!!

I am just done with reading ‘Tiger Mates’, and it was an enriching novel especially since it describes how sometimes we would want to take revenge exactly for the same reason that we were punished, but then love overpowers and make us discover our true purpose. Also it highlights the plight of the tribal ofContinue reading “TigerMates personal book review !!!”

DDLJ Celebrating 1000 weeks

DDLJ-( Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge )celebrating 1000 weeks, this month and it has surely taught a lot to the generation of this day and age since its release. It has been a movie on romance, love, friendship, and family. It provides inspiration on what your partner should be like in terms of passion and perseverance.Continue reading “DDLJ Celebrating 1000 weeks”

Romance gone through fire is Romance in Gold!!!

Romance or love in times of conflict and chaos is Romance outshining itself. Love cannot always be hunky dory. There will be times when lovers will face external turbulence. This is the challenge in the path of love. Without external storms love is lusterless. Like a diamond that shines when it is faceted, love outshinesContinue reading “Romance gone through fire is Romance in Gold!!!”

Great expectations !!!

Love, When we fall in fall in love, we expect the sun the moon and the stars. That all are worries will be gone forever. But it’s the thought of all worries that would be gone forever that creates a lot of expectations in our own minds. And being loved is one of those biggestContinue reading “Great expectations !!!”