Bollywood is ,one such place where relationship with actors and co-actors change more frequently than their   Films  on Fridays .There are a few relationship in Bollywood which have been the most talked about for quite sometime but haven’t been forgotten by people ,These are “TigerMates couples  “Who are  also known as the perfect couples But  aren’t anymore the perfect ones .

1.John Abraham & Bipashah Basu :They had known each other since a decade ,but all wasn’t well that made them breakup and part ways .
2. Ranbir kapoor & Deepika Padukone: They  started their Bollywood journey at the same time ,while it wasn’t after a long time that they were offered a movie together and soon rumours were all over and they confessed it in no time .
3.Ranveer singh & Anushka sharma :were part of a Bollywood movie and since then have been part of a couple together but always denied their relationship but remained a mystery. Rumours about Anushka sharma & Virat kohli  started doing the rounds .
4.Rekha& Amitab Bachchan :The most talked about relationship incident and still spoken about it by some.
Being a Tigermate is not all about knowing that you are with the perfect mate ,but believing that you will always be the one perfect for somebody .

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