Love is in the air!


Love is the common factor that can bind us yet we so often take for granted.

We live in a world where we differentiate so much amongst people. Right from the colour to the appearance and to their social status that we forgot that the most important aspect of judging a person is how he or she as a person makes us feel in their presence. They maynot be good spokespersons or savvy conversationalists but their positivity rubs on us and we feel attracted to them in silence. Simply their presence makes us feel happy and proud of being around. Their calmness is contagious like the serenity of a lake. We can spend hours around them without being distracted or bored. Perhaps it’s the love that connects.

On the other hand most of the times we get too judgmental about people. We want them to behave in a particular way and be of a particular status or personality. This is when we miss the essence of love. The essence of love is to just be. The rest is all waste of time and idleness of the mind. The mind having nothing better to do misses out on the moment and tries to act like a big bully. It tells us what to do instead of how to feel. It takes us away from the real essence of being to rather the meaningless pursuit of what is unimportant in the larger scheme of things. So to love and feel the love of others is more soothing than the best of wine that you have ever had.

Check out the preview of Tiger Mates to understand how we need to feel life, how we need to love!

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