Personal Book Review – Becoming & Charles Chaplin !!


Becoming by Michelle Obama

I Wouldn’t have really read this book. But, The moment you read It’s written by the former first lady, You know it’s going to be a great read. As it’s going to have things you wouldn’t know about their lives and you also get the chance to know the White House from an insider, The whole architecture, The protocols and the life behind the camera as a president and more importantly Michelle Obama’s journey in life.

Charles Chaplin – Autobiography

I really don’t like reading artist biographies or autobiography’s who have been part of the entertainment industry. For one they could be totally biased, one-sided and slightly boring to read. But Charles Chaplin I have been wanting to read for a long time, a couple of days before we went on national lockdown (25th march ’20’ ) I was about to place an order from the e-commerce website, But did not. Also, having read most of the books that I had already ordered and now worried I had no books to read, First I began scrolling from my contacts and messaged a couple of my “friends” if they could lend me some books. After having waited for too long for them to reply, I browsed through my library at home once again! Maybe there is a book I haven’t read and guess what! I found one of the first editions of Charles Chaplin which was tearing apart and I began reading the book, It was one of the best books I must have read on cinema and actor as it teaches you so much about what goes behind an actor during his preparation and how much effort is it to “Act” and being a superstar of the “silent Era” This fascinated me and within five days I had finished reading the book. Right from his childhood to him coming back from Hollywood and visiting his roots in The UK to him finally settling down in Switzerland to have been married numerous time. About five times and having eleven kids to getting the longest standing ovation in the (Twelve Minutes long ) history of academy awards Charles was one hell of a “Charlie.” It’s a must-read for all and besides Charlie, if you want to read another book on an actor you must! And must read Naseeruddin Shah Memoir – Then one day!

Then One Day!

Yes! This time feels like that moment where you keep making a Bucket list – The To-Do one, Where you plan and keep planning what you will do one day – That one Day where you want to learn how to cook, one day you just don’t want to go to work and laze around at home in your pyjamas. That One Day where you want to learn a language, That One Day you want to Binge, Watch your favourite series and That one day you would like to read that fat book waiting on your shelf, waiting for you to start reading. That one day where you have experienced so much and it is so much you want to express and yes you have written those thoughts in your diary, Word processing application and on your notes.

But, You Tell yourself one day I would like to share my thoughts with everybody. Then that one day comes and you are exhausted doing everything in the routine you have been set in.

Then for a change, you start Listening. Oh! No not! Listening to your parents or sibling. But listening to Podcast. That one sense you have always tried to ignore for the longest time. 

And you realise Oh! just listening can be fun too.

Why are artist important?

Artist are the only who you turn to when you need a change. 
When you are sad and low you would like forward to hear something that makes you happy. 
When you are looking for inspiration, You again turn towards music. 
When you are looking for a story or want to know somebody better you look towards reading books and try finding the missing pieces of your life or your story. 
You are looking and are trying to live the life of that character by becoming part of his world. 
When You are in the mood of a good laugh or suddenly burst out with tears after you watching a scene or the movie. 
When you are starting at the painting or drawing to express Wow! So beautiful. 
And now when the World has come to a standstill it’s these artists through their Music, Stories, Movies and Art are keeping us entertained and alive with hope that life would be back to normal. 
It’s the artist who we criticise, who we too have in our inner-self but don’t want to explore or are parents who don’t us to explore that side of ours. 
Now it’s high-Time we encourage more artist to be part of this world. Because it’s them who keep us entertained always. 
And with so many uncertainties in life. 
And not knowing what’s happen’s tomorrow 
Let’s all be bold and live our dreams. 

Coronavirus #Stayathome

Sitting at home! And staring at the window and at the opposite building ( my neighbours on the other side) who I haven’t met at all are suddenly visible to be. I guess they were hiding all this while! Wait! This is the Lockdown! The Coronavirus lockdown. 
Wait! This is serious. This blog is about whether it’s better to be an adult or a child at this time? 
Think about it. Schools are shut! You are back home not for the summer break you thought that started early. But to be grounded at home alone. I mean totally alone with your parents, grandparents and sibling if you have one. 
Now you would watch T.V all day! But here you are bored to death and don’t know where to begin, Then all you think is Eat.Eat.Eat. Food. Food.Food. 
You don’t have any homework to do but now if you are an adult you are now either working from home or doing “homework”in it’s the most literal way. 
You are all by yourself! You are back home or home and can’t socialise with friends in the evening or go for coffee. At least you would have little patience to deal with the worst-case scenario or the situation we are in. 
But, The kid would be restless, because of energy within him. 
He is all by himself playing catch, catch with a ball against the wall, but still sitting home. 
And considering summer vacations would have begun a little later- Now they have a vacation of 14-15 weeks! That’s crazy! Without doing much all these days! 
So as an adult, you can understand and be patient. As adults, you have Understanding and the control over your emotions rather than a child who would be losing it all. 

Jaisalmer: Rajasthan February 2020!!

After travelling to nearly most of the prominent cities of the state. (Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur ) Jaisalmer was one that I had not visited yet or hadn’t experienced yet.

But, a Weekend Gateway that was planned was the perfect chance to Witness the city in it’s truest sense. Immediately after coming back from Nagpur, The next morning, I had taken the flight for Jaisalmer- There was a huge excitement of going to a new place, and that was from the moment we took off to the moment we were landing, A total Desert area I hadn’t witnessed anything like this since a long time and THE Best place in Jaisalmer SURYAGHAR was my subject and venue for the weekend. And what a property- Sunrise point to a sunset point and the structure like a fort was like the perfect combination of the destination and property. The other most important highlight remains the Dunes journey – Photographing and recording the sunset until we reached the venue, where we going to experience a new “Dawn” We had a lively night with entertainment, Guest dancing to DJ Tunes Until a Guest Deejayed the party until the end. The party went all night and we called it a day at 6:30 am at the dunes, but captured and lived the sunrise on the journey back to our hotel.

Jaisalmer has museums and fort which one must visit on their visit to the city, But should also experience Sand Dunes when they are in the city.