One night stand/Date rape 

The peer pressure can sometimes lead to circumstances, which can change your life within few seconds of the moment. The teens too can be a difficult time for the guy & girls because it’s here where a lot of hormonal change that happens which in biological terms known as puberty and teens phase is knownContinue reading “One night stand/Date rape ”

Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?

Love is something we all crave for all our life ever since we realize the power of love is endless. Love adds zest to our life. Love makes us stronger. Love is also something we yearn for in bad times. In time of personal turmoil loves gives us the courage to face our battles andContinue reading “Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?”

Love thrills !!!

Love is beautiful cause it thrills us with surprises every moment. Love has no reason to be boring. Love grows with time as it throws in surprises day in and day out that lovers had never expected.  Romance that is real gives a sense of freedom, a desire to fly, an urge to touch theContinue reading “Love thrills !!!”

Romance is chemistry !!!

Relationship  is chemistry. Two people co exist in each other only because of the chemistry that they feel inside them. Its the chemical reaction that bursts in the walls of their minds that determines the power of their relationships most of the times. Also relationships are smooth, only if these few points are present throughoutContinue reading “Romance is chemistry !!!”

Love is forever !!!

It’s true , to love somebody you must experience what love is because if you don’t really understand what love is then how can you really love somebody . Also love is one of the word which has too many meanings and is a little complicated to understand so it’s really important to experience itContinue reading “Love is forever !!!”