Then One Day!

Yes! This time feels like that moment where you keep making a Bucket list – The To-Do one, Where you plan and keep planning what you will do one day – That one Day where you want to learn how to cook, one day you just don’t want to go to work and laze around at home in your pyjamas. That One Day where you want to learn a language, That One Day you want to Binge, Watch your favourite series and That one day you would like to read that fat book waiting on your shelf, waiting for you to start reading. That one day where you have experienced so much and it is so much you want to express and yes you have written those thoughts in your diary, Word processing application and on your notes.

But, You Tell yourself one day I would like to share my thoughts with everybody. Then that one day comes and you are exhausted doing everything in the routine you have been set in.

Then for a change, you start Listening. Oh! No not! Listening to your parents or sibling. But listening to Podcast. That one sense you have always tried to ignore for the longest time. 

And you realise Oh! just listening can be fun too.

Kafka On The Shore By Murakami !




“Kafka on The Shore by Haruki Murakami”

“Kafka on The shore by Haruki Murakami”

Is the seventh or eighth book in the Murakami collection that I have read so far and Kafka on the shore has been one of the most enjoyable mysteries to unfold. 

Murakami has stuck to his elements in his writing.

Cats, Painting and characters we want to know more about.

Though I read “Killing Commemorate” Last year, Before reading Kafka on the shore and though both were on the same lines. Kafka on the shore has been a breeze to read.

Like all the other Murakami books, Japan has always been a backdrop with every story and a new town or new side of the city is portrayed.

Kafka on the Shore is a story of Kafka Tamura, a fifteen-year-old boy who runs away from home to escape an awful oedipal prophecy, and Nakata, ageing and illiterate simpleton who has never completely recovered from a wartime affliction. Kafka’s journey brings him to a small private library in the provincial town of Takamatsu and to a mountain hideaway where the ordinary laws of time no longer apply. But, like Oedipus, the more Kafka tries to avoid his fate, the closer he comes to fulfilling it. Nakata also sets forth on a quest for an enigmatic entrance stone, the significance of which he does not understand. Intellectually ambitious, emotionally intense, and beautifully written.

Japan Made Easy by Sandeep Goyal

Japan Made Easy is one of the best books to know more about the Japanese lifestyle, Business Ethics, Culture, Spiritual and Food Habits and all these are shared by the Japanese words used to describe each situation or word. This makes the book an interesting read for anyone who wants to know more about Japan or the basics before they would be travelling or after they have travelled.

This book is split into eight sections with an average of ten chapters in each section.

The book also shares insights of  Japan through the years.

Some of my Writings!

Filmmaking series on Netflix!!

•The Kominsky Method 

A Comedy series based on two main characters in the seventies, one is an acting coach and the other one was his agent but have since been best friends. 

The series revolves around the relationship of senior citizen friends, Family and how everything we experience could be applied in acting. It’s a show if you want to have fun and go On a little emotional journey. 

  • Hollywood 

A New Series on The OTT Platform on The business of Hollywood industry and how does one really make it in this industry. 

Darren Criss who plays the role of the filmmaker Raymond Ainsley is also the producer of the series  & David Corenswet, Who plays jack Castellao one of the leads in the series. 

The Series establishes the Hollywood industry of the late forties and gives us an insight into what Hollywood could be if all the decisions that were taken in this fiction series were taken then based on true events.

The series is a limited series and very interestingly done as it shows the discriminations against being coloured and Preference of being white and how the things change. 

Laura Harrier essays the role of  Camille Washington, an up-and-coming black actress. (Who was last seen in BlacKkKlansman David Corenswet who essays the role of an aspiring actor named Jack Castellao. 

Hattie Mcdaniel the first black lady who won the first Oscar as a black lady is played by Queen Latifah. 

Jake Picking who plays the role of Rock Hudson a popular actor of the 1950s. He hadn’t come out in public that he was homosexual until his last days.

Ace pictures in the series based on Paramount Pictures.

Sherry Lansing, The First women  American executive of Paramount pictures.  might be the inspiration behind as she was the first women to head a Hollywood Movie Studio.

Micheal Krusiec – Who was seen in invitation plays the character of Anna May Wong the first Chinese actress to gain international recognition. 

Dylan Mcdermott who plays the character of Ernie the owner of the Gas station and someone who is a pimp. Is based on Scotty Bowers a Hollywood Pimp. 

Jeremy Pope who is an established theatre actor plays the role, Archie Coleman, a black screenwriter.

Series To Stream on Netflix and Chill!

  • • Unorthodox : 

The series was inspired by and is based on, the Memoir Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman.  Satmar Movement in a  Hasidic group(Community), is a  Jewish Group that arose as a spiritual revival movement in Western Ukraine in the 18th Century and spread across Eastern Europe rapidly. 

Today they are found in Israel and USA originating from the city Satu Mare Romania where it was founded in 1905 by  A Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum.  

Following WW 2 it was re-established in NY becoming one of the largest Hasidic movements in the world. It’s characterised by strict religious codes – rejection of Modern Culture and Anti-Zionism (Movement of Jewish people that supports re – Establishment of and support for Jewish State in a territory)

 a Hassidic community In Williamsburg, Brooklyn  NYC. 

Teachings – Emphasises God’s exist in the universe and the need to follow all religious practice and spiritual practices.

This series is the first series in Yiddish for Netflix and adapts and represents Jewish culture.  it’ represents the culture very authentically. The  Music Academy Barenboim-Said-Akademie is an actual location in Berlin, Germany where  Bachelors &  Artist Diploma in Music is studied  Jews & Muslims play classical music together, as a whole utopia. We were inspired by this idea, as the sort of institution that could only begin in Berlin.”

And in case you have read the book and are in two minds whether you should go ahead with series or not. How different is it?

Then you could watch the making of Unorthodox a twenty minutes episode on Netflix itself. 

And if you would just want to watch a movie instead to understand the Jew community you could watch. One of us – A movie you can watch. helps you identify the community and the who experience of the series is very 

  • High Seas : 

High Sea – Netflix series is a mystery period drama series in Spanish. 

Created by : Ramón Campos & Gema R. Neira


The show is completely set on a ship Bárbara de Braganza and as the journey begins from Vigo Port to Rio De Janeiro. 

There are few incidents taking place. The first season is a complete breeze with every episode ending in a dramatic twist waiting to be unfolded in the next episode. 

The episode is 45 minutes each. The show is two-season long with eight-episode each and the whole journey is an exciting, thrilling and keeping you on the edge.

Who Will like watching this?

Audience Who like Mystery Thrillers.

The Characters 

In the show, the characters are introduced just at the right moment & the backstory or references about them are given when needed.

In case you have already watched this show or would like to watch another series on the same lines  There are a couple of more shows by the creators on Netflix itself  Cable Girls, Grand Hotel & Velvet. 

The creators particularly love periodic drama and Have done well with the whole production & storyline. I am sure you would love these shows. 

Set Design & Production – Is very periodic and gives us the sense of a luxury cruise.

The lighting is very cinematic with the long shot of the ship on the water in the evening is the most beautiful shot in the series. 

The moment the crew pull the lever to adjust the ship is also very important details that have taken care of the whole set design.  (Slow, Half and full alphabetically written ) 

The costume, styling of the character is very retro and giving you the sense of the series set in the 1940s. 

The Music & Background score is suspenseful.  

The show offers a cast That not only good looking but with most of the Spanish actors being established models & well known Spanish actors.