Then One Day!

Yes! This time feels like that moment where you keep making a Bucket list – The To-Do one, Where you plan and keep planning what you will do one day – That one Day where you want to learn how to cook, one day you just don’t want to go to work and laze around at home in your pyjamas. That One Day where you want to learn a language, That One Day you want to Binge, Watch your favourite series and That one day you would like to read that fat book waiting on your shelf, waiting for you to start reading. That one day where you have experienced so much and it is so much you want to express and yes you have written those thoughts in your diary, Word processing application and on your notes.

But, You Tell yourself one day I would like to share my thoughts with everybody. Then that one day comes and you are exhausted doing everything in the routine you have been set in.

Then for a change, you start Listening. Oh! No not! Listening to your parents or sibling. But listening to Podcast. That one sense you have always tried to ignore for the longest time. 

And you realise Oh! just listening can be fun too.

Some of my Writings!

Reading- Reader!



There is so much that goes into breaking down the story, The thought, the idea – Where you can look at a simple story from your point of view and your personal experience, the difference & Similarities you felt before you read the book and travelled to the authors country to reading a book after travelling to the authors country to living the authentic life of the story you read- Behaving like the characters you loved the most and travelling and believing you are living in that city or travelling to the exact locations of where the story takes places to compare how the author has matured over time by comparing his previous works to the most recent works. 

Reading can enrich you in so many ways! It can make you look at the same things through a tunnel vision or through an experts eye and give you clarity by reading similar topics from other authors. 

Reading makes you imagine a certain thing and when you travel to that particular place, the reality is different or the same vision you were shown by the author. 

Reading can give you insights about locals otherwise you would be Oblivious to. 

And when you are part of a reading club – You can associate with so many things through the experiences of others as well as yours. 

We dream !!

We Dream It can bring out a steam.

The steam ,That takes us through different streams.

Streams that can make us go through extremes.

Extremes that make us scream,

Screams that don’t let us forget our dreams.

⁃ Akheel

Typewriter-TypeWriting experience!!

Ever wondered How challenging is it to write on a typewriter?
Not really Right?

About a fortnight ago.I had the privilege of experiencing to write on a typewriter.

Since,I have being longing to Own one for a while,I thought this is the only moment I could come close to experiencing writing on the mechanical device.

So,without thinking for a moment,I sat on the chair and started writing my 1st few words on the typewriter. And after my typing my first Word itself I realised,In today’s time its a device for the very patient writers to write on and can be a tiring laborious job for a generation who are hooked on to the Touchscreen devices and computers,Laptops for writing.But,looking at the past history its surely a device to own for its design. But, Sadly it isn’t available anymore,Unless you can hunt for a store that sells antiques.Without Boring You guys for another minute,I shall begin describing my difficulties while typing on a typewriter.

1.To enter and begin on another line a bar needs to be moved,Whenever you need to begin at another line.

2.Caps Lock are keys available at the extreme left, Until an assistant doesn’t tell you where it is, You would miss it.

3.The most interesting part the way words are written out and getting printed.

4.It’s A very Heavy device 

5.NO Delete,With so much dependency on not knowing what to write and silly spelling mistake it can become frustrating to write on one.

6.Thanks to The typewriter for the Courier Font and AmericanTypewriter for us to able to experience the writing style of a typewriter on our I.T Gadgets.

7. The QWERTY Keyboard was first came into the existence in a typewriter The QWERTY layout was devised and created in the early 1870s by Christopher Latham Sholes, a newspaper editor and printer who lived in milwaukee,Wisconsin . In October 1867, Sholes filed a patent application for his early writing machine he developed with the assistance of his friends Carlos Glidden and Samuel W.Soulé  

8.These are just some of the experiences on using the typewriter for barely 5 minutes,But I guess In today’s time with word processing software making it easier to type these days,its only my lack of imagination to imagine how did the writers of the past adjust pages,Alignments and manage to write on such a manual mechanical device.