DDLJ Celebrating 1000 weeks


DDLJ-( Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge )celebrating 1000 weeks, this month and it has surely taught a lot to the generation of this day and age since its release. It has been a movie on romance, love, friendship, and family.

It provides inspiration on what your partner should be like in terms of passion and perseverance. DDLJ tells us that love triumphs under all circumstances and that lovers who stay together win at the end of the day!

The film also taught us to respect our elders, adhere to family values, and stick to true love. And that’s where real happiness lies. DDLJ also promises us that there is love out there for each one. That the belief in love should never die come what may. The story and the characters of DDLJ are etched so well that it can arouse the feeling of romance in every single individual that believes in the power of love. Romance is what Raj and Simran swear by. If it’s real, then love meets its destination. DDLJ makes us fall in love again and again. The story makes everything so real and the characters are so well etched out that we feel fro every single character in the movie. Also we get inspired by the romance of Raj and Simran when they sing, dance, and lure for each other.

DDLJ takes us back to memories of when we fell in love for the first time and then makes us want to fall in love all over again like love was the only thing that we are alive for!

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find your tigermate contest!!

Basic CMYK 

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Love thrills !!!


Love is beautiful cause it thrills us with surprises every moment. Love has no reason to be boring. Love grows with time as it throws in surprises day in and day out that lovers had never expected.  Romance that is real gives a sense of freedom, a desire to fly, an urge to touch the sky. Romance can thrill us since we begin seeing everything with a sense of beauty, as if we were wearing glasses of love in our eyes. Romance is the filter that makes life so exciting, so edgy, so entertaining. Romance brings in its own drama, its own breeze of uncertainty that makes the whole idea of love larger than life.

Romance is the feeling that changes the concept of time altogether.  When you are with your lover, time moves faster than ever even though its just an illusion, but its a sweet illusion that lovers want to never let go. While for some lovers, romance makes them more aware of the environment around them from noticing the butterfly in the lawns to the fragrances of leaves. Likewise for some lovers there is nothing beyond love, no smell, no sight, no sound sweet enough as love. No movie, no novel, no TV show can be as thrilling as being in love and that is the mantra that keep lovers holding each other in their hearts and their thoughts for many moons.

Romance is a thrill like no other thrill, a story like no other, a feeling that can be compared to none. And it is for this very reason that we want to stay in love forever like living a life in a fairytale!

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Great expectations !!!


Love, When we fall in fall in love, we expect the sun the moon and the stars. That all are worries will be gone forever. But it’s the thought of all worries that would be gone forever that creates a lot of expectations in our own minds. And being loved is one of those biggest expectations we have from life. We only urge to get loved. We long to be loved. Thus we expect a lot from our partners in every which way. We always beg to get loved form them. But at the same time forget that they too have professional responsibilities and personal interests that makes them enjoy life to their fullest. Expectations of always creating new milestones in their lives too ruins their relationship and last but not the least expectation of not changing or adapting to change can be one of the major turning points in any relationship. We always expect our partners to change where as actually we need to change our ourselves.

Expectations lead to disappointment, and disappointments leads to issues which can affects us emotionally. Thus we step out of our existing relationships and try and find or create expectations again with newer partners and thus the cycle goes on till probably we are dead and gone.

So is love just a never ending journey of great expectations or a search to find love within ourselves first!

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Romance is chemistry !!!


Relationship  is chemistry. Two people co exist in each other only because of the chemistry that they feel inside them. Its the chemical reaction that bursts in the walls of their minds that determines the power of their relationships most of the times. Also relationships are smooth, only if these few points are present throughout the journey, trust, belief, faith and truth. If there is no trust between two people then there can not be love, and having faith during the difficult times can only strengthen the relationship between two loved ones.
Last but not the least if you speak the truth always to your partner there will be no scope for cheating or lies. This only increases mental and physical chemistry. So it’s your choice whether you want to be in a relationship that’s smooth or rocky.

To be in a smooth relationship one has to have a chemistry like that of one Tiger with another Tiger.

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