The Royal Experience!!

Wonder! why, Did the site Not be used for Recreational purposes Earlier.

The Very fact of the Opera House being under Restoration for about 8 Years.

Shows,the Royalty with which the Opera House which had the term  Royal prefixed when King George V  inaugurated the building in 1911 while the building was still under construction.

The Opera House Has the Grandeur and a presence of state of the art Architecture and feel to it.

It can be one of the few victories of discovering and successfully restoring a stage for Art & Cultural Purposes .

Having been More than a century Old The Royal Opera doesn’t seemed to have the ageing effect.

It’s Surely very competitive to International standards & International Opera Houses around the World.That The Unesco Community has awarded the Stage with a  Asia- Pacific  Award For cultural Heritage Award Conservation. 

An Important Symbol of Art & Culture would have been lost forever,In 1993 Itself,Hadn’t the restoration plans been implemented  in 2008 and executed  for the exterior and the interior restoration from 2011 and complete restoration done by 2016. We wouldn’t have been able to experience the Royal Highness.

The Experience of The Royal Opera House was further enhanced by the Play we watched there “Siddhus of Upper Juhu” A Light-hearted Comedy play with Character portraying life in a Metro of a Parsi-punjab Couple who have moved to the Juhu Surburb and Life of a working couple.

The Night Ended with, Pizza’s for Dinner at TheQuarter A Dining space in the compound of  Royal Opera House.  Live Music playing in the indoor space and The outdoor open space had a lively feel to it.

,We could only Show our Support by visiting the most beautiful site for the events, It has to offer for all of us who live here in the city and in the country. As it is the only existing Opera House in our country.


Social OutBurst!

The outrage of social media platforms sharing your personal information and Data hasn’t gone down too well,With a whole lot of us. And I wonder why?

We ourself like giving all information,when & where we were on weekends,liking news articles and writing message on our profile walls to know what’s on our mind. Then why are we so shaken with this news?

The very fact,Of you searching something online and then going across on to your social networking site,and getting tailored made ads.Should have striked you,What’s happening with your data.

And when celebrities are too being outspoken,I wonder is it all another publicity stunt.

The Bombay times,Is one newspaper which publishes what,You want it to feed. And other entertainment newspapers do the same too.Then why the #DeleteFacebook.

When you are happily sharing your post with hundreds and thousands of your friends.

What difference does  it make to you.

The difference is ,If personal data gets leaked.But, What personal data are we fearing? We are too pleased to have everything a click way.

Rather than being worried about social media platforms using our data.

We should see,How we could share the minimum/least information on online platform.

The Traveller’s Trip!

You often,Hear people saying I love travelling!

But,What exactly is travelling?

Is it just going to Popular touristy places or travelling internationally “Been There Done That.” Or is it,Travelling to places,which is visited by a limited/Select few. Or is it travelling from point A to point B?

If you take the classic example of Mumbai.

You would know,Why the last point makes sense.It’s because it’s so widespread and has Vibe in each of its areas.You get to see and understand and learn about different classes and people.

Travelling ,through different means of transport too,You come across so many people from around the country,state and districts.That you realise,there couldn’t be a better way of knowing what people from around the country, do if you don’t travel and what other people think of your city and town.And you too can interact with other professionals,Who you meet and they might help ,When you need help!

On my long travelling journey,To home.nashik,- mumbai

Have met Doctors,Lawyers and real estate developers,Teachers,Insurance agents,Politicans, Caterers and very often students.And it has been so much of fun! To talk to them and to know about what their profession really means to them.

And that’s why I like travelling! Because you get to meet so many new people from

All walks of life,everyday.

Public Trans!!

Public Transport

How important is the public transport   facilities?

Living in metro city and traveling to other Metro cities in india like Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai,Kolkata,Ahmedabad,Pune

and to Global metro cities like  London,Paris,New York.I have found that The most important  part of living remains the public transport.

Imagine how easy! you find it travelling from one point to another,Without worrying about where would I park,The timing of parking at “No Parking” Zone to day when one could park at the “No Parking “ Zone. To worrying about the fuel tank,Whether its Half Full,Half empty or reaching the E mark.

To worrying about getting a parking space.

Mind you Even in NYC! You have to wait to get one parking lot for your car.

Worrying about the servicing cost for your vecihiles.

Wouldn’t you like to be chauffered around in a car of your choice everyday! To not worrying about Starting your car and taking a rickshaw to the station for longer journeys.

But,Only if this could be improved in the other metro cities of our country, would it be easier to travel around and have the traffic flow smoothly too. Why can’t buses in our country run on the routes with an assigned timetable. A.C buses could be priced reasonably to encourage people to use them.

Why are cities like london and new York a breeze to move around. And Guess  What. Most of  these cities citizen  don’t even own a single car. All they use is Buses,Train,Metro,Subways to commute around.

Then why can’t this be done here in our country?

Airport Diaries!!

No! I am not talking about the airport asthetic looks or about people the way they dress up for travelling.

But,About  the Airport itself.

Airports are  such a contrasting,Reality check place to be in. They  teach you a lot about life and in that one place.Where you could meet people from all walks of life.

You would,See the most number of disabled beings travelling in an airport,For a vacation or for getting themselves treated.But,That hope and joy is what lets them keep living their life.

They have in a way,accepted their limitations and are trying to enjoy their life.

Unlike many,Who keep making excuses when they have opportunity to travel.

The first time travellers are so curious,They have that curiosity around them and that sparkle of being in that magical space.

It’s because some of us find the airport a place to while away time. That we fail to notice so many things happening in That one place.

Then,There are the refugees around the airport,Who are displaced and looking for a place and are starving of hunger.Pleading all the passer by to give them a meal.

In the midst of all this you have the luxury Brands around you,Waiting for customers like you to splurge.And Giving you  aspirations for Greed,That you otherwise don’t need.

But,Only if you look around yourself you would see all this and not when you are getting bored and wondering when you will Board.