Foodism !!


Food as a meditation and a therapeutic healing. Food for thought 

We have heard this over and over again

The inner source of satisfaction and peace one gets after a good meal.Or for that matter A favourite food can just change our mood all together within no time.

But,Then again why do we always ignore or skip meals regularly giving excuses of No-Time .What are you seriously busy doing?If you aren’t able to enjoy food that you work for , through weeks,Hours and months endlessly towards goals that would professionally help you,But are personally killing yourself within since you don’t have the energy to enjoy the success of your hard work. 

The food should be right always and psychologist have recently studied that “Pizza ” is one of the biggest motivator for employees to complete their work.

Now I am sure,That would sum up the argument of how food is a therapeutic healer.Well that’s not all most of the people going through depression feel better after they have chocolates and icecream.

It’s a porsche place!!


“In the beginning I looked around,But couldn’t find the car I dreamt of,So I decided to built it myself.”- Ferry Porsche   

The reason for me visiting Germany and having it on my Bucket list all these years, was not for the football, The german food or the Berlin wall. it was for the Luxury Automobile that was Born out there and Soon made it on Everybody’s Bucket list.But, Before I can Own any of these Cars.I Wanted to know what’s their journey.The city they were born was Stuttgart the name roots in the Old High German word Stuotgarten, or “Stud Farm ”, because the city was founded in 950 AD by Duke Liudolf of SWABIA to breed warhorses.But,Before they would become the brands that we all know today what do we need to know about them ? 

1.The Horse Power ? 

For Porsche, it makes sense: it’s actually integral to the coat of arms for the city of Stuttgart, Porsche’s home. Ferrari only uses it because an Italian fighter ace shot down a pilot over Stuttgart in WWI, and the ace’s mother told Ferrari to use the horse as good luck.   

Ferdinand Porsche -The Founder of Porsche Pronounced( Porsc-eh )Ferdinand Porsche is credited with the design of the bestselling Volkswagen Beetle. founded the company in 1931, Porsche did not begin to manufacture cars until nearly a decade later. 

 2.Harley Davidson uses Porsche engines in some of their bikes.The harley V-Rod features an advanced engine that was developed for Harley’s racing division…By porsche.

3.Porsche designed tractors.Porsche has a more fascinating tractor history than even Lamborghini. They even made a gasoline-powered tractor specifically for coffee farmers so diesel fumes wouldn’t impact the flavor.

4.The 1986 Porsche 944 was the first car sold in the United States with a passenger airbag as standard equipment.This was at a time when most companies even charged you extra just to have an airbag in the steering wheel.

5.Ferdinand designed the Mercedes-Benz type 80 to be the fastest car on Earth.

6.In 1972, Porsche Design developed the world’s first black chronograph watch.It was all about functionality, so the face mimicked the gauges in a car.

7.In 1939, the car’s projected top speed of 470 mph would’ve obliterated the land speed record. Certain global events meant it never got the chance to make a record run. The 470 mph mark wasn’t approached until a quarter century later. Their most expensive road car is the porsche spider a top speed of 214mph (345kph), 887bhp at its disposal and goes from 0–60 mph in just 2.5s. 

8.And why did  they DIAL 911 For emergency?

The car was originally named Porsche 901, and 82 cars were built as 901s. However, Peugeot protested on the grounds that in France it had exclusive rights to car names formed by three numbers with a zero in the middle. So, instead of selling the new model with another name in France, Porsche changed the name to 911.


Being Human !!

The concept is nice,about having human books (HumanBeings) who are stories,And would like to speak about a specific chapter from their life,Or the whole book could be about them. But, it Could have been more interesting as in stories .

Each reader(Participants) gets to choose his books from the library and has 20 minutes to be the part of a group who too would be interested in knowing the HumanStory. The Books that I read, I Had the time to read only 3 from the shelves,But many off the shelves.

 First one A story about a girl who’s story was about a journey of a restless mind. 

And it was just like any other story Fighting sucide attempts and over coming it. 

The second one about the helpline service available for the sucidal cases and about him,Why did he begin this initiative and the other passions of his life.

The last book was interesting as it was an fascinating story about how the circle of life was complete for him after being born in Mumbai later landing in Belgium village,Travelling to Amsterdam and coming back to this city. And Manages to solve the puzzle of his existence.

Baby Driver-Personal Movie Review!! 

Baby Driver,A fun crazy ride.Driven by a eccentric teenager,played by ansel Elgort who was part of the movie “Fault in our stars.” But as he falls in love with Debora played by Lily games who stared in Cinderella. He wants to change his track in life,But one more assignment from boss played by Kevin Spacey,For his lucky charm.Makes him take the decision of taking the assignment.But…The movie written and directed by Edgar Wright who’s last  movies you could recall as “Ant man “and “The adventures of TinTin:”Secret of the unicorn. ”

The movie had a feel of the 90s with cassets and recorders being used by Baby including today’s tech like the iPod,The loots too were keeping in mind today’s times and planning them out.

Action.Speed.Music. Was what made this an enjoyable watch. Giving you a thrilling ride,In a comfortable seat.


Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg The world’s largest Model railway is a tourist attraction, and the highlight for me in my trip to Germany.

Can you imagine a tiny real world, from cities around the world, giving the same feeling of the actual cities.

Last vegas,Night effect would give you the feeling of standing on “the strip” and watching the lighting .

The flight taking off,With the sound effect of the engine and the movement of the airplane going on the runaway ready to take off, would only give you the sense and feeling as if you were there at the airport witnessing the action,These airplanes models had the branding of lufthansa,airberlin ,Emirates and many more airlines on them.The most amazing experience of witnessing the real world around the globe in a tiny space.

Trivia of the wonderland:

* The project was created by twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun

nine years and spent £8million 

*a replica of the Hamburg Airport and Italy . Of the 6,800 m2(73,195 sq ft) of floorspace, the model takes 1,490 m2 (16,038 sq ft

By 2020, the exhibit is expected to have reached its final construction phase, including at least a total of ten new sections in a model area of over 2,300 m2 (24,757 sq ft). The exhibit includes 1,300 trains made up of over 10,000 carriages, over 100,000 moving vehicles, ca. 500,000 lights, 130,000 trees, and 400,000 human figurines.    

*The longest train stands at a staggering 46ft. It even has a control centre from which the train movements are monitored.

The scenery includes 900 signals, 2,800 buildings, 4,000 cars and an impressive 

*Nearly four tonnes of steel was used to construct the scenery along with 110st of artificial grass.

*The ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ has six regions including America, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Germany and the Austrian Alps.

In the U.S. section you’ll find intricate models of the Rocky Mountains, the Everglades, Cape Canaveral and the Grand Canyon.

While in Switzerland model the mighty Matterhorn mountain rises 6m from the set.