Taftoon- Bar &Kitchen review

Tatftoon Derived from the Persian word meaning “burning” is a catchy name and foodies delights it’s non-Vegetarian offering are very delicious and it doesn’t disappoint you at all

The New restaurant in town was a mighty surprise from the Restauraner of Haqq Se and Oye Kake.A complete makeover in terms of the interiors. Very modern feel.The moment you step in,You wonder are you in an indian food restaurant or have you come to an Asian food restaurant.

The colour combination of the door with the green door and blue side walls is very appealing and welcoming the green tiles as soon as you enter are a good welcome.Could easily become the selfie wall .

The whole feel is warm and welcoming.

The food the Gulati Kebas served on coin parathas with banana leafs on the bottom is very delicious.

But,The signature dish here would be the chicken Harrisa. Small size Roti with stuffed chicken and Harrisa a must try.


We dream !!

We Dream It can bring out a steam.

The steam ,That takes us through different streams.

Streams that can make us go through extremes.

Extremes that make us scream,

Screams that don’t let us forget our dreams.

⁃ Akheel


Halloween is marked as the all saint evening.

A day to remember the dead including the saints ( Hallows) and the other reason the day is celebrated is by marking the end of summer.

The reason why Halloween parties are celebrated and why all the drama of the costumes and ghost are hyped.Because of the tradition of “souling” where you either treated or tricked.You exchange wishes and either get rewarded or scared for life !!

Such an event was held in nashik by 104.2FM RJ aadee and RJ Darshana hosting the event at a newly opened hotel Blvd

There were competitions for the best make up and there were some others who came in the mood already ready in coustumes for the party. There were games too to keep us all busy.

This was also part of the monthly celebrations by the Radio team,To make this city a lively one with events happening every month.


one day,I had brewed  excessive french press for my morning breakfast and so,I decided to have some and refrigerate the rest and have it in evening.

Once,I was back in the evening,I had my ‘ColdBrew’ Little did,I know.On my trip to the states,this was the current trend.finding it hard to believe tried a couple of them from the starbucks,to THE Stok all these who were now marketing cold brew!! and while some of them tasted amazing with a twist of flavours added to them , some  tasted really bad.

But,the cold brew is surely a hit!!! for the ones looking out for coffee on the go.

Another coffee chain went a step further and introduced the ‘draft latte’ thats in simple terms cold latte.

simple ideas with an experiment.

Why do we not, experiment with the options we have ?

Pancakes in Paris!!!

Pancake in Paris- A journey of an American,Craig who fell in love with Paris.

Craig  Carlson  was a screenwriter in the past in Hollywood.

Books on Food,Chefs or lifestyle can hardly be read or imagined by one why? You couldn’t find something Better!! To read!!

But,Trust me This one book “pancake in Paris” was on my reading list for the last year and thank God !! I read it !! It’s a pleasant read to know the nuisance of the hospitality industry and how much ones goes through when one is living abroad and missing his food …It’s full of pain…But worth all the gains,The satisfaction one gets from living their Dream.

Pancake in Paris…Breakfast in America is about Craig’s journey of falling in love with Paris during his teens on an exchange programs and years later opening his diner ‘Breakfast in America.’Living the American dream in Paris is  the Yummiest read for me this year so far.

The book written in parts titled starters, Main Course and Desserts ,making the read an appetizing one .