Our Souls @Night !! Movie review …

The Movie Directed by Ritesh Batra,The Director Behind stories like “Lunchbox”& “The Sense of ending” adapted From the Novel”Sense Of Ending” by Julian Barnes.

Our Soul at Night” another unusual story of relationship of Two widowed neighbors who are both lonely and develop an unexpected relationship ,in a small town in United States. The film stars Jane Fonda, playing the characters of Addie and Robert Redford playing the characters of Louis water as the lead.

OurSouls at night Is too  adapted from a novel written by Kent Haruf by the same name “OurSoulAtNight”.

The Movie seemed “To Good To be True”as its a very happy film.Unlike the novel that has moments of drama over dramatised.

The story when adapted as a film had alternations,That were very interesting to know , As they were suited for the film narration and screenplay.”Like the train toy used in the film instead of the rats that were used in the novel.”

The opening scene,straight away begins the story of , the two neighbours meeting and the story unfolds,immediately.

The story targets the relation amongst the senior citizen age that hasn’t been showcased much,And Is done in a very light, enjoyable way.

The movie Produced By NETFLIX, And premiered by JioMAMIFILMFEST with the Director Ritesh Batra,Part of Q&A Post screening was the highlight for movie buffs like me.

Our Souls @ Night is certainly, A Story you wouldn’t like to miss and from A director like Ritesh Batra…with whom You are always Surprised.




Patience !!

Patience :The capacity to accept.A virtue,We all are loosing bit my bit.But,Deny it. As our behaviour translates to irritability,Anger and frustration that comes out on the other. 

That has resulted us in becoming intolerant:” Not being able to accept different views.”

Making us Loose our control…While some become addicted to Alcohol,tobacco and other are in search for Sugar…

All causing health issues later…Now what causes us to become depressed.

A state of mind,That we are afraid to admit as,it’s seen as an mental illenes. But,All we got to do is channelize our brain in ways that could result in productivity …Patience is the key… 

Trailblazer Summit !! 

The Trailblazer Summit,Browsing through various websites on things to do in Mumbai city,This weekend. I came across an event. To network for Professional from all fields. The event had founder,CEO and artist who have changed the way for the city to grow and made life easier. The event was done by both founders .

The environmental bit was done by MoleculeBaba and the Art side was done by Amplify art.

Both together,Made this like a city summit,Platform like the Tedx to learn the new developments taking around. This was one of the best ways for me to spend the Sunday in the city.

Diamond’s aren’t forever-The Kohinoor.

Kohinoor – The story of the most infamous Diamond, Written by William Dalrymple and Co-Authored by Anita Anand.

William dalrymple,has written well researched book previously too,Like the “last mughals “and the “last king of Afghanistan”which leaves no choice but,To trust the writer doing justice to the book “Kohinoor”.
Anita Anand,The co-author too has written “Sophia” The story of an indian princess, the daughter of Duleep singh king. Makes it a perfect combination of getting the best out of the story.   
The Book,is written in two parts.The first part written by William Dalrymple and the second part by Anita Anand The first part gives you the complete history of the diamond.

Where as the second part is all about the diamond reaching the United Kingdom.  

A complete story of how significant,The diamond was and the myths and facts about it, and is it really the Gem that was mentioned in Bhagavad purana’s tale of Krishna?

Journeying through the small village of India to landing in England,and being part of it ever since.

The diamond is known as mountain of light. “Mountain of light” Is the persian word for the kohinoor.

The 190 carats diamond ,in the end until it reached england was just 93 carats, such is the history of the diamond,19th Biggest diamond in the world.

As you keep discovering about the kohinoor,You realise.it has a sibling.The Dariya-i-noor, known as the “sea of light” and is preserved in tehran.

The other unknown facts, We in 2000 signed to get the kohinoor back an initiative taken by kuldip nayar,16 years later NGO filed a petitions,To bring it back. 

The book,Is all about the diamond…And you are left with the thought. Why? All the mess for this one Diamond.         

Silli Chilli -This one was the Silliest.

A comedy of Errors,That turned out to be a tragedy in the end.
As usual,Like everyday I ordered lunch at around 12:30.
And Silli Chilli  our new discovery over the months,Was our favourite Chinese place until yesterday 31st August 2017.
The order arrived around 13:30. And I Had kept staring at the receipt.As I was doubtful about it then itself.
When,We sat for lunch.
It was Garlic Gravy.
To my surprise,I wondered where is the Veg Garlic Rice.
So,I phoned the restaurant and complained.
I don’t know,How this order came.
But,This wasn’t what I ordered.
My colleague and I clearly remember what we ordered.
To sort things out,I admitted.It Could be mine.But,That was just the beginning.
Nikhil From Silli Chilli.Said he would send a wok of the day.And minutes later arrived.
But Chicken wok.
Being Ganpati.The colleague I was sharing with was eating only Vegetarian food.
So,I phoned again and complained again.
He said,He would immediately send me the paneer
I asked the delivery man,How long it would take as it was 14:30now.
He is said about 15-20 minutes.
At 15:00 I phoned again,The guy who I was speaking until now,Was no longer available.So I was in conversation with vishal or Zeeshan….I hardly cared who I spoke to now.Just wanted Food.
Now I was getting furious,So I told him to send Rice asap.He said ok.It would take time,How long? By about 16:00 Hrs…I fumed…Another 45 minutes.Told Him I would not be paying for this order and all.
He said,Sir that won’t be possible.
I could give you a compliment service of 1 portion of Chocolate mouse.
I request could you make it 2.
She said,Ok.
15:45.Calls me again 30 minutes later after,I spoke to him.
Can only give you one Chocolate mousse
I was now loosing my patience and told him.It’s not about the mousse
But about the service.
It’s 16:00 I phoned again… I am not going to be paying for anything at all.
Again he started to argue…He phoned the delivery man and updated him…Not to take any money.
16:20-16:30 Hours…Food finally arrives.The order is wrong again. 
And no complimentary mousse too.
Pathetic…Silli Chilli Never AGAIN