2021 Beverages

There has been a complete range of beverages that I have explored or tried in 2021. One of the main categories was tonic waters a lot of interesting flavours of tonic waters I tried and some of them particularly tasted well as a beverage or with a spirit or as a cocktail. And certain brands also explored another subcategory of the huge beverage/ Cocktails. Edible garnishes and non-alcoholic drinks are a fairly new concept in India that struck well with home bartenders and drinkers during the pandemic. While another tonic water brand did also launch lemonades a nostalgic drink with a few twists. Other non-alcoholics took me by surprise the ginger beer & Grapefruit ginger beer. The other category that I explored were syrups and though it said natural taste. They did come out a little artificial in taste. Syrups are still something I haven’t seen so many Indian brands taking the plunge into. While Cocktail mixers were something a lot of brands we’re starting with. Some of them were readily available while others were only noticed because of their collaborations. But yes there are suddenly too many players out there in this segment. While 2022 I would like to explore more bitters and syrups that are available and made in India. Since there is a huge interest in the home bartending and cocktail experience in India. It may be because of travel restrictions or others were exploring new hobbies.

Social networking!

Social media marketing/ Influencing:
It’s been a year since I have been very active on social media and more importantly one particular application the photo-sharing networking application. And in this one year, I have had a few questions which I don’t know how the brands, companies and organisations work. If you have an X number of followers and if the number of people you follow is More than the X number of followers you have. How are you more popular? And if another person has more followers than he follows and has more interesting content then how come isn’t worthy of you to share his content? Isn’t social media platforms used to share content that we think is not just informative but also interesting enough to be shared on a platform? Why would brands, organisations and companies only reshare celebrity posts? Celebrities make up less than 1% of your following. The rest who follow the brands, company and organisations relate to the product, service or enjoy the experience you give to the consumer, user and customer. Celebrities are the ones who mostly get paid to share positive reviews and make their posts insta worthy, but others use their creativity to express their love for the brand. But yet the brands do not acknowledge the efforts & time one invest in uploading and sharing photos.

2021 – What I learnt

How do you choose a book to read?

I don’t read or buy a book because it’s a best-seller, I only pick up a book that interests me.
Some of the questions I ask myself! You also too might consider while reading your next.
Am I interested in reading this book, because someone famous recommended it? Because of a friend who recommended or is it because I like the Story?
Normally with the Bestselling books of authors. The expectations from their other books rise high. But if you read a book that interests you and you liked it. The curiosity of what the bestseller author might Offer increases and his other work would then be considered. I tried doing these with multiple authors and it was one of the most effective of choosing your next read. Right from Murakami’s to Keigo Higashino to Malcolm Gladwell books.

Kolkata – Durga Puja Festival!

Four Years ago… The First time we visited Kolkata for a Bengali for wedding….In the heart of kolkata Park Street. We spent two days doing the most obvious kolkata things… Having the Kolkata Paan, Puchka and visiting the tourist attraction like Victoria museum besides attending the Punjabi- Bengali wedding… we visited Flurys one of the oldest Cafes in Kolkata almost 100 years old today.
To visiting a Chinese restaurant and having Indian Chinese since … Hakka Noodles we’re first discovered here in Kolkata. We also had the Rolls from Kusum .. Kolkata is popularly known for their Rolls!
While we had meals! How could we miss out on the desserts… Misthi Doi from Balaram Mullick one of the oldest sweet shop now has multiple outlets across kolkata. To having the Nolen Gur Ice cream & Paan ice cream from Pabrai to enjoying an Bengali-French meal at 6th Ballygunge restaurant.
Four years later…

We tried most of these things again … But visited places that we had missed Peter Cat & Mocambo known for their Chelo Kebab & Crab meat In Mustard Sauce & Pork Nuggets Both of these places are owned by the same owners, have same interiors but both offer a different menu… Besides the regular meal break we took.. we visited the Roastery House Cafe in Hindustan Park… A cafe done in an old bungalow with mustard colour walls and simple interiors.. Any place we visited Kolkata without booking we had a waiting for about forty minutes… but, Wait!
We did not just Eat & Sleep.
We also attended grand Bengali ceremony Durga Puja! One day we toured across the city visiting Durga Puja Pandal, that were beautifully designed keeping a theme & idea behind and with such creativity and deadlines…From Library, to the lockdown life to Football & Bollywood these were some of the pandal we visited.
You keep wondering why isn’t Kolkata visited by Tourist or why don’t people from other states come here!! And why don’t travel magazines promote Kolkata as a destination… why just Rajasthan, Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore?
The visit couldn’t be more kolkata, when we met the Superstar of Bengali Cinema Parambrata Chatterjee who is a very popular face in Bengali Cinema and someone who acted in a Bollywood movie Kahaani! That made me first want to visit Kolkata….

Durga puja Pandal

So Yes! I believe I have been lucky to have seen Kolkata like a local both times!!

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