Child Abuse is killing our children

Child abuse is a very broad term that is categorized into a few segments with physical, emotional and psychological trauma. It seems to be commonly associated within countries in Asia and even more in India, but why is child abuse like an epidemic in this world. Why are we people muted about abusing children? WillContinue reading “Child Abuse is killing our children”

One night stand/Date rape 

The peer pressure can sometimes lead to circumstances, which can change your life within few seconds of the moment. The teens too can be a difficult time for the guy & girls because it’s here where a lot of hormonal change that happens which in biological terms known as puberty and teens phase is knownContinue reading “One night stand/Date rape ”

So what if am I gay/lesbian I am in love

“Just look there see how they are sitting ,look look see how they getting close to each other ” This is how the conversation was happenning when a Aunt witnessed seeing a lesbian couple in love . Yes it can become very uncomfortable if you aren’t used to being around homosexual people but at theContinue reading “So what if am I gay/lesbian I am in love”

Language of love

There are so many languages that we have in this world from English ,Spanish ,German ,Hindi as some of the international languages and then we have regional languages ,these languages are not understood to all ,either the one staying in region would understand or the who are fluent with languages ,but between all these differentContinue reading “Language of love”

Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?

Love is something we all crave for all our life ever since we realize the power of love is endless. Love adds zest to our life. Love makes us stronger. Love is also something we yearn for in bad times. In time of personal turmoil loves gives us the courage to face our battles andContinue reading “Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?”