Child Abuse is killing our children


Child abuse is a very broad term that is categorized into a few segments with physical, emotional and psychological trauma. It seems to be commonly associated within countries in Asia and even more in India, but why is child abuse like an epidemic in this world. Why are we people muted about abusing children? Will we see emotional abuse only a sign of growing up or are we really ever willing to give some time to the children to really understand them, to help them get out of this pain that can follow them through their entire life. Do we see the act of bulling a way of life in schools? Are we not are of the extent of harm that is caused by children who emotionally and physical abuse their fellowmates. They are doing in under the influence of their environment and the influences of society and media. But why should other children become the victims of their negative influences. As citizens, parents, brothers and sisters, why are we so ignorant about the abuse faced by children while they are growing up? Did we go through it that we also want are children to go through it? Are we taking it for granted that child abuse is way of life? Are we so uneducated or rather uncivilized? Is child abuse somewhere down responsible for a child being differentiated from being an extrovert to an introvert? Can child abuse affect the level of confidence in his or her professional life? Can Child abuse be a reason for broken love affairs or marriages with dysfunctional relationships?

Child abuse can effect a person life so much that it can virtual kill its inner self and overcoming can take a complete lifetime because past isn’t forgotten easily… it leaves its deep imprints! So lets not take our children for granted… lets not take our own selves for granted. What we speak of today will instill confidence in our own selves and in our family and in the society by and large. If you disagree to anything I say then simply go down you memory lane!

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One night stand/Date rape 


The peer pressure can sometimes lead to circumstances, which can change your life within few seconds of the moment.

The teens too can be a difficult time for the guy & girls because it’s here where a lot of hormonal change that happens which in biological terms known as puberty and teens phase is known as the adolescent. Here I talking about this time and later in life when we hunt for a partner desperately but we might not really know what we are in for. Is it just the mind saying I have found somebody to show off to my friends and then the guy taking advantage? Or is it mutual admiration from both ends that see a future in the relationship if not in the long run but in the short run till you find the right one. Sometimes to find a companion is good enough. One can’t hit a bull’s eye in a go. So you keep trying by going out on date. And this also helps you fulfill your sexual desires. Like the girl who kissed a thousand toads before she met her charming prince. But are being used in your pursuit to find your Mr Right.

You might not know the answer until a situation arises and you might be taken advantage off especially when you are a girl. A blind date or a one-night stand can lead you to a disaster. This happened  to friend of  mine. She was very excited to meet this guy who she met in a chatroom. She bought a new dress to impress him since he claimed he was a son of a millionaire. They had dinner at a restaurant and then he got her drunk to the core at a pub. As an unexpected turn she was forced to fulfill his dirty sexual desires. She was too weak to retaliate. She was made to feel ugly almost like a whore. Her dreams, her youthful charm, her innocence, they all crashed in that one hour of extreme sexual molestation. She was looking forward to a healthy romantic relationship but she could barely walk out of the apartment that she was taken to by this self-proclaimed millionaire son. She was in physical pain but more of emotional trauma since she felt abused and emotionally cheated. So friends be very careful… you could be next. You too could become a victim of date rape. It could be even your boyfriend who you are seeing for a long time. He could lose control of himself and treat you like a prostitute. He could force his ugliness down your throat. Don’t take it lightly cause the scars that remain may torment you for a long long time. So stand up for your rights as a girl, as a woman. Don’t succumb to exploitation of any sorts just out peer pressure or to look socially uptight. A date is a romantic evening to share love and not to be used like an object of physical abuse or to pass on emotional trauma. Live to love and make love. Don’t make a love a means of living.

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So what if am I gay/lesbian I am in love


“Just look there see how they are sitting ,look look see how they getting close to each other ”
This is how the conversation was happenning when a Aunt witnessed seeing a lesbian couple in love .
Yes it can become very uncomfortable if you aren’t used to being around homosexual people but at the same time they did not choose to be like that ,they were not given a choice whether they wanted to be a male or female or rather be both of them at once .
They have the equal rights, all the benefits we get as either a male or female in are lifetime ,the privacy ,the jobs ,and an equal right of belongings to the earth and citizen of the country .They face too much of in -equality ,from a lot of people around them and so instead of making more fun about them we should try not being against them .
Let them be ,let them enjoy their time of being in love when they have found one ,let them be allowed to marry the one they want to live with .
Also why do we forget the designers not all but quite a few of them who’s design we aspire to own are all gays or lesbian ,so all I am saying is give them a chance to live , let them be free and let them  fly to the reach their destiny. If they are given absolute freedom they will enjoy their existence like all of us and find love and purpose in whatever they are doing.

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Language of love

There are so many languages that we have in this world from English ,Spanish ,German ,Hindi as some of the international languages and then we have regional languages ,these languages are not understood to all ,either the one staying in region would understand or the who are fluent with languages ,but between all these different languages there is one language that is universal the language of love ,language which is not be understood but felt ,the emotions of happiness the joy of laughter the moment of needing help all these don’t need to be explained or understood but are simply felt ,expressed in the own way possible by playing the game even if you know nothing about ,praising the food even though you hadn’t thought there is more to what you normally like .
And two madly in love ones can connect really well with what love actually is by just speaking that yes they are in love and they can speak about how they felt being in love the moment they met their partners who they fell in love

Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?

Love is something we all crave for all our life ever since we realize the power of love is endless. Love adds zest to our life. Love makes us stronger. Love is also something we yearn for in bad times. In time of personal turmoil loves gives us the courage to face our battles and fight them valiantly. Love adds meaning to our lives. When we connect with our soulmates or somebody of the opposite gender at deeper level, love gives us a sense of purpose in our mundane life. Love makes us want to make ourselves better as individuals and helps us connect to a higher self. Love can be a common thread between two absolute strangers who after find in love in each other are ready to sacrifice and wholeheartedly support each other.

Love is all we think about in the moments of romance. We are able to understand the essence of beauty in everything when we are in love which we would have not bothered to consider otherwise. When in love a rose looks more beautiful then ever. The sunrise and the sunset are the most amazing things on planet earth when we are in love. Love has no age bar. We are never too young nor to old to fall in love, but are always only a little confused when in love because of our own inner conflicts. Thus the best way to describe such a state of romance is through the age-old anecdote “love is blind “. But love cannot be always blind, cause one partner will always get an awakening to realize whether it is love indeed or plain infatuation. Love grows with time and only time can answer this mysterious question. So should we be practical while failing in love with somebody or should simply follow our heart to search for the big answer:


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