Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !

Sacred Gamesbased on the Novel by Vikram Chandra who’s plot

A Gangster and Cop story and the Corruption that lies within the system of Politics in the country. 

The first episode Premiered last night and set high expectations from the makers.

The Casting is one of its kind ,since we haven’t really seen SaifAliKhan Who portrays the Role of Cop  Playing the Character “Sartaj” and Nawazuddin playing role of The Gangster  “Ganesh Gaitonde.”While Radhika Apte play’s the character of an intelligence officer assisting Sartaj.

It’s a first of its kind Thriller Show coming from India with a huge star cast and Director like Anurag Kashyap & VikramAditya Motwane who are known for their Filmmaking style like Gangs of Wasseypur & Udaan.

Sacred Games is written by Varun Grover-Who you would know as the Stand up comedian.

Sacred Games is produced by Phantomfilms In Collaboration with Netflix.

And looking at the first episode that establishes the series to know what exactly happens next? And Why Ganesh Gaitonde chooses Sartaj to get in touch and give the lead of saving this city “Mumbai” to Sartaj Specifically.

And tells him if he could save the city in the  next 25 days that he has.

The Theme song “Kaam” is by Divine Rapper and a Catchy track for the show “Sacred Games” who’s Central plot is corruption & Mafia. 

The show will be Aired on Netflix from 6th July 2018.

Folk Theatre


The death of Traditional Form of Theatre.

There has been entertainment,even before Cinemas,Television and of course the internet Explosion.But, Does today’s generation have any idea of how the Entertainment in the past was like ? 

The once a upon time trend of Flash mob was InFact the closest one would get to experience live entertainment in the traditional form.

But,have  you heard about  “Tamasha”- not the movie,but a form of entertainment in Maharasthra. Which is driven from a persian word meaning a theatrical entertainment of some kind . was  actually different forms of dance available in maharshtra like the Lavanis,Khatak and ghazals performed by artist in village and rurual environment as a form of entertainment displaying the culture of the place as a tourist attraction and as a way of passing the time. 

But,Besides Movies  showcasing this  Form of theatre,This form of theatre   is seeing the death of our culture in the state.Not just in maharshtra,Northern India too hasn’t seen “Ramlila”a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama, ending up in ten-day battle between Rama  and Ravana.

A form of street play telling you the story of Ramayana, Which in today’s time hasn’t been witnessed by many in the form of play.  Because of the Television,Movies and Social Media giving away the one of the most self validated experience  form of entertainment through Audio Visual and will never be able  through Experiencing it.  

We have forgotten what its  like to experience culturally rich form of storytelling in its actual format as plays. 

its also because of patience, Fame and Money that performers like to act and be part of the larger mass media reach ,rather than travel across with a team for performances and get some self- satisfaction .That is why this form of entertainment has died a natural death  

Nautanki another word for street play used in Uttar Pradesh and for    romantic tales, mythologies, or biographies of local heroes       

The pleasure of Nautanki lies in the intense melodic exchanges between two or three performers; a chorus is used sometimes.These performances last 6-8 hours.narrating the complete story in a performance.The artist too have lost the time and the audience too have dwindled to make this form of entertainment nearly extinct     

These are some of the most popular forms of entertainment of the past,which have lost its appeal and these need to  be part of the culture once again as novelty experiences,For the youth to realise how things have changed in the past,And for another reason how important its to understand Human Connection.   

Storytelling Vs telling a lie.

 The other day, I was going through an interview when this thought struck me ,are Lies & Storytelling the same ?We lie to hide the truth from others, we lie because we cannot admit the truth ,We lie because we fear speaking out the truth as it will leave us alone,we might be hurting somebody if we speak up the truth .Ok that’s lying then what’s storytelling ? Storytelling is the power of telling stories that must have happened ,A piece of News that you have heard and you narrate it in a little dramatic way to get the attention of the listener .But Now if you actually see there is a thin line of a difference amongst the two in both forms we Lie to defend ourself even though we know we are wrong,guilty of taking the wrong side ,but again it might seem wrong to you ,but it might be the right thing for the speaker .At the same time stories we tell to entertain ,to make our imaginations run wild to impress how good we are at speaking ,Stories transform us to a magical place to a make believe world for us it might be dreaming while others laugh and say he is living with such a big lie.But for us its a fantasy a world that we create for ourself to be happy and defining the reality in others terms the truth that we know ,,but imagination is a lie for others ,but we are living by being hopeful for things to turnaround .

Love is in the air!


Love is the common factor that can bind us yet we so often take for granted.

We live in a world where we differentiate so much amongst people. Right from the colour to the appearance and to their social status that we forgot that the most important aspect of judging a person is how he or she as a person makes us feel in their presence. They maynot be good spokespersons or savvy conversationalists but their positivity rubs on us and we feel attracted to them in silence. Simply their presence makes us feel happy and proud of being around. Their calmness is contagious like the serenity of a lake. We can spend hours around them without being distracted or bored. Perhaps it’s the love that connects.

On the other hand most of the times we get too judgmental about people. We want them to behave in a particular way and be of a particular status or personality. This is when we miss the essence of love. The essence of love is to just be. The rest is all waste of time and idleness of the mind. The mind having nothing better to do misses out on the moment and tries to act like a big bully. It tells us what to do instead of how to feel. It takes us away from the real essence of being to rather the meaningless pursuit of what is unimportant in the larger scheme of things. So to love and feel the love of others is more soothing than the best of wine that you have ever had.

Check out the preview of Tiger Mates to understand how we need to feel life, how we need to love!

IPL Spot-fixing

sreesanthIPL season 6

the game of  cricket had changed six years ago  completely when the IPL -Indian Primer League was introduced to the fans of cricket with twenty overs to played by each side,more then 8 teams in the league,and play themselves twice once @ home , once away ,it will go on for month and half 45 days and more then 70 games played a season .

Now what this gamed had done was  given an direct opportunity to the young/new talents to play themselves with there icons and with international players this was the best thing to happen in the game to get to face these international experienced players @ an early age .But there were the few player who were not bought for enough @ the auction or the money they actually what happens when you don’t get what you expected ,you would either work hard ,focus on your weakness and strength or for satisfaction cheat ,so these players cheated their  team for their  own satisfaction is this team work? what are sports  for? aren’t sports for  better team efforts,better understanding of your role in a team.
lets continue we have a player quite well known for his behaviour as a public figure and just a few days a ago he clarified on his previous incidents.I know we aren’t talking exactly about his behaviour we are speaking about the game  which has become a global sport not only popular in the cricket playing nations but non-cricket nations,
there is so much money in the game for all for companies to introduce the products/services ,for celebrities to promote their campaigns,movies .
and suddenly out of no where a news breaks in 3 player caught for spot fixing ,from the same team rajasthan who had won the inaugural season even after been labelled as the underdog now after five  years what was the need for a player who played for the national team ,to get tempted for a spot to be fixed , the other you can understand but again ,why are we getting bribed don’t you people value yourself, the games .
This was surely happening all these years too,also its disappointing to see players running after money so much that their  sports,their game and their life is for sale .
And this game and this format has lost so many fans ,a few die hard fans. But has more followers for the drama that has been going on for the last five years