Personal Book Review – Becoming & Charles Chaplin !!


Becoming by Michelle Obama

I Wouldn’t have really read this book. But, The moment you read It’s written by the former first lady, You know it’s going to be a great read. As it’s going to have things you wouldn’t know about their lives and you also get the chance to know the White House from an insider, The whole architecture, The protocols and the life behind the camera as a president and more importantly Michelle Obama’s journey in life.

Charles Chaplin – Autobiography

I really don’t like reading artist biographies or autobiography’s who have been part of the entertainment industry. For one they could be totally biased, one-sided and slightly boring to read. But Charles Chaplin I have been wanting to read for a long time, a couple of days before we went on national lockdown (25th march ’20’ ) I was about to place an order from the e-commerce website, But did not. Also, having read most of the books that I had already ordered and now worried I had no books to read, First I began scrolling from my contacts and messaged a couple of my “friends” if they could lend me some books. After having waited for too long for them to reply, I browsed through my library at home once again! Maybe there is a book I haven’t read and guess what! I found one of the first editions of Charles Chaplin which was tearing apart and I began reading the book, It was one of the best books I must have read on cinema and actor as it teaches you so much about what goes behind an actor during his preparation and how much effort is it to “Act” and being a superstar of the “silent Era” This fascinated me and within five days I had finished reading the book. Right from his childhood to him coming back from Hollywood and visiting his roots in The UK to him finally settling down in Switzerland to have been married numerous time. About five times and having eleven kids to getting the longest standing ovation in the (Twelve Minutes long ) history of academy awards Charles was one hell of a “Charlie.” It’s a must-read for all and besides Charlie, if you want to read another book on an actor you must! And must read Naseeruddin Shah Memoir – Then one day!

What’s the future ?

While going through the newspaper today ,I came against a thought and was thinking about it for a while and wondering what is the perception of India for a tourist ,investor ,and an emigrate ,not in terms of the economic growth ,with MNCS ,enjoying the sudden change of Indians spending money on shopping for clothes. Cars,lifestyle ,health and travel ,but as nation where you go through a newspaper and there are front page stories of crime ,child abuse ,theft 95 % of the time ,but hardly would see any success stories on Indians changing the countries in a positive way ,these stories only come when they feel that’s well they have got enough crime news ,and now need to fill up the 32page newspaper with “some other news”,why are we giving so much importance to news that would damage the image of the country because of a few 100s ,and not just the newspaper ,the news channels too through out the day highlight news on the crime news ,don’t we as a country have much more to offer to the people ?
Can we not as a country see how much these horrifying incidents and stories affect the tourism of a country that has so much to see and do ?
I am not telling well not report these incidents ,rather give solution how can we stop this country from being known as the “criminal minds”.
And developing the country .

Happens only in India

When an Indian in India is scarastic,expressing his view on a poltics and poltican ,they arrest the citizen ,but when polticans do blunders ever now and then there is no action against them ,only criticising them ,speaking about them ,why can’t we as a country citizen take any action against ,we the people have elected them ,they haven’t elected us ,we are the people who are the ones who get affected ,they aren’t getting affected they know exactly who they are ,what they do,but then why do we people become silent after just getting aggressive for the moment and forget about ?,why aren’t we continuing to fight for change,is it because of the attitude that well thing will go on like this ?,why can’t we change ?what stop us from being the change ?
What’s stopping us from moving ahead In taking action against these rotten spoilt eggs ?

The New Government !!!

16th may 2014
Will go down in the history of India has one of those day where a poltical party single handedly won more than 272 seats ,more than anybody expected ,a day where finally after more than 60 years congress (the Ghanaians )have been defeated by the biggest margin in the history of politics .
Indian have shown the congress that ,they had given them enough chances and now they would like to give a chance to one of the leaders they believe can change India ,to a better place to live ,today it’s so happens that a young boy who at the age of 16 joined Poltics and nearly after 50 years has become the prime minster of India from a poltical party who had changed India from 1999-2004 but couldn’t really keep there momentum going and the new government than just ruled for the next decade and threw India to the dogs .
It’s the same man who was accused for the riots in Gujarat but nothing could prove his involvement during the riots
He is the same man who has been the chief minster for 3 consecutive terms in Gujarat that’s 15 long years ,it’s with that reason the Indians have voted him for the seat .
Now that Indians have done their job ,it’s time the man Nariender Modi too performed .

It happens only in India .

It’s the 24th April today ,No it’s not a reminder that’s it’s Sachin tendulkar birthday ,but it’s the day where most of the Indians have gone out of their houses to cast their “vote” .There were about 40% first time voter casting there vote .while there were the first time voters ,who voted for a change ,there were also a number of voters who voted to show there inked finger to the social media .
So now today ,I too a first time voter was all excited to go out and vote and was disappointed with the way you go through casting your vote .even though you have submitted all documents ,your name is missing from the list ,it’s just not me who’s name was missing it was my parents ,friends and there were a few well known people from the country who’s name were missing .
Does this mean the educated class votes not count ?
Also there were about more than a few lakh names missing from the district (Nashik)of the voters .
Is voting another business ?
Is voting a joke ?
How important is in to really for election to be held .
If they are there should be a better organised way .also this too should be looked at and being implemented by the next election a better voting system .
The country has just become worse in the last few years and It doesn’t seem to be changing in the way it should .
I am not worried that the country works like this ,I am just worried that what if it keep on working like this .