Personal Book Review – Becoming & Charles Chaplin !!

  Becoming by Michelle Obama I Wouldn’t have really read this book. But, The moment you read It’s written by the former first lady, You know it’s going to be a great read. As it’s going to have things you wouldn’t know about their lives and you also get the chance to know the WhiteContinue reading “Personal Book Review – Becoming & Charles Chaplin !!”

What’s the future ?

While going through the newspaper today ,I came against a thought and was thinking about it for a while and wondering what is the perception of India for a tourist ,investor ,and an emigrate ,not in terms of the economic growth ,with MNCS ,enjoying the sudden change of Indians spending money on shopping for clothes.Continue reading “What’s the future ?”

Happens only in India

When an Indian in India is scarastic,expressing his view on a poltics and poltican ,they arrest the citizen ,but when polticans do blunders ever now and then there is no action against them ,only criticising them ,speaking about them ,why can’t we as a country citizen take any action against ,we the people have electedContinue reading “Happens only in India”

The New Government !!!

16th may 2014 Will go down in the history of India has one of those day where a poltical party single handedly won more than 272 seats ,more than anybody expected ,a day where finally after more than 60 years congress (the Ghanaians )have been defeated by the biggest margin in the history of politicsContinue reading “The New Government !!!”