Series To Stream on Netflix and Chill!

  • • Unorthodox : 

The series was inspired by and is based on, the Memoir Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman.  Satmar Movement in a  Hasidic group(Community), is a  Jewish Group that arose as a spiritual revival movement in Western Ukraine in the 18th Century and spread across Eastern Europe rapidly. 

Today they are found in Israel and USA originating from the city Satu Mare Romania where it was founded in 1905 by  A Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum.  

Following WW 2 it was re-established in NY becoming one of the largest Hasidic movements in the world. It’s characterised by strict religious codes – rejection of Modern Culture and Anti-Zionism (Movement of Jewish people that supports re – Establishment of and support for Jewish State in a territory)

 a Hassidic community In Williamsburg, Brooklyn  NYC. 

Teachings – Emphasises God’s exist in the universe and the need to follow all religious practice and spiritual practices.

This series is the first series in Yiddish for Netflix and adapts and represents Jewish culture.  it’ represents the culture very authentically. The  Music Academy Barenboim-Said-Akademie is an actual location in Berlin, Germany where  Bachelors &  Artist Diploma in Music is studied  Jews & Muslims play classical music together, as a whole utopia. We were inspired by this idea, as the sort of institution that could only begin in Berlin.”

And in case you have read the book and are in two minds whether you should go ahead with series or not. How different is it?

Then you could watch the making of Unorthodox a twenty minutes episode on Netflix itself. 

And if you would just want to watch a movie instead to understand the Jew community you could watch. One of us – A movie you can watch. helps you identify the community and the who experience of the series is very 

  • High Seas : 

High Sea – Netflix series is a mystery period drama series in Spanish. 

Created by : Ramón Campos & Gema R. Neira


The show is completely set on a ship Bárbara de Braganza and as the journey begins from Vigo Port to Rio De Janeiro. 

There are few incidents taking place. The first season is a complete breeze with every episode ending in a dramatic twist waiting to be unfolded in the next episode. 

The episode is 45 minutes each. The show is two-season long with eight-episode each and the whole journey is an exciting, thrilling and keeping you on the edge.

Who Will like watching this?

Audience Who like Mystery Thrillers.

The Characters 

In the show, the characters are introduced just at the right moment & the backstory or references about them are given when needed.

In case you have already watched this show or would like to watch another series on the same lines  There are a couple of more shows by the creators on Netflix itself  Cable Girls, Grand Hotel & Velvet. 

The creators particularly love periodic drama and Have done well with the whole production & storyline. I am sure you would love these shows. 

Set Design & Production – Is very periodic and gives us the sense of a luxury cruise.

The lighting is very cinematic with the long shot of the ship on the water in the evening is the most beautiful shot in the series. 

The moment the crew pull the lever to adjust the ship is also very important details that have taken care of the whole set design.  (Slow, Half and full alphabetically written ) 

The costume, styling of the character is very retro and giving you the sense of the series set in the 1940s. 

The Music & Background score is suspenseful.  

The show offers a cast That not only good looking but with most of the Spanish actors being established models & well known Spanish actors.   

Why are artist important?

Artist are the only who you turn to when you need a change. 
When you are sad and low you would like forward to hear something that makes you happy. 
When you are looking for inspiration, You again turn towards music. 
When you are looking for a story or want to know somebody better you look towards reading books and try finding the missing pieces of your life or your story. 
You are looking and are trying to live the life of that character by becoming part of his world. 
When You are in the mood of a good laugh or suddenly burst out with tears after you watching a scene or the movie. 
When you are starting at the painting or drawing to express Wow! So beautiful. 
And now when the World has come to a standstill it’s these artists through their Music, Stories, Movies and Art are keeping us entertained and alive with hope that life would be back to normal. 
It’s the artist who we criticise, who we too have in our inner-self but don’t want to explore or are parents who don’t us to explore that side of ours. 
Now it’s high-Time we encourage more artist to be part of this world. Because it’s them who keep us entertained always. 
And with so many uncertainties in life. 
And not knowing what’s happen’s tomorrow 
Let’s all be bold and live our dreams. 

Self Isolation – Coronavirus!

It isn’t something that isn’t new anymore in the digital age! 
But, When you are forced to be self-isolated all of a sudden. That’s the challenge. 
And what does one really do in self- isolation? 
  • You can look for self-improvement. 
  • Exercise – Start with a routine which you can follow (Push-ups, Planks and crunches, Meditation, Breathing)and stretches at home. 
  • Read – If you always wanted to read that favourite book or start reading- Now is a perfect time – You can read books on kindle or subscribe on Magzter for all the popular magazines and newspaper and Flipboard for all interesting articles.  
  • Write – Start writing a diary, notes of what was the unexpected or expected that happened today. 
  • Draw – If you were always interested in Art than now explore that side. 
  • Cook & Bake – Learn to make your favourite things at home.
  • Learn – Something online that you would like to know more about. – You can lookup &  you can also learn a language 
  • Social Media – Now is the perfect time to start your own online channel and share what you know.
  • Watch Movies & Tv show – Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Play,zee5, Balaji Alt MUBI and Ted Talks
  • Play- Online Games with your friends. 
  • Listen – To Podcasts  – and on Saavn you can listen to a whole lot of them too.
But most importantly one will need to be Disciplined to Implement any of things they would like to begin and one more tip have a schedule for the day to try and work out the forced self- isolation period.


I often go to coffee shops and sit by myself on a table. But,Whenever I have visited and just sat at a coffee shop,the waiters and service people keep asking me if anyone is coming or for that matter the other people out there wondering if anyone would be coming before they could grab the chairs for their friends or business meets.Go into any Starbucks, and you’ll probably see two kinds of tables: round tables and rectangular tables. There’s a reason for the round tables. According to Reader’s Digest, the round tables are supposed to make you feel more at home when you’re by yourself.Then why do the service people question,When you are by yourself at coffee shops or for that matter restaurants.Why can’t I go to restaurant and occupy a table and have a meal by myself. I mean,Where in The rule book is it written,That you need company to enjoy a meal? I completely understand it’s considered logically that meals are eaten together,But haven’t you heard or experienced teenagers eating meals by themselves when watching television or streaming online websites ?Is it to difficult to accept and welcome people who are loners.Is this a reason why a huge number of people around are preferring to order food online and be socially isolated rather than going out and enjoying a meal at the restaurant or cafe and experience a meal with all their sense being involved ? The Visual appeal,The fragrance,The taste and the feel of the meal with the freshness sizzling around. I completely understand occasionally this would not make sense commercially,But you don’t have to be rude to the one’s who would be having meals by themselves.

2018 Dairies !!

2018 has been a Journey filled with lots of travel Stories. Right From Jaipur to Jodhpur in India to Monoco and Morocco for Work. And not to forget the highlight –  Japan for Family Holiday. 
Experiencing the Rajasthan culture in India to experiencing the Japanese culture and living the  Moroccan life. 
All these places either had Food, lifestyle or architecture. And these  Culture  became another Journey in itself.
Books worth the Read In 2018. 
Journeys through the books. 
Starting from Exiting West to Landing at the port of Mokha and Many reads in between from open by Andre Agassi to “Killing Commendatore by Murakami  below are the top 5 reads of 2018.
1.Exit West – by Mohsin Hamid  stories of immigrants. 
2.Homo Deus – by Yuval Harari  How the Technology  is collecting data and using it. 
3.Born a Crime – by Trevor Noah A true story of a comedian born in South Africa with a mother being a black and father a white. 
4.Monk of Mokha –  by Dave  Eggers – Story of how The port of Mocha coffee travelled across the international waters.
5.Killing Commendatore – by Murakami
Noteworthy Movies of 2018 
1.Puzzle -How a simple gift of a puzzle changes the perspective of one individual 
2.Crazy Rich Asians – The Big fat Indian wedding going global 
3.Searching – How technology helps track down a father daughter and her murderer. 
4.Ben is Back – A  young drug addict and his mother’s story to come in terms with reality. 
And the Hindi film industry had many movies to choose to watch this year! 
But there a few out there you couldn’t miss at all . 
1.Pad Man by R.Balki was one of the great stories the year began with and continued till Raid, The income tax issue can sometime come as a surprise-Ajay Devgn needs to experiment.
2.Hichki -Though a inspiration from the west.Brought Rani Mukherji Back as a actor and the production house for their content. 
3.Missing the only missing from this psychology thriller was the audience who missed one of the best thrillers of the year.
4.October – Simple stories are the most difficult to tell.And October by Shoojit Sircar was one such story.
5.Beyond the cloud by Majid Majidi -Had the world  take notice of Ishan Khattar as an actor & performer 
Raazi,Soorma,Parmanu,Andhadhun,Badhaai Ho ! And Manmarziyaan were a few movies to watch out.