The New Government !!!

16th may 2014
Will go down in the history of India has one of those day where a poltical party single handedly won more than 272 seats ,more than anybody expected ,a day where finally after more than 60 years congress (the Ghanaians )have been defeated by the biggest margin in the history of politics .
Indian have shown the congress that ,they had given them enough chances and now they would like to give a chance to one of the leaders they believe can change India ,to a better place to live ,today it’s so happens that a young boy who at the age of 16 joined Poltics and nearly after 50 years has become the prime minster of India from a poltical party who had changed India from 1999-2004 but couldn’t really keep there momentum going and the new government than just ruled for the next decade and threw India to the dogs .
It’s the same man who was accused for the riots in Gujarat but nothing could prove his involvement during the riots
He is the same man who has been the chief minster for 3 consecutive terms in Gujarat that’s 15 long years ,it’s with that reason the Indians have voted him for the seat .
Now that Indians have done their job ,it’s time the man Nariender Modi too performed .

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