Fatafati(Amazing) Kolkata!!

Kolkata-Harvested Yesterday (Kal-Yesterday,Kata-Harvested)The moment we landed,at the airport Walked into the baggage claim belt. I realised The airport is Big!! Started our journey towards our hotel. The airport Architecture is very internationally appealing. Kolkata version of The Big Ben too Came on our way and then we realised kolkata is a Big city!! It’s theContinue reading “Fatafati(Amazing) Kolkata!!”


Is media responsible for shaping the society as a group and  as an individual? Think about it?  The media informs us of what is  happening around us,By feeding us with information which they believe might interest us. There is so much happening around the world,In our country,State and city.That isn’t reported or becomes a eyeContinue reading “MB-MEDIA BYTE !!”

The New Government !!!

16th may 2014 Will go down in the history of India has one of those day where a poltical party single handedly won more than 272 seats ,more than anybody expected ,a day where finally after more than 60 years congress (the Ghanaians )have been defeated by the biggest margin in the history of politicsContinue reading “The New Government !!!”