Personal Book Review – Becoming & Charles Chaplin !!


Becoming by Michelle Obama

I Wouldn’t have really read this book. But, The moment you read It’s written by the former first lady, You know it’s going to be a great read. As it’s going to have things you wouldn’t know about their lives and you also get the chance to know the White House from an insider, The whole architecture, The protocols and the life behind the camera as a president and more importantly Michelle Obama’s journey in life.

Charles Chaplin – Autobiography

I really don’t like reading artist biographies or autobiography’s who have been part of the entertainment industry. For one they could be totally biased, one-sided and slightly boring to read. But Charles Chaplin I have been wanting to read for a long time, a couple of days before we went on national lockdown (25th march ’20’ ) I was about to place an order from the e-commerce website, But did not. Also, having read most of the books that I had already ordered and now worried I had no books to read, First I began scrolling from my contacts and messaged a couple of my “friends” if they could lend me some books. After having waited for too long for them to reply, I browsed through my library at home once again! Maybe there is a book I haven’t read and guess what! I found one of the first editions of Charles Chaplin which was tearing apart and I began reading the book, It was one of the best books I must have read on cinema and actor as it teaches you so much about what goes behind an actor during his preparation and how much effort is it to “Act” and being a superstar of the “silent Era” This fascinated me and within five days I had finished reading the book. Right from his childhood to him coming back from Hollywood and visiting his roots in The UK to him finally settling down in Switzerland to have been married numerous time. About five times and having eleven kids to getting the longest standing ovation in the (Twelve Minutes long ) history of academy awards Charles was one hell of a “Charlie.” It’s a must-read for all and besides Charlie, if you want to read another book on an actor you must! And must read Naseeruddin Shah Memoir – Then one day!

Filmmaking series on Netflix!!

•The Kominsky Method 

A Comedy series based on two main characters in the seventies, one is an acting coach and the other one was his agent but have since been best friends. 

The series revolves around the relationship of senior citizen friends, Family and how everything we experience could be applied in acting. It’s a show if you want to have fun and go On a little emotional journey. 

  • Hollywood 

A New Series on The OTT Platform on The business of Hollywood industry and how does one really make it in this industry. 

Darren Criss who plays the role of the filmmaker Raymond Ainsley is also the producer of the series  & David Corenswet, Who plays jack Castellao one of the leads in the series. 

The Series establishes the Hollywood industry of the late forties and gives us an insight into what Hollywood could be if all the decisions that were taken in this fiction series were taken then based on true events.

The series is a limited series and very interestingly done as it shows the discriminations against being coloured and Preference of being white and how the things change. 

Laura Harrier essays the role of  Camille Washington, an up-and-coming black actress. (Who was last seen in BlacKkKlansman David Corenswet who essays the role of an aspiring actor named Jack Castellao. 

Hattie Mcdaniel the first black lady who won the first Oscar as a black lady is played by Queen Latifah. 

Jake Picking who plays the role of Rock Hudson a popular actor of the 1950s. He hadn’t come out in public that he was homosexual until his last days.

Ace pictures in the series based on Paramount Pictures.

Sherry Lansing, The First women  American executive of Paramount pictures.  might be the inspiration behind as she was the first women to head a Hollywood Movie Studio.

Micheal Krusiec – Who was seen in invitation plays the character of Anna May Wong the first Chinese actress to gain international recognition. 

Dylan Mcdermott who plays the character of Ernie the owner of the Gas station and someone who is a pimp. Is based on Scotty Bowers a Hollywood Pimp. 

Jeremy Pope who is an established theatre actor plays the role, Archie Coleman, a black screenwriter.

International Films @ MAMI Fest

Swiss Army Man Winning the Best Director Award for Dan KWAN,Daniel Scheinert at Sundance Film festival.

A Movie starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and Paul Dano who was last seen in 12 years a slave.
Hank(Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island.Having given up all hopes of making it home again.But One day everything changes when a corpse named manny(Daniel Radcliffe) washes up the shores,The two become and go on epic adventures that will bring Hank back to the woman of his dream.
The movie was unexpectedly one of the best movie I Have watch of Daniel Radcliffe as its humorously,Well constructed movie set in a single location.    

Goodbye to language (Adieu Au LANGUAGE) By JEAN LUC GODARD French swiss film director,Screenwriter and film Critic,The man responsible for identifying with 1960s French film movement as the “New Wave” and was innovate in his style of storytelling.
Goodbye To language is an experimental 3D Film And the highlight of the film is two separation shots in which a single,unbroken shot splits into separate shots that can be viewed simultaneously through either the left or the right eye and returns to one single 3D Shot,Double exposure 3D images and shots with parallax that are difficult for the human eye to see.   

The Lure(ĆORKI DANCINGU) Directed by AGNIESZKA SMOCZYŃSKA her 1st feature film and she has executed it so well.
Two mermaids sister swim out of the sea into a Warsaw nightclub set in the 80s,They are wild,Sexy and hungry for life.And with human qualities one of the sister falls in love with A young Man and the sister bonds are tested when they are forced to take decisions . Another polish film that I watched and enjoyed as these ideas are so fresh.
The film also got a special jury Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Fest.

The Together Project(L’EFFET AQUATIQUE)

Samir a tall,lanky,in his 40s crane operator from Montreulli in the outskirts of Paris,falls head over heals in love with Agathe.
And discovers she is a swimming instructor and decides to join her classes (although he can swim perfectly) and a few lessons later she realises the real intentions for him to join the class and this is how they actually meet each other.
Winner of 2016 CANNES FILM FEST (Director Fortnight)  

The last and final article of my experience and MAMI Fest 2016 

Indian Selection at MAMI !!!

Autohead  Directed,Story and screenplay by Rohit Mittal.

 A story set in the suburbs of Mumbai,Where a documentary Filmmaker is documenting the life of an autorickshaw driver called Narayan.,As the filmmaker continues filming and documenting his life, he dig deeper into the auto rickshaw driver’s life and discover angst,Sexual frustration and paranoia.This changes the course of their film.
After the movie was completed it Impacted me so much that I was afraid you taking a journey back home in the auto rickshaw.

Six stories by six Filmmakers Telling each story of What “Madly” means to them by sharing stories on love.Friendship.Relations. 
Each short movie synopsis shared below.
Clean Shaven directed by Anurag Kashyap  (India )Trapped in a boring marriage with a restrictive, old-fashioned husband, a young housewife finds solace in a quasi-romantic friendship with her much-younger neighbour. Although this arrangement boosts her self-esteem, her husband continues to imprison her heart and body. Will she find the courage to break free?
Afterbirth Directed by Mia Wasikowska (Australia)
They say a mother’s love is the world’s strongest bond, but how can you give your baby your heart when you’re a young single mother who feels like your newborn is a stranger?
Dance Dance Dance Directed by Sebastián Silva (U.S.A.)
He’s just a normal Bronx teenager having fun breakdancing on the subway until his feeling for his best friend gets complicated. When his religious parents shun him after he announces he’s gay, he goes in search of compassion on the streets of New York.
Love Of Love Directed by Sion Sono (Japan)
A little sister has a secret she can’t wait to tell. Newly engaged, the youngest looks around the dinner table and wilts when she scrutinizes the passionless, vanilla marriages of her family members. Just when she refuses to let a wedding ring be the end of a hot love life, she’s coyly ushered into the playful world of a Tokyo sex club.
Love Of My Life Directed by Gael García Bernal(Argentina)
He’s in his forties; she’s in her twenties. Their relationship has always been a pendulum swinging between passion and ambivalence. Now that she’s expecting their first child, will the baby keep them together or tear them apart?
I Do Directed by Natasha Khan (U.K.)
Just in time for her wedding day, a young bride-to-be encounters a ghost from her past. She comes to welcome the encounter, allowing her to move forward with her new life.
Madly tells you how Mad we get with feeling that mean something 

Art Fest !!! 

Day 1 -1st session -Designing. a sucessful brand

This Sunday ,one of its kind “art fest “concluded at Modart international Mumbai branch it was a 3 day event from noon-evening ,sessions were organised with the best in the field of art ,whether they were from art direction &production,Digital media agency or Art illustrators .the speakers were not only from India but international too ,with a good response for the 1st time .The event concluded with students asking for not just give us more,but how did you manage this event in just a short while .The event had a speaker from Dominic Republic ,Tomas pichardo an artist who had done so many interesting piece of art & animation.Art illustrator Saurabh Sadanand who’s honest opinion were humorous throughout his session .And then last but not the least The topic designing a successful brand had the 3 day event kickoff to a great start . The event also had topics ranging from how photography & Graphics connect ,How E-commerce the present and future of India can implement graphics & design in it .And many more .For all those who missed it .Have missed how you could fall in love with filmmaking ,Art & Design once again.

Day 3 speakers doing interactive excersie

speakers on the 2nd. day