What’s the future ?

While going through the newspaper today ,I came against a thought and was thinking about it for a while and wondering what is the perception of India for a tourist ,investor ,and an emigrate ,not in terms of the economic growth ,with MNCS ,enjoying the sudden change of Indians spending money on shopping for clothes. Cars,lifestyle ,health and travel ,but as nation where you go through a newspaper and there are front page stories of crime ,child abuse ,theft 95 % of the time ,but hardly would see any success stories on Indians changing the countries in a positive way ,these stories only come when they feel that’s well they have got enough crime news ,and now need to fill up the 32page newspaper with “some other news”,why are we giving so much importance to news that would damage the image of the country because of a few 100s ,and not just the newspaper ,the news channels too through out the day highlight news on the crime news ,don’t we as a country have much more to offer to the people ?
Can we not as a country see how much these horrifying incidents and stories affect the tourism of a country that has so much to see and do ?
I am not telling well not report these incidents ,rather give solution how can we stop this country from being known as the “criminal minds”.
And developing the country .

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