Writers & Readers !!

“If we all are writing,Who’s reading” A statement,that makes you think,Pause and wonder for a while and makes you believe that the one’s who are aspiring to become better with their writing are reading,The new readers who find it difficult to understand what’s a good written piece are reading , average and below average areContinue reading “Writers & Readers !!”

Lost in transition!!

Boredom: State of feeling Bored.Bored a term that describes being impatient because of being unoccupied or lacking interest.We need to get bored in life or have a state of mind facing Boredom. As Boredom pushes our limit and moves us away from our comfort zone and in today’s times nobody really as such faces beingContinue reading “Lost in transition!!”

Our life !! 

There are many factors that affect our life and one of them is ,Your environment is a also a factor that moulds you as a person with the other factors that involve a humans evolvement from developing a personality that’s distinct from each human or in many ways similar to many. But our genes alsoContinue reading “Our life !! “

Happens only in India

When an Indian in India is scarastic,expressing his view on a poltics and poltican ,they arrest the citizen ,but when polticans do blunders ever now and then there is no action against them ,only criticising them ,speaking about them ,why can’t we as a country citizen take any action against ,we the people have electedContinue reading “Happens only in India”