Writers & Readers !!

“If we all are writing,Who’s reading”

A statement,that makes you think,Pause and wonder for a while and makes you believe that the one’s who are aspiring to become better with their writing are reading,The new readers who find it difficult to understand what’s a good written piece are reading , average and below average are reading.

The writers  who are writing are reading too to express their feeling as clearly as possible.

The one’s who are interested in knowing what are the New age problem and what were the problem in the past are reading.

The one’s who are curious are reading.

“Writing is reading” isn’t it?

Lost in transition!!

Boredom: State of feeling Bored.Bored a term that describes being impatient because of being unoccupied or lacking interest.We need to get bored in life or have a state of mind facing Boredom.

As Boredom pushes our limit and moves us away from our comfort zone and in today’s times nobody really as such faces being bored or face Boredom ,since we try to keep ourself occupied 24*7 with activities ranging from gossiping,Stalking and sharing throw back post just to make our lives interesting.

But,Boredom can actually be the best to happen to anybody as it gives an opportunity to us to explore the other options we have or other interest we can develop.

Boredom as a state of mind is lacking a lot in today’s time in every individual’s life as we aren’t willing to admit or accept we are actually bored of doing something,Something even though we have enjoyed it.Aren’t enjoying anymore.

Bored is another way of knowing exactly what one’s enjoys but that’s the same cause and effect of people not experimenting with one’s self In terms of trying out a different cuisine, trying another genre of cinema,Entertainment ,trying out something different from your favourite restaurant.

Boredom and being Bored also helps in self realisation of your talents,Strengths and Weaknesss in a way Boredom can help you analyse yourself or re-evaluate yourself in becoming a better you.

Our life !! 

There are many factors that affect our life and one of them is
,Your environment is a also a factor that moulds you as a person with the other factors that involve a humans evolvement from developing a personality that’s distinct from each human or in many ways similar to many.

But our genes also remain a factor that dominates our life in many ways ,we only realise when we study further the cause and effects of some of the medical diagnosis that has affected some of our family members.

With so much of us,from many of us it’s impossible not to have a question ,why is that way we have to be like this ?

I mean isn’t there anybody in the world who doesn’t have a single background to him/her at all ?
Of course the answer would be the very fact we are born in the world is because of the reproduction through two souls meeting each other .And that’s when we are born .

But the birth itself,gives us some qualities that we don’t believe we are born with or are either enhanced while growing up or while being compared by our parents amongst themselves and the child.

But what if the child wants to try something new that’s not being even thought of or even thought one day one of the family member could ever think About .
Why should one be denied,for one who thinks,he is capable rather confident about doing something in this Big Big World.

Happens only in India

When an Indian in India is scarastic,expressing his view on a poltics and poltican ,they arrest the citizen ,but when polticans do blunders ever now and then there is no action against them ,only criticising them ,speaking about them ,why can’t we as a country citizen take any action against ,we the people have elected them ,they haven’t elected us ,we are the people who are the ones who get affected ,they aren’t getting affected they know exactly who they are ,what they do,but then why do we people become silent after just getting aggressive for the moment and forget about ?,why aren’t we continuing to fight for change,is it because of the attitude that well thing will go on like this ?,why can’t we change ?what stop us from being the change ?
What’s stopping us from moving ahead In taking action against these rotten spoilt eggs ?