2018 Dairies !!

2018 has been a Journey filled with lots of travel Stories. Right From Jaipur to Jodhpur in India to Monoco and Morocco for Work. And not to forget the highlight –  Japan for Family Holiday. 
Experiencing the Rajasthan culture in India to experiencing the Japanese culture and living the  Moroccan life. 
All these places either had Food, lifestyle or architecture. And these  Culture  became another Journey in itself.
Books worth the Read In 2018. 
Journeys through the books. 
Starting from Exiting West to Landing at the port of Mokha and Many reads in between from open by Andre Agassi to “Killing Commendatore by Murakami  below are the top 5 reads of 2018.
1.Exit West – by Mohsin Hamid  stories of immigrants. 
2.Homo Deus – by Yuval Harari  How the Technology  is collecting data and using it. 
3.Born a Crime – by Trevor Noah A true story of a comedian born in South Africa with a mother being a black and father a white. 
4.Monk of Mokha –  by Dave  Eggers – Story of how The port of Mocha coffee travelled across the international waters.
5.Killing Commendatore – by Murakami
Noteworthy Movies of 2018 
1.Puzzle -How a simple gift of a puzzle changes the perspective of one individual 
2.Crazy Rich Asians – The Big fat Indian wedding going global 
3.Searching – How technology helps track down a father daughter and her murderer. 
4.Ben is Back – A  young drug addict and his mother’s story to come in terms with reality. 
And the Hindi film industry had many movies to choose to watch this year! 
But there a few out there you couldn’t miss at all . 
1.Pad Man by R.Balki was one of the great stories the year began with and continued till Raid, The income tax issue can sometime come as a surprise-Ajay Devgn needs to experiment.
2.Hichki -Though a inspiration from the west.Brought Rani Mukherji Back as a actor and the production house for their content. 
3.Missing the only missing from this psychology thriller was the audience who missed one of the best thrillers of the year.
4.October – Simple stories are the most difficult to tell.And October by Shoojit Sircar was one such story.
5.Beyond the cloud by Majid Majidi -Had the world  take notice of Ishan Khattar as an actor & performer 
Raazi,Soorma,Parmanu,Andhadhun,Badhaai Ho ! And Manmarziyaan were a few movies to watch out. 

Uncommon Types-Some stories by Tom Hanks!


#UncommonTypes- Some Stories by Tom Hanks.


How fascinating and curious one behaves, 

When one Reads the title of  the book. 

Oh! This sounds interesting,The cover is creative and then the last thing you notice is the writer/Author. Unless You already know which book you are looking for .

Uncommon Types-Some stories, Inspected the book  carefully,Going through the cover,The blurb and pausing to wonder what might this book be about ? As they rightly say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover “ The title could be something and the the story could be altogether something else. 

After  a month,Thinking it over,Do I really want to read this book? For who do I want to read the book? for the author who has written it ? or for the story.

Started reading the book.And Was interested in reading it only because it was about typewriters and written by some one  who is interested and passionate about the tool.

And I was fairly disappointed with the book.Not,Because it was Bad or because it was too much to grasp.But,May be because my expectations were set high on this Read,as its written by  A very well established and known Hollywood celebrity “TomHanks” On a tool which he is passionate about.Being  a writer too,The typewriter font (American Typewriter/Courier)being my favourite,I felt this book would be more driven by the central subject,But most of the stories,Had the very small part played by the main subject “Typewriter” a total anti-climax to a wonderful thought on the subject.

The writing styles through the book was innovate,With having all different types mentioned and  Photo for reference,The sound of typewriter being emphasised on most of the stories, was written well.And I could relate to it as a couple of years ago,Had the privilege of writing and experiencing the typewriter. .

The Newspaper Layout for the journalist story was done well.All in All there was great value and emphasis on  the designing  and very little seen into the “content” it provided.

May be,The publishers too were so drawn to the name who was writing the book “TomHanks” must have felt restricted to criticise the written matter.

it’s for the same reason why one feels not to read books on specialised subjects written by the experts ,we believe they are who could give us the right insight in the particular subjects.  

Pancakes in Paris!!!

Pancake in Paris- A journey of an American,Craig who fell in love with Paris.

Craig  Carlson  was a screenwriter in the past in Hollywood.

Books on Food,Chefs or lifestyle can hardly be read or imagined by one why? You couldn’t find something Better!! To read!!

But,Trust me This one book “pancake in Paris” was on my reading list for the last year and thank God !! I read it !! It’s a pleasant read to know the nuisance of the hospitality industry and how much ones goes through when one is living abroad and missing his food …It’s full of pain…But worth all the gains,The satisfaction one gets from living their Dream.

Pancake in Paris…Breakfast in America is about Craig’s journey of falling in love with Paris during his teens on an exchange programs and years later opening his diner ‘Breakfast in America.’Living the American dream in Paris is  the Yummiest read for me this year so far.

The book written in parts titled starters, Main Course and Desserts ,making the read an appetizing one .

Atomic Blonde-Movie Review!!

Atomic Blonde from the director of Deadpool & John Wick David Leitch You can only expect actions at it’s best.And it doesn’t disappoint with,  Atomic Blonde being us sneak peak what it would be like For a Blonde to be like Blonde. In The first few minutes itself you are interested in knowing about,And you realise how different is it from others.

A story of the most elite Spy MI 6 Lorraine Broughton,who’s willing to give it all and redeem the mission she has been assigned.

The story is from the point of view of  the protagonist narrating the story of her mission.With spray effect filter in the edits,made it appealing.

The beginning,Giving out a word of caution this is not that story of 1989 November When the Berlin Wall was about to fall 

The story being inspired from a Novel Graphic The coldest City written by Anthony Johnston A British Comic writer.Makes total sense for the spray effect.

The Blonde is played by charlize Theron .An actress who has been part of thriller like Mad Max fury,Fast and Furious 8 and the Italian Job.

Antagonist played by James McAvoy has played the most challenging role till date of 23 personalities in a single movie the split.A neatly done,Action movie.With the Mystery remaining…

Viceroy House-Movie Review!! 

“Viceroy House ” film on the British-Indian About the inside life of the viceroy’s House in 1947 during the Partition of India.The Plot revolves around the final Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten,who has to oversee the transition of British India after independence ,but meets with conflict as the two sides clash in the face of monumental change. Downstairs in the servants quarters, Mountbatten’s new manservant, Jeet falls in love for the daughter’s assistant, Alia and all manner of obstacles of caste are put in their way.

The film stars Huma Qureshi Popular Bollywood Actress, Manish Dayal Played hassan kadam a chef in 100 Foot Journey Hugh Boneville known for his role in Downtown abbey Robert Crawley and Earl of Grantham plays Lord Mountbatten and Gilian Anderson playing Lady Mountbatten popularly known as DR Bedelia Du Maurier in hannibal.

The film aesthetically in terms of the art direction,Costume is very authentic, takes you back in time 1940’s during the fight for independence.It also answers few of our question,Who was responsible for the partition. Was Nehru and Gandhi’s Ideology always different ?

A story based on true events, but not too dramatised. and Crisp. You cannot miss this one. 

Produced and written by Gurinder Chadha,Paul Mayeda Berges and Moira buffini Music by A.R Rahman Directed by Gurinder chadha.Paul Mayeda Berges has also written Bend it Like Beckham & Bride and Prejudice Both Directed by Gurinder Chadha .

Trivia He is also Gurinder Chadha’s husband.