Happens only in India

When an Indian in India is scarastic,expressing his view on a poltics and poltican ,they arrest the citizen ,but when polticans do blunders ever now and then there is no action against them ,only criticising them ,speaking about them ,why can’t we as a country citizen take any action against ,we the people have elected them ,they haven’t elected us ,we are the people who are the ones who get affected ,they aren’t getting affected they know exactly who they are ,what they do,but then why do we people become silent after just getting aggressive for the moment and forget about ?,why aren’t we continuing to fight for change,is it because of the attitude that well thing will go on like this ?,why can’t we change ?what stop us from being the change ?
What’s stopping us from moving ahead In taking action against these rotten spoilt eggs ?

Published by nandakhil

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