Power of your will !!

It’s the will power in us that lets us take all the non sense so that when we get the opportunity we can prove our self, it’s the willpower that also lets us be defensive while we take challenges up because we know we too can be a winner, it’s the will power or humanContinue reading “Power of your will !!”

Being In Love

“Love can make the whole world upside down “ A girl in love is usually at her best when she falls in love .Whether it’s her attitude towards life ,or whether it’s her confidence  both seems to be positive through the phase of being in love with somebody , love gives confidence and the glowingContinue reading “Being In Love”

Romance like a tiger !!!

Why let Age change the way you feel about somebody very close to you ? Romance is an attachment to show how much you still love somebody .Often long relationships between couples might occasionally be  taken for granted with a hectic life  Work ,social commitments ,deadlines around  them. it can  become difficult to express theirContinue reading “Romance like a tiger !!!”

Books are movie magic !!!

The trend in reading habits for the youth is changing and changing in a big way from shifting their interest from literary to interesting stories that have a good way of telling the story which keeps them entertained,interested in reading more such books,And this seems to me the reasons behind Books being adapted into filmsContinue reading “Books are movie magic !!!”