The Monk of Mokha -Book Review !

The Monk of Mokha is a true story about Mokthar alkhanshali who did many odd jobs until one day when a lady asked  #Mokhtar have you seen the statue across the street?  and she was surprised he had never seen the statue.  That’s a statue of Yemini dude Al Shadhili  known as the monk ofContinue reading “The Monk of Mokha -Book Review !”

Uncommon Types-Some stories by Tom Hanks!

#UncommonTypes- Some Stories by Tom Hanks.   How fascinating and curious one behaves,  When one Reads the title of  the book.  Oh! This sounds interesting,The cover is creative and then the last thing you notice is the writer/Author. Unless You already know which book you are looking for . Uncommon Types-Some stories, Inspected the book  carefully,Going throughContinue reading “Uncommon Types-Some stories by Tom Hanks!”

Circle movie review !! 

“The circle “Adapted from a novel written by Dave eggers is about A tech worker Mae Holland played by Emma Watson as she joins the most powerful tech company which starts out as an incredibly rewarding experience, but as she works there longer, things start to fall apart.  The movie follows the story of Mae Holland,Continue reading “Circle movie review !! “