The Coffee Experience!

Syphon – A tube used to convey liquids upwards from a reservoir and then down to a lower level of its own accord.

Once the liquid has been flown into the tube typically by suction or immersion flow continues unaided.

Now imagine-This is a coffee making method in Japan known as Siphon coffee Which was invented in 1840 by a French housewife and a Scottish marine engineer -Marie Fanny Amelne Massot of Lyons of France known as Mme. The design was initially known as Vasseiux -Two glass balloons shaped held together (The same design is the Siphon coffee makers we know today )At the same time Scottish marine engineers was working on his version which was known as Napier coffee pot which was awarded by the  institution of mechanical engineers in 1856.

The syphon is becoming so popular around the world -Every coffee shop has it on their menu today.On my Recent visit to the Coffee Di Bella Exclusive outlet.

I couldn’t resist trying out the syphon and while my cousin too was on a coffee date with me.We ordered the Syphon and

The whole coffee making process  was made interesting by Jaykrut from

coffee Di Bella who was very enthusiastic about us two braving the rains and walking into the coffee shop for the cinematic coffee experience .

The phrase there isn’t any business like show business holds true for this coffee making  method.

Water is poured into one glass that’s at the bottom.

Cut to :

The burner it could a manual or electric burner.(The one which you get part of the kit is a Manual one) is lit and you could see the water boiling.

Long shot :

The coffee  grounds are poured and the glass is pressed down (Those familiar with French press coffee technique) and the coffee grounds get mixed with the waters and the coffee is now getting brewed.

And is ready to be served  a minute later.

Enjoy the cup of coffee with cookies.

Fade to black.

Second Nature -Cold Extraction

A newly launched variety of cold extracted juices and Cold extracted Milk under the name of second nature is now available through a subscription model.The Cold extraction Is part of a new technology that only a select companies use.

Have been having them for a while now! During the trial period when sample were sent with a prototype code.

To understand which flavours we had to taste each code  and  note down which taste was most prominent and which were least. This went on till we got the second lot of samples with the flavours and we could all  have the sigh of relief when we saw the labels on the bottles with the flavours!

With a lot of Ah! Moments! I was wondering too it must have been that…

the 3rd and final lot arrived with the packaging and final bottles quantity for sale.

I am endorsing the product

Because of the freshness it offers and cold juices variety that it has to offer

The two combination that you must try:

Mango+ Almond = A combination that balances the sweetness and maintains the texture.And almonds are always healthy start .

Almond +Dates+Cocoa= A yummy Sunday treat without feeling guilty and not to sweet too -A combination you must risk trying out! To know exactly what you would be missing out on.

The other flavours available are: 


2.Black Grape+ Pomegranate +Orange 


4.Apple+ Amla 

5.Spinach+Celery +Orange +Ginger 

6.Betroot+carrot+Ginger+ Apple 

7.Betroot+Pomegranate +Apple 



Second Nature,Is part of Freshtrop fruits limited – A company that has been exporting grapes and pomegranate for years to the European market. And now have ventured into cold pressed juices.

To know more about how you could subscribe and get the juices from the farm to your homes.

Check out the link :

and to know more about freshtrop fruit limited check out :


Halloween is marked as the all saint evening.

A day to remember the dead including the saints ( Hallows) and the other reason the day is celebrated is by marking the end of summer.

The reason why Halloween parties are celebrated and why all the drama of the costumes and ghost are hyped.Because of the tradition of “souling” where you either treated or tricked.You exchange wishes and either get rewarded or scared for life !!

Such an event was held in nashik by 104.2FM RJ aadee and RJ Darshana hosting the event at a newly opened hotel Blvd

There were competitions for the best make up and there were some others who came in the mood already ready in coustumes for the party. There were games too to keep us all busy.

This was also part of the monthly celebrations by the Radio team,To make this city a lively one with events happening every month.

The cheesy Day!! 

The cheese Tour visit as,We walked  seated ourself at Pai Farm.A cheese platter was served to us,And the service guy promptly classified the cheese on the platter.Before we could Pick our choices.As we started tasting the cheese,The people behind this move.
Began to share their success story about how,Being totally unaware about how cheese,Is made to being self taught and making the finest cheeses.From the temperature required to the way it needs to be stored and consumed within the time frame from manufacturing to one opening a pack.

The idea initiatied by their children abroad and then not only trying to execute,But learning about everything the process to the implementation and getting it right to make it a commercial business out of it. 

Their joy of making it so successful within a year.While the Successful firms in the food industry failed to maintain the consistency.

Kotak Vs SBI

How Ironic it is to have a conversation with your Dad,Saying the Bank (kotak Bank)isn’t like the SBI(State Bank Of India) a Synonym For ICIC and Kotak. 

Since, The bank is on my way towards the class that  I attend,Dad just told me to go to the bank first and then head to  my class.

The Rains  were too heavy,Even if  I were are late for 15 minutes,It  know it won’t matter ,nobody would come on time.But,Since I am a stickler for time,I was adamant please drop me off first. 

After my class was done 12:30,I visited the Bank again, there was No lights at 10:00 am and hence had to visit again.

No lights still,Its not been there since last night.No Back Up ?

And.I headed to the other branch a few kms away and  me being the  4th Person in Queue. Presumed it’s a matter of 20 minutes but the guy in frontWho was just done banking,told me its been 20 minutes since  he has been standing.He counted and told me you are 4th person,You will take about 60-90 minutes before you leave.I could have left that moment but again I would have to stand in queue,May be a longer one since two branches from the city  were not functioning.All because of the heavy rains in the city flooding low line areas.

45- 60 minutes Later, My mom came in and asked why are you taking so long ? Its my turn next I told her,  I should be done in 15-20 minutes.

In those 45-60 minutes I met one of the representative and asked him why isn’t the other counter open.Sir, We only have one here.

Now,You understand when I am comparing this to a pathetic bank with senior representatives like government employees.

Just When,My turn came to deposit money.A representative from the bank,Asked him how long have been standing,I told him its been a while almost 1 hr 20 minutes, I also  told  him you knew this problem  will come up as soon as the  other  two branches were shut .Why does it take you long to act upon what should be done? The New counter was being set up at 13:50 the time I was leaving.Well,Normally the peak time of banking are 10:00-12:30.What  is the point of doing it at lunch time?

Also while my turn,hadn’t come yet and they were still thinking of setting up another counter – I told the person behind me,Who was running towards the counter.If that counter opens – I would go 1st,Since I am in queue.I am making it clear as I don’t want to fight on this issue.

Also at the counter the representative seemed like a government employee,Because he was so slow, and confused my making mistakes in updating the  accounts .  It should have taken about 30-40 minutes,Instead took about 80 minutes.