The Coffee Experience!

Syphon – A tube used to convey liquids upwards from a reservoir and then down to a lower level of its own accord.

Once the liquid has been flown into the tube typically by suction or immersion flow continues unaided.

Now imagine-This is a coffee making method in Japan known as Siphon coffee Which was invented in 1840 by a French housewife and a Scottish marine engineer -Marie Fanny Amelne Massot of Lyons of France known as Mme. The design was initially known as Vasseiux -Two glass balloons shaped held together (The same design is the Siphon coffee makers we know today )At the same time Scottish marine engineers was working on his version which was known as Napier coffee pot which was awarded by the  institution of mechanical engineers in 1856.

The syphon is becoming so popular around the world -Every coffee shop has it on their menu today.On my Recent visit to the Coffee Di Bella Exclusive outlet.

I couldn’t resist trying out the syphon and while my cousin too was on a coffee date with me.We ordered the Syphon and

The whole coffee making process  was made interesting by Jaykrut from

coffee Di Bella who was very enthusiastic about us two braving the rains and walking into the coffee shop for the cinematic coffee experience .

The phrase there isn’t any business like show business holds true for this coffee making  method.

Water is poured into one glass that’s at the bottom.

Cut to :

The burner it could a manual or electric burner.(The one which you get part of the kit is a Manual one) is lit and you could see the water boiling.

Long shot :

The coffee  grounds are poured and the glass is pressed down (Those familiar with French press coffee technique) and the coffee grounds get mixed with the waters and the coffee is now getting brewed.

And is ready to be served  a minute later.

Enjoy the cup of coffee with cookies.

Fade to black.

Coffee tasting session

The coffee tasting workshop.

An idea that came about,during my journey from nashik to mumbai by my co-passenger.And suddenly it all got me excited to share my love of coffee with coffee lovers.

To my surprise there were quite a few interested in the session. And on the day of the session,Most of them turned up hour session turned into a two hour session.

With about six different types of coffee and how to use different types of coffee makers,With some cakes and cookies.

A Sunday,That turned out to be an ideal Sunday in many ways.Looking forward to make this a regular workshop in the future.

A lot can happen over coffee and it can switch on  the best in you!


one day,I had brewed  excessive french press for my morning breakfast and so,I decided to have some and refrigerate the rest and have it in evening.

Once,I was back in the evening,I had my ‘ColdBrew’ Little did,I know.On my trip to the states,this was the current trend.finding it hard to believe tried a couple of them from the starbucks,to THE Stok all these who were now marketing cold brew!! and while some of them tasted amazing with a twist of flavours added to them , some  tasted really bad.

But,the cold brew is surely a hit!!! for the ones looking out for coffee on the go.

Another coffee chain went a step further and introduced the ‘draft latte’ thats in simple terms cold latte.

simple ideas with an experiment.

Why do we not, experiment with the options we have ?

Coffee !!!


“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”

“Coffee switches on the best in you”

“Wake up and smell the coffee”

Are just some of the popular slogans relating to coffee and if you actually understand the slogan they are completely true.

Think about it .Wake up and smell the coffee is not just a slogan,But a understanding of what coffee does.It helps you in activating  your senses ,the  smell of coffee gives you a high like no other thing may be alcohol can be the closest to coffee .

“Coffee switches on the best in you “is just another tagline/slogan telling you  coffee helps you in being more alert and more aware of your surrounding,Because of the caffeine that stronger in coffee than in any other drink that contains caffeine including energy drinks.

But wait a minute,This is not a thesis or a boring post of coffee,Rather its a post of the concept of coffee shops,Coffeehouses or Café that would help people connect with one another.

Think about it. Coffee-houses,Coffee shops are places where one can easily pass ones time enjoying a cup of coffee and at the same time have company of strangers/Friends or employees. Coffee shops are  one of the original places to socialise and connect with like minded people. 

You can just walk into a coffee shop read a book.Write your stories,articles make your presentation and have conversation with strangers, and if you regularly visit the cafe regular who were once strangers can become your friends.

You are alone,Yet you are with a lot of other people.

Are we loosing this culture of spending time in coffee shops ? 

Not really we are seeing it coming back with a lot of people using it to the fullest  by Debating,having conversation  connecting  with people from different backgrounds and culture to interacting with national and international tourist.Or for that matter of listening to music, or being absorbed in oneself in surrounding where there is so much happening.

There is one table discussing the issues they are facing at workplace.Another is finding it difficult to balance its relationship, a bunch of friends trying to study and understand the solution of the problem.

Coffee shop is the place where we are in touch with so much happening in oneself that hardly makes it on our Social networking sites where we realise,everybody is fighting a battle to be won.Its the place where human interact face to face.

Coffeeshop are surely one of the best places to hangout .