Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !

Sacred Gamesbased on the Novel by Vikram Chandra who’s plot – A Gangster and Cop story and the Corruption that lies within the system of Politics in the country.  The first episode Premiered last night and set high expectations from the makers. The Casting is one of its kind ,since we haven’t really seen SaifAliKhanContinue reading “Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !”

Our Souls @Night !! Movie review …

The Movie Directed by Ritesh Batra,The Director Behind stories like “Lunchbox”& “The Sense of ending” adapted From the Novel”Sense Of Ending” by Julian Barnes. “Our Soul at Night” another unusual story of relationship of Two widowed neighbors who are both lonely and develop an unexpected relationship ,in a small town in United States. The filmContinue reading “Our Souls @Night !! Movie review …”

Atomic Blonde-Movie Review!!

Atomic Blonde from the director of Deadpool & John Wick David Leitch You can only expect actions at it’s best.And it doesn’t disappoint with,  Atomic Blonde being us sneak peak what it would be like For a Blonde to be like Blonde. In The first few minutes itself you are interested in knowing about,And you realiseContinue reading “Atomic Blonde-Movie Review!!”

War Machine Premier with Brad Pitt & Team !! 

War Machine a Netflix Original is about a successful general Glenn McMahon played by Brad Pitt commanding the NATO forces (North Atlantic treaty organisation ) in Afghanistan.A hilarious movie, and brad Pitt seen as never before. The way the movie is directed by David Michod introducing the characters the general’s team and the role theyContinue reading “War Machine Premier with Brad Pitt & Team !! “

International Films @ MAMI Fest

Swiss Army Man Winning the Best Director Award for Dan KWAN,Daniel Scheinert at Sundance Film festival. A Movie starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and Paul Dano who was last seen in 12 years a slave. Hank(Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island.Having given up all hopes of making it home again.But One day everythingContinue reading “International Films @ MAMI Fest”