Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !

Sacred Gamesbased on the Novel by Vikram Chandra who’s plot

A Gangster and Cop story and the Corruption that lies within the system of Politics in the country. 

The first episode Premiered last night and set high expectations from the makers.

The Casting is one of its kind ,since we haven’t really seen SaifAliKhan Who portrays the Role of Cop  Playing the Character “Sartaj” and Nawazuddin playing role of The Gangster  “Ganesh Gaitonde.”While Radhika Apte play’s the character of an intelligence officer assisting Sartaj.

It’s a first of its kind Thriller Show coming from India with a huge star cast and Director like Anurag Kashyap & VikramAditya Motwane who are known for their Filmmaking style like Gangs of Wasseypur & Udaan.

Sacred Games is written by Varun Grover-Who you would know as the Stand up comedian.

Sacred Games is produced by Phantomfilms In Collaboration with Netflix.

And looking at the first episode that establishes the series to know what exactly happens next? And Why Ganesh Gaitonde chooses Sartaj to get in touch and give the lead of saving this city “Mumbai” to Sartaj Specifically.

And tells him if he could save the city in the  next 25 days that he has.

The Theme song “Kaam” is by Divine Rapper and a Catchy track for the show “Sacred Games” who’s Central plot is corruption & Mafia. 

The show will be Aired on Netflix from 6th July 2018.

Our Souls @Night !! Movie review …

The Movie Directed by Ritesh Batra,The Director Behind stories like “Lunchbox”& “The Sense of ending” adapted From the Novel”Sense Of Ending” by Julian Barnes.

Our Soul at Night” another unusual story of relationship of Two widowed neighbors who are both lonely and develop an unexpected relationship ,in a small town in United States. The film stars Jane Fonda, playing the characters of Addie and Robert Redford playing the characters of Louis water as the lead.

OurSouls at night Is too  adapted from a novel written by Kent Haruf by the same name “OurSoulAtNight”.

The Movie seemed “To Good To be True”as its a very happy film.Unlike the novel that has moments of drama over dramatised.

The story when adapted as a film had alternations,That were very interesting to know , As they were suited for the film narration and screenplay.”Like the train toy used in the film instead of the rats that were used in the novel.”

The opening scene,straight away begins the story of , the two neighbours meeting and the story unfolds,immediately.

The story targets the relation amongst the senior citizen age that hasn’t been showcased much,And Is done in a very light, enjoyable way.

The movie Produced By NETFLIX, And premiered by JioMAMIFILMFEST with the Director Ritesh Batra,Part of Q&A Post screening was the highlight for movie buffs like me.

Our Souls @ Night is certainly, A Story you wouldn’t like to miss and from A director like Ritesh Batra…with whom You are always Surprised.



Atomic Blonde-Movie Review!!

Atomic Blonde from the director of Deadpool & John Wick David Leitch You can only expect actions at it’s best.And it doesn’t disappoint with,  Atomic Blonde being us sneak peak what it would be like For a Blonde to be like Blonde. In The first few minutes itself you are interested in knowing about,And you realise how different is it from others.

A story of the most elite Spy MI 6 Lorraine Broughton,who’s willing to give it all and redeem the mission she has been assigned.

The story is from the point of view of  the protagonist narrating the story of her mission.With spray effect filter in the edits,made it appealing.

The beginning,Giving out a word of caution this is not that story of 1989 November When the Berlin Wall was about to fall 

The story being inspired from a Novel Graphic The coldest City written by Anthony Johnston A British Comic writer.Makes total sense for the spray effect.

The Blonde is played by charlize Theron .An actress who has been part of thriller like Mad Max fury,Fast and Furious 8 and the Italian Job.

Antagonist played by James McAvoy has played the most challenging role till date of 23 personalities in a single movie the split.A neatly done,Action movie.With the Mystery remaining…

War Machine Premier with Brad Pitt & Team !! 

War Machine a Netflix Original is about a successful general Glenn McMahon played by Brad Pitt commanding the NATO forces (North Atlantic treaty organisation ) in Afghanistan.A hilarious movie, and brad Pitt seen as never before.

The way the movie is directed by David Michod introducing the characters the general’s team and the role they play in his life was a great way of seeing how often we forget the men,The team and only Remember the boss,All directed on an entertaining way.

The movie also showed you the human side of an army being at war protecting it’s people.

The highlight of the screening was the Q&A with the team Producers,Director David Michod and Actor and producer Brad Pitt being part of it post the screening of the film.

The movie premiere on Netflix on 26th May across the globe.

International Films @ MAMI Fest

Swiss Army Man Winning the Best Director Award for Dan KWAN,Daniel Scheinert at Sundance Film festival.

A Movie starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and Paul Dano who was last seen in 12 years a slave.
Hank(Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island.Having given up all hopes of making it home again.But One day everything changes when a corpse named manny(Daniel Radcliffe) washes up the shores,The two become and go on epic adventures that will bring Hank back to the woman of his dream.
The movie was unexpectedly one of the best movie I Have watch of Daniel Radcliffe as its humorously,Well constructed movie set in a single location.    

Goodbye to language (Adieu Au LANGUAGE) By JEAN LUC GODARD French swiss film director,Screenwriter and film Critic,The man responsible for identifying with 1960s French film movement as the “New Wave” and was innovate in his style of storytelling.
Goodbye To language is an experimental 3D Film And the highlight of the film is two separation shots in which a single,unbroken shot splits into separate shots that can be viewed simultaneously through either the left or the right eye and returns to one single 3D Shot,Double exposure 3D images and shots with parallax that are difficult for the human eye to see.   

The Lure(ĆORKI DANCINGU) Directed by AGNIESZKA SMOCZYŃSKA her 1st feature film and she has executed it so well.
Two mermaids sister swim out of the sea into a Warsaw nightclub set in the 80s,They are wild,Sexy and hungry for life.And with human qualities one of the sister falls in love with A young Man and the sister bonds are tested when they are forced to take decisions . Another polish film that I watched and enjoyed as these ideas are so fresh.
The film also got a special jury Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Fest.

The Together Project(L’EFFET AQUATIQUE)

Samir a tall,lanky,in his 40s crane operator from Montreulli in the outskirts of Paris,falls head over heals in love with Agathe.
And discovers she is a swimming instructor and decides to join her classes (although he can swim perfectly) and a few lessons later she realises the real intentions for him to join the class and this is how they actually meet each other.
Winner of 2016 CANNES FILM FEST (Director Fortnight)  

The last and final article of my experience and MAMI Fest 2016