Writers & Readers !!

“If we all are writing,Who’s reading”

A statement,that makes you think,Pause and wonder for a while and makes you believe that the one’s who are aspiring to become better with their writing are reading,The new readers who find it difficult to understand what’s a good written piece are reading , average and below average are reading.

The writers  who are writing are reading too to express their feeling as clearly as possible.

The one’s who are interested in knowing what are the New age problem and what were the problem in the past are reading.

The one’s who are curious are reading.

“Writing is reading” isn’t it?


Etiquette:What does this word really mean? How much does one really believe in the norms of etiquette’s today? Is this just a word in the dictionary? Or a code of conduct to be followed for a select few?

I am sure,By now you must have guessed these aren’t the etiquette that are followed at dining tables that I am talking about.But,Simple acknowledgements for greeting sent across to you.

What really ticks are mind to not acknowledge gestures of gratitude?

Why are really so obsessed with only believing that their is an X percentage of humans existing in this world?

What is the ego within us,stopping us in appreciating the world,That is beyond our world too.

We,All love quotes.But,Very few of us live by them and even a far fewer number people actually live by it.Only because we keeping coming back to the question why should we do it for them? What really is the benefit I could get in return? And this is the reason why “the society”,We aspire to live in.Will never change and we rarely Question ourself is the society I really wanted to be part ? But,Never really are vocal about it as we fear,Be the only one in the battlefield.

Patience !!

Patience :The capacity to accept.A virtue,We all are loosing bit my bit.But,Deny it. As our behaviour translates to irritability,Anger and frustration that comes out on the other. 

That has resulted us in becoming intolerant:” Not being able to accept different views.”

Making us Loose our control…While some become addicted to Alcohol,tobacco and other are in search for Sugar…

All causing health issues later…Now what causes us to become depressed.

A state of mind,That we are afraid to admit as,it’s seen as an mental illenes. But,All we got to do is channelize our brain in ways that could result in productivity …Patience is the key… 

Mind Games!!!



Mind Game,The mind is so divided between the sub-conscious and conscious that even the sub-conscious thoughts in our mind play on our    Psychic and  we  hardly realise the damage it does to us It’s only when we  pay close attention to our sub-conscious mind that we realise how much our thoughts in our sub-consciousness over take our conscious mind.Yet we still do so little in the way we translate or can change the way we can process our energy and thoughts.

But,How many of us really understand Psychology?

Why are we so bad in understanding why people do something ? The way they do it ? 

Or we clearly understand,But are scared  of  being vocal and verbal in expressing.

Do we understand ourself ? Or we are just pleased to opinionated how the other is the way they are ? 

Sometimes psychologically we have made strong representative characteristics of people around us that we ourself find it hard to believe when they change as people ,that we find it difficult to accept that yes people change,You change,We change. Because it’s only the change that is constant among us.

who are we ? 

  We are humans ,yes I know that .We have flesh around our bones ,we have features describing the way we look or appear .We have a mind that’s not our own ,I mean just think about it ,we look at things and speak about it to others ,we hear arguments but don’t often give our opinion .Or do we ?we are confused to think what to do ? we describe things our eyes see ,and rarely speak what are mind says .We believe myths which haven’t been proved , and told by a third person .We become stupid when others are watching or become reserved we change according to situation We are ourself only when we are alone .We agree with 90% of the people and disagree with the 10% since majority wins .But at the same time believe nothing is impossible because 10% have done it .

We live to tell share stories ,which change every time we tell them .

We are afraid of making mistakes ,yet give examples of how mistakes can occasionally take us to the right path.

We want freedom but still are not willing to be alone .

We believe in truth ,what we think is the truth .

We don’t think about ourself as intelligent ,stupid ,crazy or dumb until we have been told by somebody and we start believing in it .

We have role models ,who are criminals ,yet we want to be a hero .

We keep telling other people who dream ,come back to reality .But we still want to dream .

We want to rule the world ,but aren’t willing to be ruled .

We want to change the world ,yet can’t change ourself’s.

Who are we actually ?