Etiquette:What does this word really mean? How much does one really believe in the norms of etiquette’s today? Is this just a word in the dictionary? Or a code of conduct to be followed for a select few?

I am sure,By now you must have guessed these aren’t the etiquette that are followed at dining tables that I am talking about.But,Simple acknowledgements for greeting sent across to you.

What really ticks are mind to not acknowledge gestures of gratitude?

Why are really so obsessed with only believing that their is an X percentage of humans existing in this world?

What is the ego within us,stopping us in appreciating the world,That is beyond our world too.

We,All love quotes.But,Very few of us live by them and even a far fewer number people actually live by it.Only because we keeping coming back to the question why should we do it for them? What really is the benefit I could get in return? And this is the reason why “the society”,We aspire to live in.Will never change and we rarely Question ourself is the society I really wanted to be part ? But,Never really are vocal about it as we fear,Be the only one in the battlefield.

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