The Coffee Experience!

Syphon – A tube used to convey liquids upwards from a reservoir and then down to a lower level of its own accord.

Once the liquid has been flown into the tube typically by suction or immersion flow continues unaided.

Now imagine-This is a coffee making method in Japan known as Siphon coffee Which was invented in 1840 by a French housewife and a Scottish marine engineer -Marie Fanny Amelne Massot of Lyons of France known as Mme. The design was initially known as Vasseiux -Two glass balloons shaped held together (The same design is the Siphon coffee makers we know today )At the same time Scottish marine engineers was working on his version which was known as Napier coffee pot which was awarded by the  institution of mechanical engineers in 1856.

The syphon is becoming so popular around the world -Every coffee shop has it on their menu today.On my Recent visit to the Coffee Di Bella Exclusive outlet.

I couldn’t resist trying out the syphon and while my cousin too was on a coffee date with me.We ordered the Syphon and

The whole coffee making process  was made interesting by Jaykrut from

coffee Di Bella who was very enthusiastic about us two braving the rains and walking into the coffee shop for the cinematic coffee experience .

The phrase there isn’t any business like show business holds true for this coffee making  method.

Water is poured into one glass that’s at the bottom.

Cut to :

The burner it could a manual or electric burner.(The one which you get part of the kit is a Manual one) is lit and you could see the water boiling.

Long shot :

The coffee  grounds are poured and the glass is pressed down (Those familiar with French press coffee technique) and the coffee grounds get mixed with the waters and the coffee is now getting brewed.

And is ready to be served  a minute later.

Enjoy the cup of coffee with cookies.

Fade to black.

Trailblazer Summit !! 

The Trailblazer Summit,Browsing through various websites on things to do in Mumbai city,This weekend. I came across an event. To network for Professional from all fields. The event had founder,CEO and artist who have changed the way for the city to grow and made life easier. The event was done by both founders .

The environmental bit was done by MoleculeBaba and the Art side was done by Amplify art.

Both together,Made this like a city summit,Platform like the Tedx to learn the new developments taking around. This was one of the best ways for me to spend the Sunday in the city.

Lets go Social !!!

Social’s ,heard so much about this place ,from so many people but hadn’t ever been to one yet .Last evening post the press conference of India’s next topModel we the team of production house ,wanted to go to a chilled out place and enjoy some drinks and so here we were at socials the entrance bright orange like a small security cabin and as you enter a large garage with brick walls around ,the wiring seen around ,office chairs , canteen stools ,old chairs and off course sofa around .As I looked around, I noticed there was a patch of white ,painted between the brick wall to “project ” important events and matches from the globe .Well this is just the ambience/atmosphere .The food was with a twist again ,with “vada Pav ” concept was inspired for the Shammi kebab Pav ,the Ice tea was served in a long bowl ,that’s not all the kitchen had the tea pots like the ones available in the street sellers ,the bottles hung upside down on open shelf with the other cutlery around and the cocktails were served with creatively especially the one with mirror and agarbatti and lime .
A very relaxed place to hang out .

snapchat like app by Facebook?

So what if Facebook cannot acquire snapchat ?but they can surely try their hands on making something similar.So here we are with “SLINGSHOT”an app which is very similar to snapchat but with a few twist ,just like you send pictures and they disappear in no time in snapchat ,here you would have to send a sling (reply to a sling) to view the picture,message and then only a picture can be viewed .
Through Slingshot, users can take a photo, add images and text and other creative accoutrements.
This app was accidentally launched on the iTunes Store on Tuesday ,but Is only available in a few select countries .
And The Slingshot app requires iOS 7.0 or later and will apparently be compatible with iPads. The app will be optimized for the iPhone 5.
It seems like the next app which would be driving people to share the username on the social networking .Its the app that again will let you
quickly share moments—little and big—with all your friends. Shoot a photo or video of what you’re up to and sling it to a bunch of people. They won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something back. Tap on a shot to react, or simply swipe it away.