one day,I had brewed  excessive french press for my morning breakfast and so,I decided to have some and refrigerate the rest and have it in evening.

Once,I was back in the evening,I had my ‘ColdBrew’ Little did,I know.On my trip to the states,this was the current trend.finding it hard to believe tried a couple of them from the starbucks,to THE Stok all these who were now marketing cold brew!! and while some of them tasted amazing with a twist of flavours added to them , some  tasted really bad.

But,the cold brew is surely a hit!!! for the ones looking out for coffee on the go.

Another coffee chain went a step further and introduced the ‘draft latte’ thats in simple terms cold latte.

simple ideas with an experiment.

Why do we not, experiment with the options we have ?


Bodum strikes !!!

Just bought myself the French press device (Bodum)for my morning cup of coffee and it’s so easy and quick to make coffee now .So what exactly is French press and how to enjoy your perfect cup . for all those curious to know here is a quick brief .

French press is a coffee brewing device patented by Italian Milanese designer attilio calimani in 1929 .

But wait a minute here is a point how it all began

1st French press was in the form modern coffee press in its rudimentary form a metal or cheese cloth screen fitted to a rod that users would press into a pot or boiling water .several modification through faliero bondanini patented his version in 1958 and began manufacturing it in a French factory martini SA and the popularity grew ,the device further popularised across Europe and most notably by Danish tableware Kitchen company bodum

The modern French press consist of narrow cylindrical beaker made of glass ,clear plastic equipped with metal or plastic lid and plunger that’s fits tightly in the cylinder and has a fine wire or nylon mesh filter .
Steps to make the French press : 4 simple steps .

1.Add roasted coffee

2.Hot water – you can heat it in a kettle and pour it to your device .

3. Let the coffee brew for about 4 minutes

4. Pour and enjoy it