Coffee tasting session

The coffee tasting workshop.

An idea that came about,during my journey from nashik to mumbai by my co-passenger.And suddenly it all got me excited to share my love of coffee with coffee lovers.

To my surprise there were quite a few interested in the session. And on the day of the session,Most of them turned up hour session turned into a two hour session.

With about six different types of coffee and how to use different types of coffee makers,With some cakes and cookies.

A Sunday,That turned out to be an ideal Sunday in many ways.Looking forward to make this a regular workshop in the future.

A lot can happen over coffee and it can switch on  the best in you!


one day,I had brewed  excessive french press for my morning breakfast and so,I decided to have some and refrigerate the rest and have it in evening.

Once,I was back in the evening,I had my ‘ColdBrew’ Little did,I know.On my trip to the states,this was the current trend.finding it hard to believe tried a couple of them from the starbucks,to THE Stok all these who were now marketing cold brew!! and while some of them tasted amazing with a twist of flavours added to them , some  tasted really bad.

But,the cold brew is surely a hit!!! for the ones looking out for coffee on the go.

Another coffee chain went a step further and introduced the ‘draft latte’ thats in simple terms cold latte.

simple ideas with an experiment.

Why do we not, experiment with the options we have ?