I often go to coffee shops and sit by myself on a table. But,Whenever I have visited and just sat at a coffee shop,the waiters and service people keep asking me if anyone is coming or for that matter the other people out there wondering if anyone would be coming before they could grab the chairs for their friends or business meets.Go into any Starbucks, and you’ll probably see two kinds of tables: round tables and rectangular tables. There’s a reason for the round tables. According to Reader’s Digest, the round tables are supposed to make you feel more at home when you’re by yourself.Then why do the service people question,When you are by yourself at coffee shops or for that matter restaurants.Why can’t I go to restaurant and occupy a table and have a meal by myself. I mean,Where in The rule book is it written,That you need company to enjoy a meal? I completely understand it’s considered logically that meals are eaten together,But haven’t you heard or experienced teenagers eating meals by themselves when watching television or streaming online websites ?Is it to difficult to accept and welcome people who are loners.Is this a reason why a huge number of people around are preferring to order food online and be socially isolated rather than going out and enjoying a meal at the restaurant or cafe and experience a meal with all their sense being involved ? The Visual appeal,The fragrance,The taste and the feel of the meal with the freshness sizzling around. I completely understand occasionally this would not make sense commercially,But you don’t have to be rude to the one’s who would be having meals by themselves.

Coffee !!!


“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”

“Coffee switches on the best in you”

“Wake up and smell the coffee”

Are just some of the popular slogans relating to coffee and if you actually understand the slogan they are completely true.

Think about it .Wake up and smell the coffee is not just a slogan,But a understanding of what coffee does.It helps you in activating  your senses ,the  smell of coffee gives you a high like no other thing may be alcohol can be the closest to coffee .

“Coffee switches on the best in you “is just another tagline/slogan telling you  coffee helps you in being more alert and more aware of your surrounding,Because of the caffeine that stronger in coffee than in any other drink that contains caffeine including energy drinks.

But wait a minute,This is not a thesis or a boring post of coffee,Rather its a post of the concept of coffee shops,Coffeehouses or Café that would help people connect with one another.

Think about it. Coffee-houses,Coffee shops are places where one can easily pass ones time enjoying a cup of coffee and at the same time have company of strangers/Friends or employees. Coffee shops are  one of the original places to socialise and connect with like minded people. 

You can just walk into a coffee shop read a book.Write your stories,articles make your presentation and have conversation with strangers, and if you regularly visit the cafe regular who were once strangers can become your friends.

You are alone,Yet you are with a lot of other people.

Are we loosing this culture of spending time in coffee shops ? 

Not really we are seeing it coming back with a lot of people using it to the fullest  by Debating,having conversation  connecting  with people from different backgrounds and culture to interacting with national and international tourist.Or for that matter of listening to music, or being absorbed in oneself in surrounding where there is so much happening.

There is one table discussing the issues they are facing at workplace.Another is finding it difficult to balance its relationship, a bunch of friends trying to study and understand the solution of the problem.

Coffee shop is the place where we are in touch with so much happening in oneself that hardly makes it on our Social networking sites where we realise,everybody is fighting a battle to be won.Its the place where human interact face to face.

Coffeeshop are surely one of the best places to hangout .