2020 Travel Itinerary!

More than halfway through to 2020. I ended up reading about a dozen books, Losing track of time. It hardly made me realise it’s been five months, I haven’t travelled anywhere at all. Not even Mumbai which is the closest Metro city from my hometown Nashik.

This also made me question am I liking it to be in one place, without moving at all

Well, To be honest. It’s a first for me and while I couldn’t travel physically anywhere. For the matter of fact not even to a restaurant or cafe.

I have been having the best of food cuisines right from Thai, Chinese, Italian pizzas to freshly baked desserts and cake at home. This doesn’t mean I don’t miss going out. I Sure do

because, when we go out, We go for the experience of going somewhere, Trying something new, different or some time just for the ambience and service of being served, rather than helping ourselves. You also go for the occasional noise that’s part of the environment. People chit-chatting having conversations, to you finding the solution and clearing your doubts from not knowing what to order, to going with the suggestion by the waiter serving you to missing out a menu option, that the order table guest has just ordered.

As far as travelling goes as a tourist- The Books have been helping me by taking me to America by going on a history tour by having a well-researched guide (Bill Bryson) To telling me about the Indian history by making me meet Historians such as William Dalrymple. Reading makes me feel sometimes “Lost in Japan” by either overhearing a mysterious case “Under The Midnight Sun” or giving it a realism-magical sense of the place by letting me know about “Kafka on The Shores” To making me Revisit Turkey But this time also making me experiencing the “Snow” by a local Orhan Pamuk and taking me to a lesser-known city in the country Kars.

Reading made me understand a doctors life by sharing the concept of “Being Mortal” to meeting some interesting personalities Michelle Obama & Robert Iger.

All these experiences while sipping coffees and hopping around the different corners of my home, enjoying the weather and trying to do the best while sitting at home.

But, Yes Travelling physically cannot be replaced by reading books. But can comfort you of planning out your next travel plan.

Series To Watch On Netflix part 1

The Last Dance

A Series You just can’t miss! Doesn’t matter if you are a fan or you aren’t a fan of basketball!

If you aren’t a fan of this Game! You will end up becoming a fan of the Game & The Man Micheal Jordon.

The Journey of the most famous sportsman of USA for the longest time. The Credit of Basketball becoming a Global Sport all over the world and the one name you not only associate with the sport today but even during its a phase of popularisation.

Almost not being able to play the game again in his life, to being determined to making sure he would be remembered for Decades in this sport! To Announcing his Retirement at his peak and trying his hand at baseball And playing for White Sox a baseball Team from Chicago that was owned by Chicago Bulls owner – Jerry Reinsdorf to Making a come back in 1995 and The simplest Press release being “I’M BACK !

Micheal Jordon & The Team that was part during that phase surely had conflicts. But, Show how they evolved as a Team. Winning six Championship during his career. And Winning three of them consecutively.

Micheal Jordan – Just like any other celebrity, Who isn’t perfect and has to deal with the flaws had his moments like the Golf Gambling in 1993 & his disappearance and visiting the Casino to Letting the World know – “Why should you be like in Mike” in the Gatorade commercials as even though he had food poisoning after eating Pizza – He still plays the match & Scores a Win for his Team.

The Last Dance is Totally about Dedication. Being Crazy and Hungry and Never Giving up!

An Inspiring Series For All.


Jordan on his return wore a 45 numbered jersey for the Chicago but soon went back to 23 his original jersey as it did not have the same feeling. Chicago Bulls as a team won 70 straight games – A record in the NBA in 1996. 

When They See us

A True Series based on an incident in 1989 known as the Central Park Five case. A Series split into four-episode each an

hour an half long. Five Black teenagers Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise are wrongly accused of rape and end up in prison for a long time until the main accuses confesses of his crime and then years later they are free.

This series highlights the facts on the racism against black during the eighties and nineties. The struggle of life in prison and the reactions of the family on their kids even though they admit they were innocent, Yet they find it hard to believe. The series highlights the dirty politics in order to win cases and falsely tricking the accused into admitting their guilt.

There is also an hour-long special with Oprah Winfrey with the “Real” five accused. Oprah Winfrey is the producer along with Robert Di Nero.

But, The Big Question is how much has changed in the USA? Even though this was 89. There was an event recently about a week in the USA Where cops were harassing and assaulted a Black.

The series is Written & Directed by Ava DuVernay who has directed the critically acclaimed film “Selma” which was also produced by Oprah Winfrey.

The five teenagers years later after proven not guilty were Vacated from court means that those who were originally convicted are treated as though no trial ever took place in the first place.

Their settlement for wrongly been accused was $41Million amongst the five of them. Largest in history.

One click one world !!

Have you ever wondered,If you didn’t  have the choice to browse through books from amazon,But instead you entered the world of “brick and morter “store of the amazon world and you suddenly feel lost once again not knowing,Where to begin your search from.The store also,gives you an insight to the world of amazon,Their entree into the Information world and how they plan to be tough in the competitive field.Coming back to the books,You just keep Wondering,How do I look for the book that I am searching for

The amazon website has made life so easy.

Just click on search ,the titles and you get what you were looking for.

Here  I am again,Wondering what genre does my book belong,How am I possibly going to find that one book,I am looking for? Without it even being in any of those list of popular books,Bestseller,authors to read or for that matter if you like this book from this author,you might like these.The store made me only feel,How technology has made us more impatient,When we all would be lost otherwise,in a bookstore.

Women leaders of the world


The world is really becoming warmer and warmer due to the global warming taking place globally.And Yet, when we thought the WEST to be more liberal and more understanding towards gender equality,We the people were stunned and stumped to have dealt with the news of Donald Trump being elected as the 45th  president for United States of America.

But,Why is it Women leaders aren’t given the chance to prove themselves?And if they have ever got one opportunity why is it been only from their families? As if politics is like a family business.

The  Asian continent That includes India,Pakistan,Myanmar (Burma)Bangladesh just to name a few have had leaders like; 

Gandhi’s ruling  INDIA. Indra Gandhi one of the most successful Prime Minister from India.

Benazair Bhutto  Former Pakistan Prime Minister 1993- 1996 was the daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto  the  9th Prime Minster for Pakistan Serving Term from 1973-1977.

Sheikh Hasina Current Prime Minister for Bangladesh too has a family member being involved with politics her father  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the 2nd Prime Minister  for Bangladesh During the period of 1972-1975

Aung San Suu Kyi elected as Prime minister for Burma 199o and currently State Counsellor of Myanmar has had politics in her blood considered the father of  the nation of modern Day Myanmar brought Burma independence from British Rule.

The Point here isn’t about women leaders not given the opportunity to succeed,The question here is why are only women from political background only elected to do the job.Is it because of the understanding they must be having being in a political family?

Or is it People can relate to the family of their daughters and not mind taking the risk.

Also why do we have such few women leaders in the world? Is it because we find women incapable of doing the Job? The thought of being ordered by women ?

Coming back to being an indian and India.Why are we not making more women law for their safety? Do we fear the law being misused or we in the country aren’t really bothered about are citizens. 

Why do we forget Women help us grow our economy too.With being shopaholics and unnecessary spending money,They are helping the economy grow more than the ever.

  The Women’s Reservation Bill or The Constitution (108th Amendment) Bill, 2008, is a lapsed bill in the Parliament of India which proposed to amend the Constitution of India to reserve 33% of all seats in the Lower house of Parliament of India, the Lok Sabha, and in all state legislative assemblies for women.

following  are some of the statistics of % of members in the parliament globally and around India.Women have a poor 11% representation in India’s Lok Sabha and 10.6% in the Rajya SabhaThe global average of women in parliaments as of November 2013 stood at 21.3%, a slight increase over the numbers in the immediately preceding two years (20.3% and 19.5%). Nepal, ranked at 24, led the pack, followed by China (55) and Pakistan (66). 


Bodum strikes !!!

Just bought myself the French press device (Bodum)for my morning cup of coffee and it’s so easy and quick to make coffee now .So what exactly is French press and how to enjoy your perfect cup . for all those curious to know here is a quick brief .

French press is a coffee brewing device patented by Italian Milanese designer attilio calimani in 1929 .

But wait a minute here is a point how it all began

1st French press was in the form modern coffee press in its rudimentary form a metal or cheese cloth screen fitted to a rod that users would press into a pot or boiling water .several modification through faliero bondanini patented his version in 1958 and began manufacturing it in a French factory martini SA and the popularity grew ,the device further popularised across Europe and most notably by Danish tableware Kitchen company bodum

The modern French press consist of narrow cylindrical beaker made of glass ,clear plastic equipped with metal or plastic lid and plunger that’s fits tightly in the cylinder and has a fine wire or nylon mesh filter .
Steps to make the French press : 4 simple steps .

1.Add roasted coffee

2.Hot water – you can heat it in a kettle and pour it to your device .

3. Let the coffee brew for about 4 minutes

4. Pour and enjoy it