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It’s Funny! How many things I have done related to weddings, Right from a  show on a popular television channel that highlighted a designer doing a makeover for the bride for their wedding to ending up in Wedding planning with a destination wedding planning organisation to being one of the contenders for the series on the streaming platform. And over the years, working with so many different aspects of weddings & relationship, there are quite a few things I learnt, and quite a few questions to those who answer aren’t justified. 
While working on the makeover for the bride about five years ago, I realised girls and women are now taking their time to settle down, They are more confident and independent. 
While working with wedding planners – I Realised marriage is more of a “Show Business” 
And while auditioning for “India Matchmaking” It was the first time  I got the answer to some of the question, which I always looked for. 
“Why do people get married” – A Question which is never asked by the boy & girl who would be spending their life together. 
What do I really look in a partner – The Answer to this question is always looking at a friends/ role model’s marriage and answering those points without looking into what the person is actually looking for?
Why haven’t you found anybody yet and why arranged marriage? – Maybe it truly is the fault in my stars. 
And lastly, when the series streamed and I watched the complete series, none of the genders knew exactly what they were looking for in each other? 
While the fascination for the west and international audience on the concept of “Arrange Marriage/ Matchmaking”  questioned them about the Indian culture of marriage in many ways, Why is our media shying away from admitting who we are actually? 
Why is marriage so important? Today thank god. Marriage by some isn’t prioritised like a Goal or landmark. While for the others their only “Goal” is to be married not because they are “ready”, not because they have “connected” but rather because of the peer & family pressure that forces them not to question what marriage is? Why some question it too much and have high expectations, others just follow the checklist one should follow in a regular “Life” 

Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?

Love is something we all crave for all our life ever since we realize the power of love is endless. Love adds zest to our life. Love makes us stronger. Love is also something we yearn for in bad times. In time of personal turmoil loves gives us the courage to face our battles and fight them valiantly. Love adds meaning to our lives. When we connect with our soulmates or somebody of the opposite gender at deeper level, love gives us a sense of purpose in our mundane life. Love makes us want to make ourselves better as individuals and helps us connect to a higher self. Love can be a common thread between two absolute strangers who after find in love in each other are ready to sacrifice and wholeheartedly support each other.

Love is all we think about in the moments of romance. We are able to understand the essence of beauty in everything when we are in love which we would have not bothered to consider otherwise. When in love a rose looks more beautiful then ever. The sunrise and the sunset are the most amazing things on planet earth when we are in love. Love has no age bar. We are never too young nor to old to fall in love, but are always only a little confused when in love because of our own inner conflicts. Thus the best way to describe such a state of romance is through the age-old anecdote “love is blind “. But love cannot be always blind, cause one partner will always get an awakening to realize whether it is love indeed or plain infatuation. Love grows with time and only time can answer this mysterious question. So should we be practical while failing in love with somebody or should simply follow our heart to search for the big answer:


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Love thrills !!!


Love is beautiful cause it thrills us with surprises every moment. Love has no reason to be boring. Love grows with time as it throws in surprises day in and day out that lovers had never expected.  Romance that is real gives a sense of freedom, a desire to fly, an urge to touch the sky. Romance can thrill us since we begin seeing everything with a sense of beauty, as if we were wearing glasses of love in our eyes. Romance is the filter that makes life so exciting, so edgy, so entertaining. Romance brings in its own drama, its own breeze of uncertainty that makes the whole idea of love larger than life.

Romance is the feeling that changes the concept of time altogether.  When you are with your lover, time moves faster than ever even though its just an illusion, but its a sweet illusion that lovers want to never let go. While for some lovers, romance makes them more aware of the environment around them from noticing the butterfly in the lawns to the fragrances of leaves. Likewise for some lovers there is nothing beyond love, no smell, no sight, no sound sweet enough as love. No movie, no novel, no TV show can be as thrilling as being in love and that is the mantra that keep lovers holding each other in their hearts and their thoughts for many moons.

Romance is a thrill like no other thrill, a story like no other, a feeling that can be compared to none. And it is for this very reason that we want to stay in love forever like living a life in a fairytale!

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Romance gone through fire is Romance in Gold!!!


Romance or love in times of conflict and chaos is Romance outshining itself. Love cannot always be hunky dory. There will be times when lovers will face external turbulence. This is the challenge in the path of love. Without external storms love is lusterless. Like a diamond that shines when it is faceted, love outshines every other thing when it triumphs over trials and tribulations. Lovers unite when they realize the importance of Love after facing a battle of sorts. A terrorist attack, riots, war, social discord, religious divide, caste system, economic disparity, family rivalry, business enemies, these are all types of conflicts that Lovers face from time to time.

How boring love would be if everything were going right. How boring love would be if two lovers fall in love and remain in love forever without any kind of discord. How mundane romance would it  be if two lovers hold hands and there is no storm, no rain, no cold. It is biting cold, unprecedented rain, a tornado where lovers rescue each other and realize their need for each other and become one.

Similarly a soldier madly in love with his wife returns from the war only to realize the importance of separation. A wife lost in riots running around to find her husband witnesses heaven as soon as she finds him alive in a safe house. Two young lovers unite in the middle of the night after they runaway from home cause their families are archrivals. That’s when they understand the importance of each other, the value of being together inspite of leaving their individual families.

Romance that burns in fire is romance that emerges as bright as gold.

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