Indian Matchmaking! Now Streaming

It’s Funny! How many things I have done related to weddings, Right from a  show on a popular television channel that highlighted a designer doing a makeover for the bride for their wedding to ending up in Wedding planning with a destination wedding planning organisation to being one of the contenders for the series onContinue reading “Indian Matchmaking! Now Streaming”

Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?

Love is something we all crave for all our life ever since we realize the power of love is endless. Love adds zest to our life. Love makes us stronger. Love is also something we yearn for in bad times. In time of personal turmoil loves gives us the courage to face our battles andContinue reading “Is it true LOVE or Fatal ATTRACTION ?”

Love thrills !!!

Love is beautiful cause it thrills us with surprises every moment. Love has no reason to be boring. Love grows with time as it throws in surprises day in and day out that lovers had never expected.  Romance that is real gives a sense of freedom, a desire to fly, an urge to touch theContinue reading “Love thrills !!!”

Romance gone through fire is Romance in Gold!!!

Romance or love in times of conflict and chaos is Romance outshining itself. Love cannot always be hunky dory. There will be times when lovers will face external turbulence. This is the challenge in the path of love. Without external storms love is lusterless. Like a diamond that shines when it is faceted, love outshinesContinue reading “Romance gone through fire is Romance in Gold!!!”