Love thrills !!!


Love is beautiful cause it thrills us with surprises every moment. Love has no reason to be boring. Love grows with time as it throws in surprises day in and day out that lovers had never expected.  Romance that is real gives a sense of freedom, a desire to fly, an urge to touch the sky. Romance can thrill us since we begin seeing everything with a sense of beauty, as if we were wearing glasses of love in our eyes. Romance is the filter that makes life so exciting, so edgy, so entertaining. Romance brings in its own drama, its own breeze of uncertainty that makes the whole idea of love larger than life.

Romance is the feeling that changes the concept of time altogether.  When you are with your lover, time moves faster than ever even though its just an illusion, but its a sweet illusion that lovers want to never let go. While for some lovers, romance makes them more aware of the environment around them from noticing the butterfly in the lawns to the fragrances of leaves. Likewise for some lovers there is nothing beyond love, no smell, no sight, no sound sweet enough as love. No movie, no novel, no TV show can be as thrilling as being in love and that is the mantra that keep lovers holding each other in their hearts and their thoughts for many moons.

Romance is a thrill like no other thrill, a story like no other, a feeling that can be compared to none. And it is for this very reason that we want to stay in love forever like living a life in a fairytale!

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