Romance is chemistry !!!


Relationship  is chemistry. Two people co exist in each other only because of the chemistry that they feel inside them. Its the chemical reaction that bursts in the walls of their minds that determines the power of their relationships most of the times. Also relationships are smooth, only if these few points are present throughout the journey, trust, belief, faith and truth. If there is no trust between two people then there can not be love, and having faith during the difficult times can only strengthen the relationship between two loved ones.
Last but not the least if you speak the truth always to your partner there will be no scope for cheating or lies. This only increases mental and physical chemistry. So it’s your choice whether you want to be in a relationship that’s smooth or rocky.

To be in a smooth relationship one has to have a chemistry like that of one Tiger with another Tiger.

Read the preview of Tiger Mates and find out more:

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