The Relationship’s Today!

I worked on a Wedding show for television. And learnt something that would make me teach how things worked in the years to come. “Storytelling” and “stories” are the two things that connect us the most. A good story, Told beautifully or interestingly would hook us on immediately. That was the foundation of marriage: MakeContinue reading “The Relationship’s Today!”

2018 Dairies !!

2018 has been a Journey filled with lots of travel Stories. Right From Jaipur to Jodhpur in India to Monoco and Morocco for Work. And not to forget the highlight –  Japan for Family Holiday.  Culture Experiencing the Rajasthan culture in India to experiencing the Japanese culture and living the  Moroccan life.  All these placesContinue reading “2018 Dairies !!”

Wandering Foodie!! 

Aren’t we always wandering around for food? May be not always,But most of the time ? A start up,Focusing on giving the Direction to the foodie,by making them experience food &Lifestyle of a particular region by targeting the basic and the important part of any living culture through their food. From organising walks to giving themContinue reading “Wandering Foodie!! “