DDLJ Celebrating 1000 weeks

DDLJ-( Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge )celebrating 1000 weeks, this month and it has surely taught a lot to the generation of this day and age since its release. It has been a movie on romance, love, friendship, and family. It provides inspiration on what your partner should be like in terms of passion and perseverance.Continue reading “DDLJ Celebrating 1000 weeks”

Is it all about being seen?

 Imagine if actors did all the job from cinematography , their make up  and handling the camera . If they did all the work ,they would surely not last for more than 5 years ,and could surely not maintain themselves . so now I come to the main point ,the technical department who do theContinue reading “Is it all about being seen?”


IPL the “IPL season 5” was the perfect “Dirty picture” with “U/A”certification that had the long intervals,tense games & if the on field games were not enough for the drama .There was off the field drama too with KING KHAN being targeted to get the viewership back for the last stage of the matches.and notContinue reading “IPL(Cricket+Entertainment)”