Great expectations !!!


Love, When we fall in fall in love, we expect the sun the moon and the stars. That all are worries will be gone forever. But it’s the thought of all worries that would be gone forever that creates a lot of expectations in our own minds. And being loved is one of those biggest expectations we have from life. We only urge to get loved. We long to be loved. Thus we expect a lot from our partners in every which way. We always beg to get loved form them. But at the same time forget that they too have professional responsibilities and personal interests that makes them enjoy life to their fullest. Expectations of always creating new milestones in their lives too ruins their relationship and last but not the least expectation of not changing or adapting to change can be one of the major turning points in any relationship. We always expect our partners to change where as actually we need to change our ourselves.

Expectations lead to disappointment, and disappointments leads to issues which can affects us emotionally. Thus we step out of our existing relationships and try and find or create expectations again with newer partners and thus the cycle goes on till probably we are dead and gone.

So is love just a never ending journey of great expectations or a search to find love within ourselves first!

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