Romance gone through fire is Romance in Gold!!!


Romance or love in times of conflict and chaos is Romance outshining itself. Love cannot always be hunky dory. There will be times when lovers will face external turbulence. This is the challenge in the path of love. Without external storms love is lusterless. Like a diamond that shines when it is faceted, love outshines every other thing when it triumphs over trials and tribulations. Lovers unite when they realize the importance of Love after facing a battle of sorts. A terrorist attack, riots, war, social discord, religious divide, caste system, economic disparity, family rivalry, business enemies, these are all types of conflicts that Lovers face from time to time.

How boring love would be if everything were going right. How boring love would be if two lovers fall in love and remain in love forever without any kind of discord. How mundane romance would it  be if two lovers hold hands and there is no storm, no rain, no cold. It is biting cold, unprecedented rain, a tornado where lovers rescue each other and realize their need for each other and become one.

Similarly a soldier madly in love with his wife returns from the war only to realize the importance of separation. A wife lost in riots running around to find her husband witnesses heaven as soon as she finds him alive in a safe house. Two young lovers unite in the middle of the night after they runaway from home cause their families are archrivals. That’s when they understand the importance of each other, the value of being together inspite of leaving their individual families.

Romance that burns in fire is romance that emerges as bright as gold.

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