Romance like a tiger !!!

Why let Age change the way you feel about somebody very close to you ? Romance is an attachment to show how much you still love somebody .Often long relationships between couples might occasionally be  taken for granted with a hectic life  Work ,social commitments ,deadlines around  them. it can  become difficult to express theirContinue reading “Romance like a tiger !!!”

Power of Love !!!

“the lucky ones know the value of love,while the others only know the value of money” Love is the reason behind we being on the planet earth ,its because your parents fell in love with each other that you were born in the human world ,its because of them you have had an upbringing thatContinue reading “Power of Love !!!”


Bollywood is ,one such place where relationship with actors and co-actors change more frequently than their   Films  on Fridays .There are a few relationship in Bollywood which have been the most talked about for quite sometime but haven’t been forgotten by people ,These are “TigerMates couples  “Who are  also known as the perfect couplesContinue reading “B-Town!!”

Books are movie magic !!!

The trend in reading habits for the youth is changing and changing in a big way from shifting their interest from literary to interesting stories that have a good way of telling the story which keeps them entertained,interested in reading more such books,And this seems to me the reasons behind Books being adapted into filmsContinue reading “Books are movie magic !!!”

Save the tigers -Mate.

Tigers not just in India but all over Is very symbolic animals.Tiger have become endangered with just 3200 all over the world .And about 1400 tigers in India (source WWF) its in our hand now to stop poaching and killing tiger’s.With the sudden spur of population and need of space for development we are encroachingContinue reading “Save the tigers -Mate.”