Press confrence !!!

  Press conference ,I had just only read about how and what happens at one .But last afternoon had the opportunity to attend one myself,not as journalist but as an audience from the production house .Along with  the broadcaster Mtv .The press conference while it was waiting to happen,Gave me  time in  meeting few of the contestant who were there ,the panel and the channel team.Which turned out to be  the interesting part .soon the press conference began and the panel the contestant were introduced and it was nice to  see that the contestant had become very confident in their approach and the way they answered the question without hesitation was great. And all  this in  15 days of their life being part of this show India’s next top model had changed them in all aspects .This press conference was different since right from the scratch /beginning you have been part of the show and every stage you can see the grooming  of the   contestant  and the working of  the panel  .

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