It’s a porsche place!!


“In the beginning I looked around,But couldn’t find the car I dreamt of,So I decided to built it myself.”- Ferry Porsche   

The reason for me visiting Germany and having it on my Bucket list all these years, was not for the football, The german food or the Berlin wall. it was for the Luxury Automobile that was Born out there and Soon made it on Everybody’s Bucket list.But, Before I can Own any of these Cars.I Wanted to know what’s their journey.The city they were born was Stuttgart the name roots in the Old High German word Stuotgarten, or “Stud Farm ”, because the city was founded in 950 AD by Duke Liudolf of SWABIA to breed warhorses.But,Before they would become the brands that we all know today what do we need to know about them ? 

1.The Horse Power ? 

For Porsche, it makes sense: it’s actually integral to the coat of arms for the city of Stuttgart, Porsche’s home. Ferrari only uses it because an Italian fighter ace shot down a pilot over Stuttgart in WWI, and the ace’s mother told Ferrari to use the horse as good luck.   

Ferdinand Porsche -The Founder of Porsche Pronounced( Porsc-eh )Ferdinand Porsche is credited with the design of the bestselling Volkswagen Beetle. founded the company in 1931, Porsche did not begin to manufacture cars until nearly a decade later. 

 2.Harley Davidson uses Porsche engines in some of their bikes.The harley V-Rod features an advanced engine that was developed for Harley’s racing division…By porsche.

3.Porsche designed tractors.Porsche has a more fascinating tractor history than even Lamborghini. They even made a gasoline-powered tractor specifically for coffee farmers so diesel fumes wouldn’t impact the flavor.

4.The 1986 Porsche 944 was the first car sold in the United States with a passenger airbag as standard equipment.This was at a time when most companies even charged you extra just to have an airbag in the steering wheel.

5.Ferdinand designed the Mercedes-Benz type 80 to be the fastest car on Earth.

6.In 1972, Porsche Design developed the world’s first black chronograph watch.It was all about functionality, so the face mimicked the gauges in a car.

7.In 1939, the car’s projected top speed of 470 mph would’ve obliterated the land speed record. Certain global events meant it never got the chance to make a record run. The 470 mph mark wasn’t approached until a quarter century later. Their most expensive road car is the porsche spider a top speed of 214mph (345kph), 887bhp at its disposal and goes from 0–60 mph in just 2.5s. 

8.And why did  they DIAL 911 For emergency?

The car was originally named Porsche 901, and 82 cars were built as 901s. However, Peugeot protested on the grounds that in France it had exclusive rights to car names formed by three numbers with a zero in the middle. So, instead of selling the new model with another name in France, Porsche changed the name to 911.

The iPhone magic !! 

iPhone has really changed the way ,we work with cameras .iPhone has helped us understand what is exactly a pan shot is ,specially for the laymen to understand who has recently invested in a camera .

iPhone has also taught people the rule of 3rd in photography by letting us question why are the grid line visible while clicking photographs .

The term time lapse In photography is also easily understood to an iPhone users ,since he knows how it will turn out .

Last but not the least the term filters and how a photograph will appear ,the areas of brightness and how lighting can change the way photo appears can also be easily understood for an iPhone user .

And if you thought that was it .Wait a minutes how many frames per second is your recording done can also be learnt .So yes it’s not just a phone ,it’s more than a phone .Its an iPhone And not just for selfies and apps .

If you don’t have an iPhone ,well you don’t have an iPhone .

OLA !!! 

 I had been organising a few pick up and drop from ola in the last month That was part of my job in the production house .Finally last week I had the opportunity to ride with it personally First day as I took the ride for ₹170 from home ,I found it a little expensive .But over the last about 8 rides sitting and chatting with the driver understanding exactly how the ola works ,benefits they get and how have they been enjoying this Service .
1st while coming I asked the driver how does ola work ?since this is my 1st ride ,Does the meter start when I book ? Or when my ride starts ? And soon I realised well you can’t really tamper with the “meter ” which otherwise can be done .As I got hooked to the punctuality I kept taking the rides and was surprised this time only ₹134 then I realised well it was the distance and route . Now I got the hang of it so I took the shorter route and took the TFS (Taxi for sure) an app that ola acquired ,a competition to them .Since none of the ola cab was available at that particular time I called for TFS after Paying I thought it was slightly cheaper than ola but wait a minute 49₹ for 4 km and ₹12/km and ola 49 for 3 km and ₹10/km after the first 3 km .so not exactly cheap but turns out to be the same .Hello what’s with this per minute cost ?

After questioning the drivers . The answer its for the waiting ,hello but I have taken by ride on time then what’s this ?the only thing I don’t understand is this per minute they charge for the ride .Is that the way they make money ?

Ola even sets a targets for drivers ,and what if they don’t complete them?

They just request the customer to book they ride a few meters and stop and hope the one or two they need just come about ,the loop hole of completing the targets .

I guess it’s getting too boring to speak about this .Last not the least the invite & earn policy of ola .The driver are telling you the way to get the free rides by inviting friends ,telling them to create account and ride and you would be benefitted with ₹200 worth free ride as and when you take it .a complete or understanding most about how ola works .

Auto Expo India 2014

Auto Expo

The auto expo is back again this time  bigger and better with more space to be offered at Greater Noida  compared to pragati maidan. 
This year there are going to be some great global launches and showcases with 47 manufacturers taking part and showcasing 69 automobiles launch some of them being the Jaguar CX17 ,Jaguar F-type ,Harley Davidson to name a few 
so those travelling,or were waiting to travel for the auto expo here are the dates 7-11 Febuarary at the India  expo mart Greater Noida Delhi,  from 10 am onwards so all the automobiles lovers don’t miss this chance or you will have to wait another 2 years for it will be coming next in 2016 .

An Experience!!!

The Mahindra AQ

The day had finally arrived of the AQ(AutoQuoitient) ,and we were wondering what the format would be like ,what the question would be like,who might the participants be ? and so the two of us , one a crazy auto lover , who has dedicated a blog and has a page too on social networking sites and the other who was interested in the event but was a little skeptical . so it was 15:45 when I just couldn’t wait to leave home ,yes I was a little excited & nervous since for the first time ever I was participating on such a platform .So I was at the andheri station ,and roaming around the the shops near the station and was surprised to see two shops by the same owner in the premises ,also was totally shocked to see two McDonalds right opposite each other ,when my team member called to ask are you on the right McDonalds or the left .(Mind you they were right opposite each other)….it was funny trying to explain to him where , so i stood between them . And then at 16:40 we left the station ,tried to get a auto rickshaw ,but just when we could not handle the rejection by the auto driver we realised to walk it ,and just when we reached the lane ,we saw a rickshaw willing to take us ,but on per seat bases ,so this time we rejected him when we were just 10minutes away ,but since it was already 17:00 and we really dint know where we have to go and we took the rickshaw finally to bhavan’s college ,and there we were ,the participants were all working people,engineers and passionate auto lovers ,and we were looking like the youngest ,we were the youngest and so the written round started and we were clueless ,such technical questions and we could just answer about 4-5 correct question out of 20 question . Yes we were disqualified ,and sat in the auditorium to understand what sort of questions are asked ,and the Q&A started the question made us think again are we really auto fans ?but,I was like ,we should at least try and take a goodie bag ,But couldn’t get close to it . This was an annual car quiz sort of an event ,which has been held for the past five year ,but for the past four year they were for the employee of the organiser ,its a popular Indian car brand and this year it was open to public ,so we had gone for the event.